Youth nail design 2021 — ideas for square, pointed, oval and almond patterned nails with sparkles


Youth nail design 2021 - beautiful long or short nails of various shapes

Young fashionistas who follow current trends want to know what the youth nail design of 2021 looks like. The stylists did their best and offered all sorts of design solutions. Any young lady will be able to choose an option to her taste and express her individuality as much as possible.

Nail Design Ideas

Nail art masters offer numerous new beautiful nail designs:

  • accent elements stand out advantageously on a transparent or nude coating: painting, stars, stickers;
  • retro style, incredibly relevant in recent seasons, has won recognition from young ladies. An example is snow-white peas, located on a red base;
  • the youth nail design of 2021 in the metallic style is made to shine even more by applying golden stripes, contours of patterns on it, painting over the area of ​​the hole;
  • the jacket is experiencing a new life due to the modified shape of the tip, which is done in the opposite direction, in a beveled form, with an abstract vague edge designation;
  • flower romance is welcomed not only by mature ladies, but also by young ladies. At the same time, the details are applied creatively — small flowers are located on the border of an abstract figure, a semicircle, a half of a heart.

nail design ideasnew beautiful nail designsunusual nail design

Design for short square nails

The “square” nail design looks expressive and stylish:

  • a black and white chess cage will perfectly “fall” on a square shape;
  • another combination of black and snow-white is to take one varnish as a base, on which stains are applied in a different color;
  • the application of contrasting emoticons will help soften the rigidity of the square;
  • The 3D effect will add volume and make the nail art original.

design for short square nailssquare nail designyouth nail design

Design for sharp nails

The embodiment of seductiveness — a modern nail design, made on pointed nail plates:

  • animalism will attract everyone’s attention, imitation of the color of such animals as zebras, leopards is popular;
  • at the base it is allowed to lay out voluminous details created with the help of modeling. The ornament embodies flowers or large bows, which are on an identical color or contrasting background;
  • laying out marigolds with mica will make them sexy;
  • shine is welcome — foil elements, a scattering of sparkles, a large rhinestone, which acts as the main accent.

design for sharp nailsmodern nail designnail design ideas

Design for long nails

It is fully allowed to show imagination by creating a youth design for long nails:

  • a large area provides the opportunity to apply any drawings. Young people often prefer to portray cartoon characters that look bright and creative;
  • the pop art style will not leave others indifferent, when a pair of fingers are made accented, containing portrait images drawn in catchy colors;
  • neon is a win-win way to attract attention. Acid coating is applied in a single version or goes in combination with other catchy varnishes. Often certain details are painted with different shades that add up to the overall composition.

design for long nailsyouth design for long nailsstylish nail design

Ballerina nail design

Sophistication and sophistication is characterized by the design of nails in the shape of a «ballerina»:

  • fine weaving of lace will emphasize the grace of marigolds;
  • foil prints are in trend, creating chaotic patterns that can be combined with original inscriptions;
  • thin twigs with leaves stretching towards the outer edge are considered the hit of the season. Nail art is universal and will suit any outfit;
  • sky cover will help to embody the texture of water. Youth nail design in a marine style is relevant on the eve of the beach season, contains golden shells and anchors.

ballerina nail designballerina nail designtrendy nail design

Almond shape nail design

Romantically inclined persons prefer youth design on almond nails:

  • French manicure looks gentle, made in a similar tone, when the base is stained with a soft pink coating, and the rounded tip is more saturated;
  • another way to emphasize tenderness is a pastel gradient, on top of which there are snow-white clouds with sparkles strewn over their surface;
  • emphasize the sophistication of the negative-spice technique, when a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail is deliberately left transparent and not painted over with bright varnish;
  • youth nude nail design in 2021 will be decorated with pebbles of different sizes, folding in a line or pattern.

almond shape nail designyouth design on almond nailslight nail design

Colored nails — design

A beautiful bright nail design is capable of attracting admiring glances. To implement it, the following ideas are used:

  • the use of different shades that are not repeated on the hand. Each nail is painted in a certain color. You can take a rainbow as a basis, placing its tones alternately on all fingers;
  • a simple technique — the alternation of multi-colored stripes, laid out longitudinally or transversely and without clear boundaries;
  • squares or triangles affecting the entire surface and painted with flashy varnishes;
  • fruit theme personifies juicy fruits as a whole or in a section. It is important to ensure that the composition does not come out sticky and oversaturated. On the surface of an orange, lemon, or other fruit, a voluminous drop of water can flow down, giving the manicure a piquancy.

colored nails designbeautiful bright nail designunusual nail design

Anime nail design

One hundred percent way to stand out from the crowd is to make a trendy nail design in anime Japanese style:

  • anime fans often want to make it a part of their own lives and embody images of their favorite characters on their nails. Several characters are allowed to alternate on different fingers;
  • another way is to take a certain character and make it an accent by placing it on one plate. The rest of the nails are painted over in a color palette that echoes the main image;
  • ready-made stickers will help to simplify the application of a complex pattern. Realizing the desired idea with their help is extremely simple;
  • unusual nail design implies a certain color scheme that carries an important semantic load. A hero with white hair is a negative character, black represents goodness, and red speaks of aristocratic roots;
  • if there are difficulties with drawing the character’s face, it is allowed to confine oneself to the characters that are inherent in it.

anime nail designtrendy nail designyouth nail design

Ombre nail design

The “gradient” nail design began to belong to the classic category:

  • the transition of shades can be placed in different directions: longitudinal, transverse, diagonal;
  • similar tonality or cardinally contrasting is used. There is the use of two coatings or more. In the latter case, unique iridescent overflows are created;
  • ombre acts as an independent nail art or serves as the basis for applying drawings made on a specific topic against its background;
  • a popular trick is to create a gradient by stretching with small sparkles, the number of which decreases in the direction from one edge to another.

ombre nail designgradient nail designnail design ideas

Nail design with rhinestones

A great solution for going to a party will be shiny nails, the design of which is created using rhinestones:

  • one nail can be made accent and completely laid out with pebbles, completely transparent or multi-colored;
  • three straziks located at the base of the nail serve as the personification of conciseness and brightness at the same time;
  • a stone can be taken as a fundamental element of a specific idea — lay it out in the center of a flower that is framed by petals;
  • pebbles are used to complement the pattern contained on the wings of a butterfly.

nail design with rhinestonesglitter nails designnew beautiful nail designs

Glitter nail design

Another bright design idea is kamifubik nail design:

  • sequins are taken in the traditional round shape or in the form of hearts, stars, triangles;
  • it is allowed to completely cover the entire plate with sparkles, puncture shiny stripes, arbitrary application in the form of a stretch;
  • sequins fill figures or details of drawings, create with their help openwork curls.

glitter nail designnail design with kamifubikilight nail design

Nail design «geometry»

Out of competition continues to be nail design with stripes or other shapes:

  • a combination of geometric and abstract motifs is common, when the line is broken or without clearly defined edges;
  • an unusual trend — romantic geometry, in which, with the help of individual figures, a semblance of a heart is laid out;
  • do not lose their relevance drawings applied by folding into a certain image of a bird and an animal of clear triangular figures;
  • the trend is the combination of geometry and negative space.

geometry nail designstripe nail designdark nail design

Matte nails — design

Luxurious and noble features will be acquired by a stylish nail design made using a matte finish:

  • one or two nails are allowed to be highlighted with gloss, mirror rub, velvety powder;
  • refreshing monochrome nail art will help laying out the hole with small rhinestones or sparkles;
  • applying two matte coatings of different shades, a gradient effect is given;
  • on a matte base, foil prints look unsurpassed.

matte nails designstylish nail designalmond shape nail design

Spider web nail design

Sophisticated nail design ideas are embodied by applying cobwebs:

  • thin, chaotically intertwined lines, resembling a cobweb in structure, are applied to a contrasting background against which they are clearly visible;
  • it is allowed to confine oneself to an exclusively uniform design or combine it with an expressive detail — a clear wide line;
  • the cobweb looks organic in combination with small dots-circles associated with retro style.

spiderweb nail designnail design ideasmodern nail design

Nude nail design

If you want to bring notes of tenderness to the image, the ideal solution would be a light nail design:

  • a shiny rub applied on top of it will help refresh the nude;
  • The nude base is a great background for applying all sorts of elements: chaotic prints of golden foil, contrasting black hearts marked with contours, motivating or love inscriptions, graceful twigs with leaves.

nude nail designlight nail designyouth nail design

Black and white nail design

The dark nail design with splashes of snow-white color looks inimitable:

  • a simple idea — the alternation of black and white marigolds, decorated with the thinnest stripes of the opposite color, applied in different directions;
  • chess cage — nail art, providing an opportunity to show individuality. On a checkered background, you can depict a specific figure-player on the field;
  • sophistication is attached to the image on a dark basis of a white cobweb and vice versa;
  • a black and white palette is also used to design a jacket, the “smile” of which combines these two shades. The tip is separated from the main part with the help of silver sparkles;
  • on a black background, voluminous white orchids are applied with the help of modeling.

black and white nail designdark nail designsquare nail design

Nail design with stickers

An easy way to make stylish nail art even at home is a nail design with inscriptions and drawings created using stickers:

  • the technique is applied on any desired number of fingers. Accent can make one or two nail plates or use all the nails;
  • stickers embody images on any subject: floristry, geometry, animal print, cartoon characters, anime characters, realistic landscapes or portraits.

sticker nail designlettering nail designbeautiful bright nail design

Nail design with reflective polish

A popular novelty among young fashionistas is nail design with reflective gel polish:

  • party lovers will appreciate the manicure, but it will not leave other girls indifferent either. The design feature is the application of special particles to the nails, which provide a unique radiance. The effect manifests itself under artificial lighting — when the phone flashes or under the light of a lamp;
  • in natural daylight, the coating looks like the smallest holographic sand, which has an incredibly attractive aesthetic appearance;
  • the structure of such a coating is transparent and contains special particles. A great trick to help expand the palette is to make a color substrate. A polish of a certain shade is applied to the nails, on top of which a luminous gel polish is placed.

reflective nail polish designreflective nail polish designglitter nails design

Yellow nail design

Yellow nail design is reasonably associated with a sunny good mood:

  • this coating harmonizes perfectly with gray lacquer, the combination is recognized as a trend this season. Varnishes are alternated on different fingers or combined on one;
  • seductive animalism is embodied by drawing black spots on a yellow background, personifying leopard coloring;
  • a butterfly looks unsurpassed, lined with small multi-colored pebbles;
  • one half of the nail can be made transparent and lace can be applied to it;
  • yellow coating is used to embody fruit themes: images of a banana, lemon;
  • sky blue lacquer is another good combination.

unusual nail designyellow nail designyellow nail design


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