Wedding manicure for the bride - beautiful ideas for stylish and trendy nail designs

Every newlywed wants to be at her best on the most important holiday of her life. In addition to the dress and hairstyle, the wedding manicure for the bride plays an important role in the image. The stylists did their best and developed various variations of the design of nail art. Girls will choose a design that will harmoniously complement the outfit.

Wedding manicure ideas for the bride

Masters offer all kinds of manicure ideas for the bride, among which are the following:

  • nail art is not necessarily presented in white. The dress is often complemented by bright accent details. In this case, the design contains elements in an identical shade;
  • the traditional solution is a classic jacket, which has additions in the form of patterns;
  • there are new interpretations of moon nail art or reverse jacket, which highlights the strip around the nail in the form of a smile;
  • beautiful wedding manicure for the bride is often presented in nude shades. If desired, it is allowed to add bright accents to the nude.

wedding manicure ideas for the bridebridal manicure ideas

Wedding manicure for short nails for the bride

The bride’s manicure on short nails looks elegant and gentle:

  • Don’t skimp on decor. An excellent option would be a rainbow rub, which looks bright, festive and romantic at the same time;
  • the nude version of the coating can be transformed using foil or creating a cobweb in silver;
  • to emphasize the tenderness of the celebration, it is recommended to turn to soft base tones: beige, creme brulee or milk chocolate. Light patterns in the form of openwork or feathers, which are made in silver, become an addition;
  • on a short form, a colored French jacket is welcome, blue or pink shades with a transparent base will be relevant. As an alternative, it is allowed to turn to a two-tone jacket with tones of a similar color scheme;
  • wedding short manicure for the bride is emphasized with light black contour paintings or glitter rub;
  • to create a kind of romance, it is allowed to turn to hearts in the style of kidstyle or a variant of an elegantly executed design using confetti or bouillon;
  • light inscriptions made in sweeping handwriting are welcome;
  • on a short length, an ombre with sparkles is often created. A light base is chosen, large rhinestones are used as decor.

wedding manicure for short nails for the bridebridal manicure on short nails

Wedding manicure for long nails for the bride

A wedding long manicure for the bride will provide an opportunity to fully show your imagination:

  • the decor «groom and bride» will become a unique design. Recreation on paired nails of an imitation of the collar of the groom’s white shirt along with a jacket is used, a similarity of a dress with a neckline and beads;
  • the base is often created from a velvet cover and complemented by patterns, the trend looks amazing on the almond shape;
  • in the trend of painting, made in an openwork version;
  • the classic in the form of a jacket is relevant. Manicure for the wedding of the bride is done in the usual helium version or supplemented with painting or bouillon;
  • moon nail art remains out of competition. For the base coat, a mother-of-pearl base with transparent holes is used;
  • the pyramidal way of laying out rhinestones looks great.

wedding manicure for long nails for the bridebride wedding manicure

Wedding manicure almond shape for the bride

The embodiment of sophistication and femininity — an almond-shaped manicure for a bride’s wedding:

  • when creating, pastel and nude palettes are often combined. It is allowed to add lace, pebbles, pearls, a little glitter and foil to such a base;
  • The design with molding looks unsurpassed. Floral motifs can add romance to the image, nail art is performed using delicate and powdery tones;
  • the design with holes will be calm and attractive. Lunar nail art is complemented by rhinestones, foil.

wedding manicure almond shape for the bridealmond shaped manicure for a bride's wedding

Wedding manicure oval for the bride

For girls who prefer a classic style, a wedding manicure for an oval-shaped bride is ideal:

  • for decoration, it is allowed to lay out gems along the cuticle, and only one nail can be used;
  • a beautiful solution would be a rainbow nail design, the coating has a reflective effect;
  • on a pastel or nude base, it is allowed to use gold or silver stripes;
  • A great idea for a festive day would be transparent nails with the addition of silver sand or an ombre manicure of the bride with a lot of glitter.

wedding manicure oval for the bride

Wedding manicure for a sharp shape for the bride

Seductive notes are acquired by a beautiful manicure for the bride, made on a sharp form:

  • it is allowed to turn to floral motifs, these are different flowers, twigs or leaves;
  • floral patterns look amazing on beige tones, yellow, lilac background or fuchsia;
  • glitter options will help create sparkles or confetti on your nails. It is allowed to use glitter;
  • a touch of luxury will be acquired by a wedding manicure with gel polish for the bride, created with pearls, rhinestones and metal inserts. Minimalism is in fashion, so it is recommended to apply this design on one or more fingers.

wedding manicure on a sharp shape for the bridebeautiful manicure for the bride

Wedding manicure on a soft square for the bride

A variety of variations are presented wedding manicure on square nails for the bride:

  • Nude option shows maximum naturalness. To slightly transform this option, you should turn to a matte top or add a small amount of rhinestones or glitter;
  • in the ombre trend, which is created using a combination of pale pink and beige;
  • Don’t give up French. Modern brides often complement this option with rhinestones on one or two nails;
  • lace will look harmonious with a classic jacket. Monograms wriggle gracefully and look feminine and romantic;
  • when rubbed, nails look like pearls. The design is suitable for lovers of minimalism, because the effect is interesting in itself and does not require additions;
  • the square shape is perfect for a marble pattern. These are thin unobtrusive lines that stand out advantageously against the main background;
  • as a decor, it is allowed to use gentle words, hearts, original inscriptions;
  • do not forget about the sand effect nail art, which is created using velvety powder.

wedding manicure on a soft square for the bridewedding manicure on square nails for the bride

Wedding manicure «ballerina» for the bride

An original and beautiful wedding manicure for the bride is created on the form of a «ballerina»:

  • monophonic coverage in nude or pastel colors is welcome. To give a bright effect, the ring finger is allowed to be completely covered with sparkles;
  • the jacket looks amazing on this form, where the middle is lined with rhinestones;
  • nails are complemented by openwork patterns on the ring finger or on all nail plates;
  • nail art with a mirror finish looks great, attracting admiring glances.

wedding manicure ballerina for the bridebeautiful wedding manicure for the bride

Nude wedding manicure for the bride

Naturalness and naturalness dictates a wedding nude manicure for the bride, because this is a palette of shades that are given by nature:

  • nude design involves covering the plate with beige, milky or natural pink;
  • glitter with sparkles on one or more nails looks especially beautiful;
  • a hit will be the use of rubbing, which helps to create a mirror or chrome nail art;
  • the leader among the drawings on the nails is creative geometry;
  • the sand effect is popular when the nails become dull and rough;
  • on a nude background, refined and elegant patterns are welcomed, which are made parallel, crossed;
  • A simple wedding manicure for the bride goes well with foil, which is applied to the nails in the form of prints.

Nude wedding manicure for the bridewedding nude manicure for the bride

White manicure of the bride

With the help of a snow-white coating, a gentle manicure for the wedding of the bride is embodied:

  • nail art shows freshness, purity and purity. By tradition, white color is complemented by transparent varnishes, pastel shades;
  • among the varieties of decoration, it is worth turning to sequins, rhinestones and lace;
  • the design on the nails repeats the elements that are used in the design of the celebration, for example, a variety of flower options that are present in the bride’s bouquet.

white bridal manicuregentle manicure for the bride's wedding

Red manicure for the bride’s wedding

Luxurious and seductive notes are acquired by a wedding red manicure for the bride:

  • The classic option would be to cover the nails with a plain varnish. In this case, it is allowed to choose one of the many shades of red, which will suit the skin tone, the color of lipstick or other accessories;
  • it is important to select only one finger and make an artistic painting on it, and cover the rest of the plates with red varnish. The main thing is not to go too far with the design, it should not be defiant.

Red wedding manicure for the bridewedding red manicure for the bride

Wedding ombre manicure for the bride

Trendy design variation — wedding gradient manicure for the bride:

  • ombre in pastel or nude colors remains out of competition;
  • the gradient is often complemented with sequins, beads or rhinestones to add sophistication and originality;
  • a great idea would be to use a nude and soft pink shade. For decoration, it is allowed to use gold sequins or a golden rub.

wedding manicure ombre for the bridewedding manicure gradient for the bride

Wedding French manicure for the bride

An exquisite classic that does not go out of fashion is a French manicure for a bride’s wedding:

  • the traditional solution is a nude base and a snow-white tip;
  • French ombre is popular, in which one tone, denoting a “smile”, smoothly flows into another, designed to decorate the base;
  • if you want to add shine to the image, it is recommended to stretch with sparkles concentrated in the tip area and decreasing towards the base of the nail;
  • new interpretations are welcome — a jacket with a beveled “smile” line, double or triple design;
  • the embodiment of femininity is a jacket containing lace monograms.

wedding manicure French for the brideFrench manicure for the bride's wedding

Wedding manicure with roses for the bride

A delicate wedding manicure for the bride containing flowers will perfectly fit into the festive concept:

  • for a boho-style event, nail art is ideal, made with a scattering of small daisies and one rose located on the ring finger;
  • an accent detail will be a rose made using modeling;
  • flowers are made in delicate white and pink tones or in traditional red.

wedding manicure with roses for the bride

Wedding manicure with lace for the bride

The manicure for the bride is invariably relevant, the design for the wedding of which contains lace elements:

  • an openwork pattern evenly covers all nails or is used to decorate some plates;
  • on elongated nails, a lace jacket looks unsurpassed, where openwork elements are located at the tips, and the base is made pastel or transparent;
  • a white lace ornament can be placed on a transparent, nude background or on a bright saturated one.

wedding manicure with lace for the bridebride manicure design for wedding

Pink manicure of the bride

Romantically inclined persons will appreciate the beautiful manicure for the wedding of the bride, made in pink:

  • for the coating, a predominantly soft pink varnish is chosen, presented in a glossy or matte version. Bold girls will prefer bright colors close to raspberry;
  • a great solution — a pearl rub with a pinkish undertone;
  • pink marigolds will organically decorate a scattering of small sparkles;
  • rose decoration is a popular decor, which is advisable to place on a snow-white or transparent background.

pink bridal manicureBeautiful wedding manicure for the bride

Blue manicure for the bride

For a themed wedding where blue shades are used, the bride’s manicure design, made in the appropriate color, is suitable:

  • decor made in white will help balance the saturation of the aquamarine coating. An excellent example is the openwork ornaments applied to the blue base;
  • a blue-white jacket looks harmonious, during the creation of which the tips and holes stand out with snow-white varnish;
  • it is allowed to decorate nail art with blue rhinestones.

blue manicure for the bridebride manicure design

Wedding manicure with rhinestones for the bride

A popular decor that complements the bride’s festive manicure is transparent or multi-colored rhinestones:

  • a simple way is to select one nail, completely covering it with small pebbles;
  • an interesting solution — filling the main space with rhinestones, the middle remains smooth and is made in the form of a certain figure, for example, a heart;
  • crowns, stripes located in different directions are laid out with pebbles.

wedding manicure with rhinestones for the bridefestive manicure of the bride

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