Urea hand cream - names and ranking of the best

Today, dozens of companies offer hand cream with urea, most of the developments are designed for dry skin, but products for all types of dermis are also commercially available. Due to its composition, the cream penetrates deeply into tissues, restores their structure, smoothes wrinkles. The concentration of the main ingredient in cosmetics is different, and the desired option is selected according to skin type.

How does urea cream work?

Therapeutic hand cream with carbamide and urea is equated by cosmetologists in terms of effect with glycerin and hyaluronic acid, the main substance for such cosmetics is obtained in laboratories. Carbamide is present in the epidermis, but with age, the amount of this substance decreases. Correctly selected cream helps to fill the deficit.

What is useful urea for hands:

  • reliably retains moisture;
  • prevents skin aging;
  • heals microdamages;
  • removes the feeling of tightness;
  • smoothes wrinkles.

What is urea in cream?

what is urea in cream

The scientific name for urea is carbamide or carbonic acid diamide, these are small white crystals that dissolve easily in water. The substance got its unusual name because it was first discovered in the urine, but for cosmetics it is synthesized in laboratories. If you choose a hand cream for dry skin, urea must be in the composition, it will provide the necessary care and keep the skin youthful.

How does urea work on the skin?

The main substance is a strong antiseptic, reduces the amount of preservatives used in cosmetics, and prolongs the duration of the cream. It also contributes to the production of elastin, which is valuable for the mature dermis, and has an analgesic effect. You can buy a healing hand cream with urea in a pharmacy.

What is the value of urea for the skin:

  • moisturizes and nourishes tissues;
  • creates a thin film that prevents the dermis from drying out;
  • restores damaged cells;
  • cleanses the covers;
  • normalizes water balance;
  • heals cracks.

Healing hand cream with urea is very effective, the result is noticeable after a couple of days. But such a composition is not suitable for everyone, it is forbidden to use the product when:

  • wounds and scratches;
  • irritated skin.

What hand creams contain urea?

What hand creams contain urea

Carbamide not only moisturizes the skin, cosmetics with this ingredient have an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect. The name will help you choose a hand cream with urea, such products should have the inscription “Urea” — this is the name of the main substance in Latin.

How to choose a hand cream with urea?

Women who first decide to buy a good urea hand cream need to pay attention to the percentage of the main ingredient. The maximum share is 50%, but such drugs are already antifungal and are used only with the permission of a doctor. The higher the concentration, the stronger the exfoliating effect, this is important to consider when buying.

How to choose a hand cream with urea, taking into account the type of skin:

  • for normal dermis you need a product with 1-3% carbamide;
  • for mature skin — 5%;
  • for oily or combination — 1% urea.

Hand cream with urea — rating of the best

hand cream with urea ranking of the best

If the skin is very dry and flaky, buy a cream with 5% urea, apply several times a day. When smearing hands at night, be sure to wear cotton gloves. The course is designed for 30 days. Cosmetologists advise combining urea with cosmetics that contain glycerin.

If you choose the best hand cream with urea by rating, then in the first positions:

  1. NutriExtra Mains by Vichy. Contains thermal water, in a short time restores dry skin. Leaves no oily sheen, does not wash off with water, can be used at any time.
  2. Foretal. Additionally, it treats psoriasis and eczema, regulates water balance, softens the stratum corneum. Apply to the skin in the morning and evening.
  3. Dulgon. It also includes panthenol, which heals minor scratches, the cream is recommended for use in winter, for reliable protection from frost and wind.

Budget cream with urea

To achieve the desired effect, it is not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics, an inexpensive hand cream with urea also gives a good result. The main thing is to choose the composition that is optimal for the skin and apply it correctly. You can not spread the product on wounds and inflamed places; before use, you must definitely check if there is an allergy to the components. To do this, apply a little cream on the wrist and wait half an hour. If itching redness does not occur, then the remedy can be used.

The optimal concentration of urea is considered to be 4%; essential and vegetable oils can be used at the same time. Of the budget options with carbamide, it is worth considering:

  1. «Active» with urea, also includes glycerin, shea butter, grape seed extract and panthenol. Additionally, it has a healing effect.
  2. Fleur Enzyme. Contains ostrich fat, cocoa butter, olive extract, paraben-free, quickly relieves dryness and inflammation.
  3. Doctor. The composition contains glycerin, aloe, wax, does not leave greasy marks, is well absorbed.

Luxury creams with urea

luxury urea creams

If possible, you should purchase a luxury hand cream containing urea. Such developments are more expensive because they include rare and more effective components. The compositions actively start cell regeneration, provide light peeling, keratinized scales easily move away, and new skin becomes silky.

Luxury products with urea are in great demand:

  1. Urea Vitamin Lux from pHarmika. Includes marula, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils, fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E. Softens, heals and soothes the skin.
  2. Laufwunder. In addition to urea, it contains a large complex of ceramides, quickly restores the dermis, creates a protective film.
  3. sostar. Consists of argan oil and aloe extract, softens and removes cracks, dryness, nourishes the skin qualitatively.

Do-it-yourself cream with urea

If you wish, you can prepare your own hand cream with urea, the recipe is simple. But for work, pharmacy scales will be required, since it takes several grams to measure the components. Urea can be bought at a pharmacy, like most of the other ingredients. Keep the mixture preferably refrigerated.

Urea hand cream recipe


  • hemp oil — 6 g;
  • sweet almond oil — 6 g;
  • avocado oil — 6 g;
  • mango butter — 0.4 g;
  • wheat emulsifier — 2.59 g;
  • immortelle hydrolat — 37.5 g;
  • aloe gel — 1.2 g;
  • glycerin — 2 g;
  • cosguard — 0.6 g;
  • calendula extract — 2 drops;
  • lemon essential oil — 5 drops;
  • carbamide — 3 g.

Preparation, application

  1. Mix hemp, almond, avocado and mango oils. Add wheat emulsifier.
  2. Separately combine hydrolat, aloe gel, glycerin.
  3. Divide mixtures into containers. Heat both glasses to 75°C.
  4. Combine the contents into a homogeneous mass, cool slightly.
  5. Combine carbamide with 2 g of hydrolate.
  6. Heat, stirring, in a bath to 40 ° C.
  7. Add to cream along with lemon and calendula oils.
  8. Stir in the preservative kosgard, cool.
  9. Infuse the mixture at room temperature for 6-10 hours.

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