Unusual manicure 2020 - fashion trends, ideas, novelties

An unusual manicure will help to make the image truly unique. It will reflect the individuality of the girl as much as possible and give her an extraordinary style. You can achieve originality by using certain color compositions and decorative elements.

Unusual manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas an unusual manicure 2020, presented in different variations. Examples of good ideas include:

  • when applied, an image of an animal can be used, for example, this is a cat decorated with rhinestones;
  • particles of «broken glass», applied in a certain or random order, also look extremely original;
  • a large floral ornament can serve as a stylish accent, for example, this is an image of a sunflower that occupies almost the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • creating an unusual manicure, you can apply ethnic ornaments that will look very extraordinary and bright.

unusual manicure 2020 fashion trendsunusual manicure 2020unusual manicure options

Unusual manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, creating an unusual manicure, you can bring to life all sorts of ideas:

  • a significant area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail plates makes it possible to place a large three-dimensional element on one of them, for example, this is a flower made using modeling;
  • from the tip of the nail to the middle, an ombre effect can be applied, which on one or more fingers is complemented by the original pattern. As an alternative, inlay with small rhinestones can be used;
  • you can make an unusual bright manicure for long nails, taking rich wine varnish for this and using it in combination with a white coating;
  • you can use the tropical theme popular this season by applying the appropriate colors. On one finger you can depict a palm branch, and on the other — a parrot.

unusual manicure for long nailsunusual bright manicure for long nails

Unusual manicure for short nails

On shortened nail plates, one cannot show such scope of imagination as on elongated ones. But on them you can also make an unusual manicure for short nails, represented by a variety of ideas:

  • the design that is used to create the moon nail art can be sort of shifted to the tip of the nail. It will look like a «smile» made in the form of a hole;
  • you can make a jacket, decorated with a line beveled to one side, or two intersecting lines forming a triangle;
  • on shortened nails, you can make an unusual manicure containing a cartoon theme;
  • bright blotches located on a contrasting pastel finish look original.

unusual manicure for short nailsunusual manicure for short

Unusual manicure on square nails

On the square shape of the nails, a bright unusual manicure will look amazing:

  • the square shape of the nail plates can be emphasized by dividing them into sections, which, for example, are designed as diamonds. They can be painted over with similar or contrasting shades;
  • as the main coating, you can choose a rich option; against this background, you can depict large flowers;
  • you can make an imitation of a precious stone shimmering with different colors;
  • extremely popular this season, leopard print can be embodied on the nails. He will make the image unforgettable.

unusual manicure for square nailsbright unusual manicure

Unusual manicure on the almond shape

On the almond-shaped nails, you can embody an unusually beautiful manicure, while emphasizing femininity as much as possible:

  • marigolds can be divided zonally, making the boundaries between arbitrary figures somewhat blurred. Such a design will not look aggressive and will harmoniously fit into the almond shape;
  • several fingers can be decorated with muzzles of animals depicted in natural or cartoon form;
  • geometric shapes can also be used. However, it is recommended to draw their contours with thin lines so as not to disturb the impression of sophistication inherent in the almond shape;
  • you can separate two zones on the nail using semicircles, and use rhinestones as connecting elements.

unusual manicure on almond shapeunusually beautiful manicure

Unusual manicure for sharp nails

An unusual manicure on sharp nails will look extremely original and emphatically seductive. When it is executed, it will be possible to refer to the following solutions:

  • you can soften the sharp shape by covering them with a transparent varnish, on the surface of which golden elements can be placed;
  • if the nail plates are very elongated, bold experiments can be applied to them, for example, decorating them with rhinestones and applying voluminous stucco flowers. In this case, you can use unusual colors of manicure, for example, very bright, with a golden or silver effect;
  • you can apply an ombre, bright or delicate, dividing the surface of the nail into cells with the help of golden or silver veins, decorating them with patterned flowers;
  • the sharpness of the nail can be emphasized by drawing a line along the tip, symbolizing a “smile” with a jacket. Several fingers can be decorated with lines that form rhombuses, in the middle of which there are small rhinestones.

unusual manicure for sharp nailsunusual gentle manicure

Unusual Manicure Ideas

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a manicure, the unusual design of which will help to fully reflect their individuality:

  • it will be possible to apply a logo associated with any brand on the nail plates. Such nail art will look especially impressive in combination with clothes or accessories that have a similar design;
  • you can apply inlaid stones and gold details on the nails. Such a design can serve as the embodiment of Egyptian motifs;
  • one of the nails can be completely decorated with rhinestones, in the structure of which stucco roses fit organically;
  • you can make nail plates decorated with all the colors of the rainbow. Shades can flow into each other using the ombre effect or applied in the form of stripes;
  • especially daring fashionistas can embody the most unusual manicure in the world on their fingers. An example is a fantasy design, when voluminous cakes are placed on the nails, and one of the fingers contains a figure of a girl;
  • will not disregard the surrounding and nail art with body parts, for example, when each finger is located on the ear with earrings.

unusual manicure ideasmanicure unusual designthe most unusual manicure in the world

Unusual french manicure

An unusual French manicure, presented in the following variations, will look truly unsurpassed:

  • the tip of the nail can be shaped in a beveled form, while it can intersect with another similar figure of a different color, located on the opposite side of the nail plate;
  • unusual French manicure can be done using geometry. In the tip area, there may be triangles turned in one direction or another, and even squares;
  • the tip of the jacket can be outlined with a rounded line, not brought to the end. Such a drawing can be made single or double;
  • a very gentle solution would be to decorate the “smile” zone with the help of pastel-colored petals;
  • if the nail plates are of considerable length, then a brilliant jacket can be embodied on them, decorated with cobwebs, flowers, and an openwork pattern.

fancy french manicureunusual french manicureunusually beautiful manicure

Unusual black manicure

With the help of deep black, you can easily create the most unusual manicure:

  • black color can be combined with a coating that has a metallic tone, this combination will look catchy and attract attention;
  • black varnish can create a mesh effect, make it seem diluted and translucent;
  • marble veins will look indescribably on a black background;
  • colored foil can be applied over the black coating, arranged in a chaotic manner.

unusual black manicureunusual manicure 2020

Manicure design unusual geometry

With the help of various geometric shapes, you can make a very interesting unusual manicure:

  • the background for their application, you can choose a classic glossy or matte, and draw the figures themselves with the help of a shiny rub;
  • you can make nails bright by using metallized elements;
  • the original solution will be patterned geometry, when whole compositions, for example, a rose, are laid out with the help of small figures;
  • An unusual geometric manicure can look incredibly advantageous by combining bright colors. In some cases, the figures are formed into bizarre ethnic patterns.

manicure design unusual geometryinteresting unusual manicure

Unusual manicure with a pattern

The most extraordinary ideas can be realized if you create an unusual stylish manicure with a variety of patterns:

  • on the nails, you can combine floral and animalistic motifs, for example, depict a bouquet, because of which the muzzle of an animal peeps out;
  • nails around the perimeter can be decorated with flowers made using modeling;
  • fairy-tale themes are also in trend. Fingers can be decorated with stars and unicorns;
  • you can take any cartoon as an idea and depict its heroes on the nail plates.

unusual manicure with a patternunusual stylish manicure

Unusual manicure «cat’s eye»

An unusual manicure on the nails, made using the «cat’s eye» technique, looks bright, catchy and unique:

  • several shades can be combined on the nail plate, and decoration with monograms can be applied to certain fingers;
  • the cat’s eye can be represented not only by the style of execution, but also by the pattern depicted on one of the fingers;
  • with the help of the skillful use of overflows, you can make an imitation of a jacket;
  • you can apply a combination with a pattern containing animalistic motifs.

unusual cat eye manicurefancy nail manicure

Unusual nude manicure

Using a nude coating, you can embody an unusual gentle manicure:

  • you can turn to the application of inscriptions, while the letters can be traced suspended on strings;
  • the combination with gold in all possible variations will look unsurpassed. This can be laying out with sparkles or foil;
  • you can depict an original drawing on one of the fingers, for example, a watch dial;
  • you can play in contrast and depict bright floral motifs on a nude background;
  • thematic drawings connected by a storyline are in trend.

unusual nude manicureunusual gentle manicure

Unusual glitter manicure

A chic evening look can harmoniously complement an unusual red manicure or nail art of any other color, decorated with sparkles:

  • shiny elements can be abundantly applied to the entire surface of the nail plates, making them catchy and eye-catching;
  • zloty sequins look luxurious, combined with a pattern depicting a firebird feather;
  • glitter can be placed on the tips of the nails, making an interesting variation of the jacket.

fancy glitter manicureunusual manicure 2020 fashion trends

Unusual moon manicure

Lunar nail art is one of the most imaginative solutions that presents unusual manicure options:

  • the shape of the hole can be played up depending on individual wishes. It can be made triangular, in the form of a heart, having a single or double design;
  • the hole can be filled with rhinestones, painted over with a bright contrast varnish, left transparent.

unusual moon manicureunusual manicure options

Unusual manicure with rhinestones

The original unusual monophonic manicure, decorated with rhinestones, can give the image an incredible luxury:

  • you can make the image as bright as possible if you completely cover a certain nail plate with pebbles. Rhinestones in this case can be a rich shade;
  • to enhance the catchy impression, you can use a combination of a large stone located in the center and smaller rhinestones framing it;
  • whole compositions can be laid out from rhinestones, both abstract and containing a specific image, for example, butterfly wings.

unusual manicure with rhinestonesmanicure unusual designunusual manicure ideas

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