Trendy youth nails 2020 - design ideas for short and long nails

Young ladies often have their own special requirements associated with the creation of nail art. To satisfy them, stylists offer a variety of ideas on how to design fashionable youth nails in 2020. Among the presented design solutions, any girl will choose an option to her taste.

Manicure 2020 youth design

Among the most relevant types of design, which are youth nails 2020, the following can be noted:

  • the use of bright rainbow shades, while one, two or more tones may be present on one nail plate;
  • the image of cartoon characters, for example, in recent seasons, the trend is drawing a unicorn or other fairy-tale character;
  • romantic theme, which is expressed in the application of hearts, colored or shiny, on the nails;
  • inscriptions that are fully capable of reflecting the character of a fashionista;
  • fashionable youth nails 2020, which contain schematically depicted drawings, these can be animals, flowers, or the profile of a woman’s face;
  • giving nails shine also looks fresh and youthful.

manicure 2020 youth designyouth nails 2020beautiful manicure 2020 youth design

Youth manicure 2020 — design for short nails

Stylists offer a variety of ideas that present fashionable youth short nails 2020:

  • for young fashionistas, both delicate pastel and extremely bright colors are allowed, which look great not only on long, but also on short nails. However, when choosing a stylish design, certain nuances must be taken into account;
  • fashionable bright youth nails 2020 for a short length should be done carefully. In this case, it is recommended to paint one or two nails with saturated colors, and make the rest neutral. This technique will help not to overload the image, but at the same time look unique;
  • on pastel nail plates, inscriptions and drawings are allowed, it is preferable that they be depicted in the same neutral tones, which will help emphasize the girl’s romanticism.

youth manicure 2020 design for short nails

Youth manicure for long nails 2020

Long fashionable youth nails 2020 will provide an opportunity to fully realize any existing fantasies. This is due to the significant area of ​​​​the nail plate:

  • nails can have a somewhat aggressive pointed shape. However, this effect can be softened with a romantic pink in different tonalities;
  • fashionable youth nails 2020 can be shiny, which is achieved by rubbing, foil, sparkles and pebbles;
  • on elongated nail plates, any inscriptions made on a romantic or comic theme can be applied. They look great both on pastel shades or a transparent surface, and in combination with bright varnishes;
  • The ombre transition looks unsurpassed, which can be discreet or very bright rainbow.

youth manicure for long nails 2020long trendy youth nails 2020

Square trendy youth nails 2020

Fashionable youth square nails 2020 can also become an incredibly stylish solution:

  • all sorts of geometric shapes will look very harmonious on this form. It can be rhombuses, squares, triangles, painted with varnish or lined with sparkles or foil;
  • trendy youth square nails 2020 may contain stripes, bright, black or white, shiny;
  • romantically, hearts and inscriptions are also not forbidden on short nails, they will somewhat soften the square shape.

square trendy youth nails 2020trendy youth square nails 2020

Fashionable youth nails 2020 almond

A universal solution that can embody any design ideas will be the youth almond nail design 2020:

  • nail plates can be bright, shiny, delicate pastel;
  • an extremely organic solution would be a floral, romantic theme;
  • harmoniously complement the almond-shaped kamifubuki, polka dot print;
  • fashionable youth nails 2020 can be made in a knitted version, which is achieved using bulk modeling.

trendy youth nails 2020 almondyouth nail design almond 2020

Youth Manicure Ideas 2020

In order to create a youth manicure 2020, stylists offer the following ideas:

  • jacket is relevant for fashionistas of all ages, young ladies are no exception. For them, such nail art can be offered in a bright design or in unusual design variations;
  • you can show your individuality with the help of black;
  • inscriptions are an undeniable trend that presents fashionable youth nails 2020;
  • luxury image can give a matte finish;
  • girls seeking to create catchy, attractive bows will be able to use the decoration of nail plates with rhinestones;
  • another stylish solution is decorating with foil;
  • Rubbing will add unsurpassed shine to the nails;
  • ombre for young fashionistas is offered in both gentle and extremely catchy variations;
  • all kinds of multi-colored stones will act as an alternative to rhinestones;
  • sequins are also able to make nail art unique;
  • for romantically inclined natures, a nude design will be a win-win solution.

youth manicure ideas 2020youth manicure 2020beautiful youth manicure 2020

Fashionable youth nails 2020 french

A universal solution designed to complement all kinds of images will be youth manicure 2020 French design:

  • the tip of the nail can have a variety of shapes. This is both a traditional rounding in the form of a “smile”, and an extraordinary design, which is made as a triangle formed from intersecting lines, decoration using broken lines, an image of a heart;
  • beautiful youth manicure in 2020 is offered both in traditional nude or white versions, and in bright colors. The tip of the nail is made using pink, yellow, aquamarine and other tones of varnish;
  • french can be easily combined with any other techniques, for example, some nails may contain a French manicure, and other fingers are covered with velvet powder.

fashionable youth nails 2020 frenchyouth manicure 2020 French design

Black trendy youth nails 2020

Black color is one of the most popular coatings with which youth nail design 2020 is designed:

  • due to the saturation of this shade, it is self-sufficient, so the nail plates can simply be covered with such varnish. At the same time, it is suitable for both glossy and matte versions;
  • if you want to dilute the black color, you can create a beautiful manicure 2020, the youth design of which is diluted with all sorts of details. An example is a multi-colored shiny foil that can be applied to several fingers in a chaotic manner;
  • one of the nails on the hand can be covered with a contrasting nude varnish, and on it you can draw a zigzag pattern or a heart in black;
  • you can combine the black tone with some other shade, for example, with a rich burgundy. The colors will flow into one another using the gradient technique.

black trendy youth nails 2020youth nail design 2020manicure 2020 youth design

Fashionable youth nails 2020 with inscriptions

You can show a unique individual style if you make fashionable youth nails 2020 with the inscriptions:

  • letters can be made in Russian, English, any oriental or any other language;
  • often there is a love romantic theme or motivating inscriptions;
  • this design can be applied on one or more fingers, while others use a monochromatic coating or certain patterns.

fashionable youth nails 2020 with inscriptionsfashionable youth nails 2020 with inscriptions

Matte trendy youth nails 2020

Matte nail art is able to give the image femininity and elegance:

  • you can win due to the depth and saturation of color;
  • matte design can be plain, made in the form of an ombre, jacket;
  • on several nails there may be a gloss or a transparent coating with rhinestones laid out on it;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be red fashionable youth nails 2020, black, dark blue, nude.

matte trendy youth nails 2020youth nails 2020youth manicure 202

Fashionable youth nails 2020 with rhinestones

With rhinestones, an incredibly beautiful youth manicure 2020 can be created:

  • small rhinestones can be used to complement any drawings, for example, decorate the wings of a butterfly or dragonfly, act as the core of a flower;
  • laying out patterns with rhinestones is also common, it can be twigs or openwork imitation of lace;
  • it is allowed to combine small rhinestones and large stones, together they can fill the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail plate and combine into an original design;
  • the nail hole can be filled with rhinestones, it will look feminine and elegant.

fashionable youth nails 2020 with rhinestonesbeautiful youth manicure 2020

Fashionable youth nails 2020 with foil

Foil is a popular way to decorate youth manicure in 2020:

  • with the help of foil, strips can be laid out, which can have a different direction;
  • geometric shapes can also be decorated with a brilliant element;
  • arbitrary application of foil looks interesting, thanks to which original patterns are obtained;
  • with the help of small pieces of foil, you can even create a pattern that will embody an imitation of the colors of a reptile.

fashionable youth nails 2020 with foil

Fashionable youth nails 2020 rubbed

With the help of rubbing, you can get a brilliant and incredibly stylish youth manicure 2020:

  • rubbing can be applied to the main coating or have its own color, often it is metallic or golden;
  • to get a more original and youthful design, you can use the application of rubbing in different colors alternately on different fingers;
  • nail art containing a rub and made using the ombre technique will look interesting and harmonious.

fashionable youth nails 2020 rubbedstylish youth manicure 2020

Fashionable youth nails 2020 ombre

A great way to create bright trendy youth nails 2020 is to use the gradient technique for this:

  • the most different colors can be applied, both delicate and extremely bright;
  • the ombre effect can be combined with certain other techniques, for example, with a linen design, when the hole is clearly painted over in one of the colors used to create the gradient;
  • to implement the ombre, two or more colors are taken. An extraordinary youth option will be the embodiment of a rainbow design on the nails, when an imitation of a blurry rainbow is depicted on the nails.

trendy youth nails 2020 ombre

Fashionable youth nails 2020 with stones

To make a brilliant original youth manicure 2020, not only rhinestones, sparkles or foil are suitable. Stones of different colors will also look unsurpassed:

  • the sizes of pebbles can be both small and very large, while they can be combined on one nail plate;
  • with the help of stones, a hole, an element of a pattern is decorated, or a separate pattern is created;
  • stones can be used in combination with transparent rhinestones, acting as a central element.

fashionable youth nails 2020 with stones

Fashionable youth nails 2020 with sparkles

The use of sparkles is a very good solution to embody a bright youth manicure 2020:

  • a certain nail plate can be completely covered with sparkles, this is the most common way to create stylish nail art;
  • sequins can fill stripes, flower petals, geometric shapes;
  • stretching with sparkles is also popular when their number decreases in a certain direction.

trendy youth nails 2020 with sparkles

Fashionable youth nude nails 2020

With the help of nude colors, you can get a gentle youth manicure 2020:

  • to create nail art, both glossy and matte coatings are taken;
  • the tonality of varnishes varies from pink to beige shades;
  • nude design can be complemented by stripes, patterns, sparkles, rhinestones and other elements;
  • polka dots made in delicate colors will look very organic. This print is relevant for several seasons in a row;
  • floral and plant themes will also harmoniously fit into the nude. For the image of flowers, pastel colors are mainly used;
  • you can make an expressive accent on one of the nails. It can be a flower or a geometric figure drawn in bright or black color or lined with sparkles;
  • kamifubuki is another successful decor element that creates a unique design.

trendy youth nude nails 2020gentle youth manicure 2020

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