Trendy colors, autumn-winter 2020-2021 - the most stylish and bold looks

With the onset of each new season, fashionistas should pay special attention to the question of what range of shades will be relevant. Fashionable colors for autumn-winter 2020-2021 are presented in an extraordinary variety that can satisfy even the most fastidious taste. It is important to choose not only tones, but also their compatibility.

What color combinations will be fashionable this fall?

When creating stylish collections, designers are guided by Pantone versions, fashionable colors for autumn-winter 2020 and their combinations are presented in such solutions:

  1. As basic options, you should choose shades that are reasonably recognized as universal and remain uninfluenced by fashion. These include light beige, olive, close to khaki, dark blue and gray tones. They can be combined with the same neutral colors, as well as with a catchy, rich range.
  2. Creative individuals and young ladies who want to stand out from the crowd will appreciate the Amber Glow, this shade is close to orange and is associated with autumn foliage. It will bring rich notes to the gloomy season and help express the individuality of the girl. In this case, you can stop at both bright and dusty versions. «Amber Glow» is perfectly combined with brown, burgundy, green.
  3. Samba is a sensual red. It looks especially impressive if used to decorate leather products. This tone is recommended to be combined with black classics or with blue, which gives the image a contrast. If you want to make the bow more restrained, a red-brown tone, known as «Burned Brick», is suitable.
  4. The most unusual options that represent the fashionable colors of autumn-winter 2020-2021 include Green Sheen. This juicy, and even yellow-green acid shade will be appreciated by young fashionistas who are not afraid of bold experiments. To balance the look, it is recommended to take shoes and things in neutral restrained tones as an addition.
  5. If you want to bring a touch of romance to the bow, you should stop at a dusty pink color. It can be combined with so many shades, therefore it belongs to the category of universal. A great elegant alternative would be Peach Nougat.
  6. Ultramarine green is perfect for autumn, it will not overload the image, but at the same time will bring notes of freshness to it. It will look indescribably with red or pink.
  7. The luxurious color «Purple Fuchsia» looks indescribably on things made of wool and velvet. It is recommended to combine it with light shades.

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Manicure — trendy colors fall 2020

Fashionable manicure colors will serve as a harmonious addition to the image. This season, stylists offer them in the following variations:

  • rich burgundy, which looks unique both in gloss and matte;
  • dark green and olive represent early autumn foliage that has not yet turned yellow;
  • orange is a bright shade of autumn, with the help of which leaves, a pumpkin, a fox’s muzzle and other elements are drawn on the nails;
  • mustard coating will also look amazing on the nails;
  • fashionable autumn colors in manicure are also presented in a brown tone, often it is complemented by gold and applied to the nail plates using rubbing;
  • classic blue has won a strong position in creating stylish nail art, and will be very relevant this fall.

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Fashionable hair color fall 2020

Every girl in any season wants to look truly unsurpassed, the hair color that is fashionable this fall will help with this:

  • red in any of its variations continues to be incredibly relevant. It can be saturated, muted, close to scarlet, burgundy, with brown or eggplant notes;
  • «pink gold» — such a tonality will be especially relevant among young ladies, giving them a touch of romance and at the same time originality;
  • «appetizing chocolate» is suitable for ladies of any age, because it looks elegant and noble;
  • «beige blond» will bring light caramel and at the same time warm notes;
  • “polar blonde” is the opposite trend that suits ladies with a cold type of appearance;
  • The undoubted trend of this season is two-tone coloring, when the dark upper strands pass into the lower clarified ones. The technique is known as Tie & dye;
  • light strands, located against a background of contrasting dark ones, can be placed on the sides of the face. This is another fashion trend of the season.

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Trendy lipstick color fall 2020

It is beneficial to emphasize the dignity of appearance is capable of the most fashionable lipstick color in the fall of 2020:

  • This season’s trends have affected not only the color of the lipstick, but also its texture. These two points should be considered together. So, dark and matte tones will look unique in a matte version, and delicate light shades are harmoniously combined with shine;
  • «delicate rose» and «apricot» are used to create lip gloss. The tonality is selected based on the type of appearance, cold or warm;
  • trendy fall-winter colors are represented by all sorts of shades of red, which range from bright scarlet to muted burgundy;
  • lavender and purple should be chosen with care. It is advisable to supplement such lipstick with shadows of the same or close to it shade;
  • light brown «latte» and dark chocolate are perfect for the autumn-winter season. Truly unsurpassed, such a lipstick will look on brown-haired girls.

trendy lipstick color fall 2020trendy lipstick color fall 2020trendy fall colors

Fashionable colors of bags fall 2020

When choosing accessories, you should also take into account the fashionable colors of autumn. Bags this season can be found in the following variations:

  • when choosing the tonality of a thing, one should be guided by the trends proposed by the Pantone Institute. This is especially true if a monochrome bow is created, where all things are selected in the same key;
  • for suede accessories, a beige-brown color scheme will be relevant, for example, a shade of “coffee with milk”;
  • patent leather bag models can be presented in a black or bright color palette, for example, in scarlet or aquamarine;
  • one of the trends of the season is the addition of bags with chains, which can be golden or metallic.

trendy bag colors fall 2020trendy fall colors

Fashionable colors for autumn-winter 2020-2021

When choosing wardrobe items, many young ladies want to choose the most fashionable color of autumn:

  1. The choice of this or that tonality is largely determined by what image you want to create. So, when drawing up a classic bow, you can take traditional discreet colors as a basis, for example, dark blue or gray, and complement them with a bright red accent, such as a bag, a scarf or other accessory.
  2. Bold fashionistas can use the combination of several bright colors, such as aquamarine and bright red.
  3. Bright clothes, such as a rich orange maxi dress, can be combined with a discreet beige coat.
  4. Monochrome bows are welcome, which can be extremely catchy or, on the contrary, restrained.

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Fashion colors autumn-winter jackets 2020-2021

When creating a stylish bow, it is important to choose the trendy colors of jackets for the fall of 2020:

  • leather models, both matte and lacquered, are often found in shades such as black, burgundy, beige;
  • fashionable colors of jackets fall-winter 2020-2021, presented in a double-sided design, are popular. For example, a discreet black model can have an orange bright lining, which can turn inside out and become an upper if desired. This makes it possible to modify the bow depending on the mood and wardrobe;
  • quilted jackets look unique in a metallic or golden version. In this case, they act as a bright accent.

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Trendy coat colors fall 2020

Fashionable coat colors are also presented in an extremely diverse palette:

  1. The classic continues to be out of competition. A coat in the color of wet asphalt or a sandy shade can be used as a versatile outerwear.
  2. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can turn to a rich palette, for example, a catchy pink or orange coat. Shoes can be matched to match, and wardrobe items can be neutral.
  3. The plaid print continues to be in trend. One of the tones can be taken as the base, for example, black, and a catchy cage can be placed against its background.

trendy coat colors fall 2020trendy coat colors

Fashionable colors of down jackets winter 2020-2021

With the onset of cold weather, young ladies who follow current trends will want to choose the most fashionable winter color used in the design of down jackets:

  1. A white product will not leave its owner unnoticed, especially if other wardrobe items are matched in the same tone. The only negative of this bow is impracticality.
  2. An excellent compromise compared to the previous version will be an exquisite light gray down jacket. It can be decorated with a fur trim running along the hood and matching the item.
  3. Down jackets made under the skin are in trend. In this case, the color is taken to be classic black, but imitating a lacquered structure.
  4. You can stop at a product with a metallic effect and large quilted stitching.
  5. A dark green tone or olive, close to khaki, will be a practical and versatile solution.

fashionable colors of down jackets winter 2020 2021the most fashionable color of winter

Fashion colors of fur coats 2020-2021

If you want to create an expensive luxurious look, it will be important to choose the right shade of a fur coat:

  1. The colors of mink coats are traditionally recommended to be chosen in a natural palette, ranging from light to dark brown. Such models remain unaffected by fashion.
  2. Faux fur coats, known as «cheburashka», look best in neutral shades such as beige, gray, brown.
  3. Fans of catchy bows will appreciate models with a long pile imitating a llama. They can be made in any bright color, for example, orange or aquamarine.

fashion colors of fur coats 2020 2021trendy colors autumn winter

Fashionable color of hats winter 2020

A well-chosen accessory is able to enliven the image and bring spicy notes to it. Fashionable colors of hats can be found in such variations:

  1. Bright models that are used to make both monochrome and contrasting bows. An orange, rich mustard, bright blue hat can be combined with outerwear and other things of the same tone. Another option would be to use a hat as a catchy accent. In this case, it should match the color of the scarf, and it is possible with a bag or shoes.
  2. Restrained pastel or dark options, on the contrary, can set off bright clothes and balance the image. So, a soft pink hat will organically complement a fuchsia coat.

trendy hat color winter 2020trendy hat colors

Fashionable colors of dresses fall 2020

Any girl can look truly unsurpassed if she successfully selects the fashionable color of the dress 2020:

  1. For everyday wear, you can purchase discreet options in pale pink, sand, dark emerald, gray, olive, or add a touch of saturation by choosing lavender or red models.
  2. Prints in the form of a cage or strip are welcome, for the creation of which any combination of shades can be taken.
  3. Evening models look unique in a brilliant version, for example, this dress is made of black satin or stitched with golden threads.

trendy dress colors fall 2020trendy dress color 2020

Fashionable colors of hoodie autumn 2020

When creating a casual look, you can use absolutely any trendy hoodie colors:

  • this wardrobe item is often paired with jeans, neutral track pants or leggings. Based on this, the tonality of a thing can be chosen any, depending on individual wishes;
  • hoodie can be catchy, for example, raspberry or bright blue;
  • the neutral version, black or gray, also looks good;
  • a combination of several colors is allowed, coming in the form of stripes or original prints.

trendy colors hoodie autumn 2020trendy colors hoodie

Fashionable pants color fall 2020

Fashionable colors of trousers are able to give the image a unique touch:

  • classics remain out of competition: black, gray, beige shades. They can be applied regardless of what material is taken for the manufacture of trousers, catchy leather or neutral wool;
  • cellular and striped prints firmly hold positions on the fashionable Olympus. In this case, a combination of different colors is allowed;
  • trendy pants containing shiny threads in the structure of the fabric, decorated with sequins. They are more suitable for an evening out;
  • leather models look great in a rich palette, for example, fuchsia or emerald.

trendy pants color fall 2020trendy trouser colors

Trendy colors of tracksuits 2020

When looking for an answer to the question of what color to choose a tracksuit, fashionistas will not have any difficulty, since the product palette is extremely diverse:

  • colors can be both restrained, for example, black or blue, and catchy acid, for example, this is a light green or lemon suit;
  • You can find both monophonic versions of costumes, and decorated with all sorts of prints. This can be an imitation of the color of the ball, inscriptions and logos, a floral ornament, an imitation of the color of a leopard used in the sport chic style.

trendy tracksuit colors 2020what color tracksuit to choose

Fashionable shoe color 2020

Fashionable shoe colors are also varied this season:

  • universal models of black and brown color will suit any clothes;
  • an unusual trend is the use of delicate light shades, such as dusty pink;
  • patent leather shoes look even more catchy in a bright dark red design.

trendy shoe color 2020trendy shoe colors

Trendy sneaker colors 2020

Sports style lovers are often interested in what color sneakers go with everything:

  • white and black models will be a win-win solution, they continue to be in trend. At the same time, sneakers can be monochrome or complemented by inserts of a different color;
  • trendy camouflage print is great for creating casual looks and also goes well with many things;
  • if you choose sneakers in rich colors, such as yellow, then they will be the main focus. Their clothing should be neutral.

trendy sneaker colors 2020trendy shoe color 2020

Fashionable color boots autumn-winter 2020 for women

One of the frequently asked questions in the autumn-winter season is what color shoes to choose:

  • universal models made of black leather or brown suede are suitable for all occasions;
  • snake print will help to bring zest to the image;
  • if you want to stand out, you can take bright or golden colors.

fashionable color boots autumn winter 2020 womenwhat color shoes to choose

Fashionable shoe color 2020

To go to the office or to a party, it is important to choose a fashionable color for shoes:

  • classic black pumps will be a win-win solution;
  • lacquered gold shoes or models, complemented by silver sequins, are ideal for an evening out;
  • bright shoes containing a heel with a leopard print will attract attention.

trendy shoe color 2020trendy shoe color

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