Trends 2020 - photo and video review of the most relevant new products of the season

At the beginning of each year, the main trends are announced, according to which fashionistas will replenish their wardrobe. Trends 2020 are presented in an extraordinary variety. New clothes, make-up and hairstyles have already been demonstrated on the world catwalks. It remains only to remember and apply them, making the most suitable bows for yourself.

Beauty trends 2020

The beauty industry offers a variety of trends in 2020:

  1. The most extraordinary trend is bleached or almost invisible eyebrows. Girls who dare to follow him need to emphasize their eyes with shadows, mascara or eyeliner. The eye area becomes the center of attention.
  2. Individuality and originality is a trend that characterizes the beauty trends of 2020. You can choose any elements, for example, intense smoky or unusual hairstyle, use rhinestones or applications. The main thing is that they clearly declare their mistress.

beauty trends 20202020 trendstrends 2020 women's haircuts

Makeup trends 2020

When creating makeup, stylists actively use fashion trends 2020:

  1. One of the trends is the application of the perfect complexion, lipsticks of dark shades and black eyeliner. This is the time when elements of gothic, rock and punk are applied in a modern way.
  2. Naturalness has not gone away, but only renamed. The newest current trend is called nomakeup, but the essence remains the same.
  3. All or nothing, that’s the motto of makeup artists for this year. They remembered the shiny lips from the beginning of the 2000s. Only this season at the fashion show, makeup artists used shimmery clear gloss or matte gloss.
  4. It is worth experimenting with neon and graphic arrows. The latter can replace the shadows and act as a bright accent of the image.

makeup trends 2020fashion trends 2020fashion trends 2020

Manicure trends 2020

The collection of ideas for creating stylish nail art has been replenished with new products that characterize the trends of 2020:

  1. Classic techniques (French, Ombre, Lunar) have received a new design. In 2020, it is worth trying cardinal styles. For example, “brush strokes”, abstraction, “splashes”, combined nail design.
  2. Who wants to be the most fashionable, you should think about the technique of stamping or matte nail art.
  3. Bright and unusual manicure in 2020 is a beautiful nail design exclusively on the thumb. Rhinestones will also help to make a fashionable decor, it is only important to choose the format of pebbles.
  4. A manicure with inscriptions can and should be abstract, complemented by a variety of patterns in the form of graphics or floristry.

The nail trend 2020 is represented by the following trends:

  • inscriptions on the nails;
  • the effect of «quail eggs»;
  • pearl shine and decor;
  • predatory prints;
  • rich red design;
  • beige and nude.

manicure trends 2020nail trend 2020color trends 2020

Hair trends 2020

The current fashion trends 2020 are represented not only by clothes, but also by hairstyles:

  1. In the year of the White Rat, the “hair back” styling will be especially fashionable. It is done with gel and varnish. Since styling leaves the face exposed, flawless makeup is needed.
  2. For inspiration, look to the era of the 50s and 60s. These are huge bouffants, impressive curls, famously wrapped bangs and a wide ribbon as a decoration. There are definitely a couple of ideas for beautiful styling.
  3. Hippie motives and the 70s will bring no less benefit. The simplest hairstyle looks like this: straight, loose and slightly curled hair, always picked up by some kind of decor.
  4. Trends 2020 are also represented by such a decorative element as a bow — a touching decoration from school time can be transferred to adulthood. The only negative is that they can only decorate long or medium hair.

hairstyle trends 2020fashion trends 2020color trends 2020

Haircut trends 2020

Another element that characterizes the trends of 2020 is women’s haircuts:

  1. Among the trends, both young girls who prefer youthful bold bows and those who are forced to adhere to a strict dress code will find suitable options.
  2. Trends 2020 are as follows: this is long hair with a straight cut, which is relevant for owners of thin hair. A short straight square is suitable for those who are over 40, 50 and more. Hair is easy to style and lasts for a long time.
  3. A square ladder with bangs is suitable for those who do not like to spend a lot of time styling. The hairstyle is universal, it is combined with all types of hair and face.
  4. In 2020, haircuts from the 70s are relevant. For medium and short hair, you should choose a pixie with straight bangs. You can make a pixie in a masculine manner, which will result in a stylish hairstyle that gives a woman a fragile and delicate look.
  5. The bob is also in trend, which is suitable for medium hair, it can be with straight or oblique bangs.

haircut trends 2020trends 2020 women's haircutsbeauty trends 2020

Coloring trends 2020

When creating a stylish hairstyle, you must also take into account the color trends of 2020:

  1. To look fashionable, you should look at the pastel color. The most relevant shades are: caramel pink, peach, pale lilac.
  2. You can create local accents with colored strands. With dark hair, preliminary clarification is required.
  3. The 2020 trends for naturalness have also affected coloring. Warm and natural shades are in vogue. Honey, nut, chocolate and caramel tones received special attention.
  4. Owners of blond hair should take a closer look at the caramel blonde.
  5. If you choose copper staining, you will also be able to not miscalculate. Among the bright shades, a special place is occupied by «Spicy Pumpkin». Coloring looks most beautiful on long and short hair, for example, a square, a French cascade with bangs or a bob.

color trends 2020color trends 20202020 trends

Outerwear 2020 — trends

If we consider the trends of 2020, clothing occupies one of the main places in them. You can make a unique bow if you consider the following points:

  1. The favorite of spring will be clothing in neon shades, for example, lime. Designers also looked at the orange range — from citrus to terracotta and brick tones.
  2. For lovers of pastel colors, blue is in store in bright or muted natural versions.
  3. In 2020, coats in completely different shades will not lose their relevance. If you choose a classic double-breasted cut, then this will be an exact hit. Next in relevance are trench coats, raincoats, safari-style jackets, bomber jackets.
  4. Outerwear for 2020 should be chosen in military style, with a fitted cut or puffed sleeves, which got a second chance.

outerwear 2020 trendsfashion trends 2020coat 2020 in trend

Down jacket 2020 — trend

The classic choice for winter, which, if possible, should be purchased in several variations, is down jackets trend 2020:

  1. The first type of coat can be chosen dark for everyday life, and the second — bright to cheer up. At the same time, they can be even more different, because designers offer down jackets with a variety of prints, large patch pockets and huge stand-up collars.
  2. The trends of the 2020 season are both oversized cut and fitted, cropped models. A silhouette down jacket is ideal if only dresses and skirts are present in the wardrobe. Another trend is asymmetry. It appears at the bottom of clothing or as asymmetrical stitches.
  3. The color of the down jacket can be burning orange or pastel. But the most trendy is considered a pale brown-gray shade with a lilac sheen.

down jacket 2020 trenddown jacket trend 2020

Jackets 2020 — trends

Even in the most severe frosts, the fashion trends of 2020 in clothes will help to look unsurpassed. The variety of jackets that are offered for this season will make the wish come true. The following product variations are available to choose from:

  1. You can wear a short jacket or a long one to the calf, ankle and below.
  2. The faux fur jacket is one of the main trends, as is the fur lining, which designers offer with different accessories, printed and quilted patterns.
  3. A sheepskin coat that will replace a coat or fur coat. In 2020, you should choose a model in natural or bright colors, in matte or patent leather. Styles can be any: with a smell, aviator, in the form of a leather jacket.
  4. In 2020, the trendy outerwear was also a parka, a shiny jacket and a model with patterns. Fur things can be decorated with an animal print (leopard, zebra), and made of textiles — with a cage or a strip, a floral pattern.

jackets 2020 trendsfashion trends 2020 in clothesouterwear 2020 trends

Coat 2020 — trend

This season, coats 2020 are in trend, as in previous years. A variety of models will provide an opportunity for any fashionista to choose a variety for every taste:

  1. Oversized models continue to be relevant, which will be appreciated by young women of fashion. They can be worn by both owners of slender figures and magnificent forms.
  2. The classics remain outside the influence of fashion. These are fitted or straight models, characterized by concise cut and design, they are performed mainly in a single color.

coat 2020 trendcoat 2020 in trendfashion trends 2020

Sheepskin coat 2020 — trends

For the cold season, women’s sheepskin coats trends 2020 will be a great solution:

  1. For several seasons in a row, the model known as the “aviator” has not lost its relevance on the fashionable Olympus. It can have a length ending at the waist or hips. The product is characterized by sheepskin lining, collar and cuffs and a diagonal zip.
  2. The trends of the 2020 season are also oversized sheepskin coats, which are extremely comfortable to wear. Under them, you can even pry off bulky sweaters and complement the look with tight jeans and brutal «army» boots.

sheepskin coat 2020 trends

Faux fur coat trend 2020

For winter, designers also offer women’s fur coats 2020, the trends of which are represented by models made not only from natural, but also from faux fur:

  1. Since environmental friendliness is in fashion, these products are very relevant. Due to the high quality of workmanship, it is often difficult to distinguish them from natural models.
  2. The colors of fur coats can be as close as possible to the natural color, or be extremely bright or complemented by all kinds of prints, for example, under a leopard.
  3. The “cheburashka” style, which is characterized by a short and pleasant to the touch pile, does not lose popularity.

women's fur coats 2020 trends

2020 clothing trends

Many fashion collections feature women’s clothing, the 2020 trends of which are extremely diverse:

  1. Since classic blue has become the main color of 2020, at least one piece of this shade should appear in the wardrobe. It can be trendy dresses 2020 or a suit, accessories will do.
  2. Images in the style of total-look should be created from bright or pastel colors. As for prints, you should choose clothes with black and white decor. They can be stripes, peas, a cage or a zebra. In 2020, floral motifs made in a retro style and a traditional look have also become favorites.
  3. Maxi and mini are back on the fashion pedestal. This applies to both dresses and skirts. One of the clothing trends of 2020 are mini shorts, bermuda shorts and suits with shorts. They were presented by Max Mara, Chloe and Saint Laurent.
  4. You can see the trend towards extreme cuts and slits, but it takes a certain amount of courage to wear such clothes.

2020 clothing trendswomen's clothing trends 2020dresses trend 2020

Shoe trends 2020

The trends that stylists take into account when creating shoes are also incredibly diverse:

  1. Fashionistas are accustomed to chains on clothes and bags, this season they will have to put up with chains on shoes. They can be of different sizes, thicknesses and shades. Chains even replace straps.
  2. The zebra print has also spread to the shoes. It is ideal to combine them with plain clothes, in which the background of the ornament repeats. Plaid or printed shoes are also one of the main trends.
  3. Ornaments can be geometric, animalistic, floral, abstract.
  4. Shoes with wicker elements, lacing and knots are in fashion. For summer, it is worth preparing open shoes with flat soles with lacing.
  5. Girls who cannot live without heels should take a closer look at the non-standard form. Designers staged a competition, who will offer more outrageous heels. For winter, they prepared high boots, but such that they stand out, contrast with other things.
  6. When it comes to sneakers 2020, the trend offers both classics in monochrome white and bright printed colors.

shoe trends 2020

Bags 2020 — trends

Bags are intended to be an organic completion of the image, the trends of 2020 of which are very diverse:

  1. Stylists advise getting bags made of woven leather or knitted models. According to tradition, a straw accessory should be saved for the summer. For other seasons, you can pick up a bag that would be in the same color scheme with clothes.
  2. The zebra print has also spread to bags. The only difference is that the stripes on the accessory have changed shape and direction.
  3. In the trend of 2020, bags on a chain, which can be long or short. The accessory can be of any shape, color, with or without a print. A bag with a wide shoulder strap will also be a good purchase for 2020.

bags 2020 trendsbags trends 2020

Accessories 2020 — trends

Jewelry 2020 can give a unique zest to the image, the trends of which are offered in the following variations:

  1. All sorts of massive chains are relevant, which act as a decor as an addition to clothes, shoes, bags.
  2. What should be in the arsenal of any girl is headbands, so you should learn how to tie scarves beautifully. The bandage should be chosen under clothes or give preference to a bright accent if the image is neutral.
  3. A scarf in 2020 is popular not only on the head, but also on the neck. The accessory is especially suited to the office wardrobe.
  4. Another fashion accessory is the belt. This accessory will harmoniously complement the 2020 trend trousers. You need to remember one thing about it — it should be noticeable. Therefore, it is better to choose wide and medium belts.

accessories 2020 trendsfashion trends 2020jewelry 2020 trends

Antitrends 2020

So that the image does not turn out to be a failure, it is worth considering the anti-trends of 2020:

  1. What should not be worn in the year of the White Rat is fitted blouses, sweater dresses and sports trousers. Left overboard were trousers with arrows and skinny jeans. The flared skirt did not make it to the list of fashionable things for 2020 either.
  2. From shoes, the stylist is advised to forget about ugg boots, wedge sneakers, and classic-looking sports sneakers.
  3. Strictly follow fashion trends or take something specific — an individual decision for each person. It may happen that an image assembled on a whim will become the next fashion trend.

antitrends 2020

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