Summer manicure ideas 2020 - the most relevant ideas for beautiful stylish nails

The ideas of summer manicure 2020 keep up with the times and bring to life all the newfangled variations, incorporating trendy and advanced technologies. The hits of this season include plot drawings, delicate patterns in the style of Japanese and Slavic paintings, rhinestone jewelry in oriental splendor, stylish and concise graphics and geometry.

Stylish summer manicure — new items 2020

What is the most fashionable summer manicure 2020 will be at the peak of popularity and become a reference?

  1. This season, the leading masters of nail art have proposed creative and unusual ideas for summer design, consisting of many modern solutions that allow you to recreate not only the hit retro traditions of monochromatic bright magnificence, but also futuristic ideas using advanced modern technologies, stickers, confetti, inscriptions, patterns, mostly abstract and graphic.

stylish summer manicure new items 2020

  1. Summer manicure ideas for 2020 are non-trivial options with a combination of several colors in one set, a selection of contrasting unusual and classic combinations, delicate drawings in the style of Japanese painting, Slavic motifs, ethnic ornaments, twigs, leaves, small and large flowers lined with rhinestones . Flowers and abstraction, monograms and curlicues, stars, glitter and knitted ornaments are still popular. An excellent choice is the combination of a matte and glossy base in one design using additional decor.

the most fashionable summer manicure 2020

Bright summer manicure for short nails

For fashionistas who prefer naturalness, a beautiful summer beautiful manicure for short nails with rubbing and diverse patterns, with stickers and inscriptions, with negative space and rhinestones, in blue, red, orange, pink, white, beige, cream and powder tones. An additional decor can be delicate and discreet drawings that look perfect on a short length of the nail plate. Do not forget that foil and thin stripes, voluminous jewelry, sand and glitter remained in fashion.

bright summer manicure for short nails

Also, the newfangled ideas for summer manicure 2020 are excellent solutions in the spirit of minimalism and retro styles, presented in chic monochromatic. However, for lovers of creative options, you can easily use abstraction, marine and vacation plots, and stylish geometry or graphics to successfully complete the trendy images of modern beauties. In business officialdom, a laconic design is welcome, made using knitted patterns and plot compositions, combining several contrasting varnishes in one manicure.

summer beautiful manicure for short nails

Summer manicure for long nails

Style trendsetters offer a chic light summer manicure for long nails, which can be of various shapes, both sharp and oval, and soft squares or pointe shoes, depending on which type of nails suits your hands best. Experienced craftsmen will help you make a choice, because among the many solutions, the best options can be different. So, abstraction and geometry, large and small droplets, dots and stripes, airbrushing and mirror or pearl rubbing will be in high demand.

summer manicure for long nails

Summer manicure ideas 2020 are great variations on a diverse nail shape, you can have a square, oval and sharp nails in one set, using additional designer decor in the form of thematic drawings, large and small flowers, insects and plants, hearts and inscriptions, powder and varnish on soft and pastel base. Exquisite combinations and elegant patterns, twigs, leaves, delicate flowers such as lavender, orchid, rose and chamomile, intricate monograms and curlicues, decorated with rhinestones.

easy summer manicure

Summer manicure on square nails

What simple summer manicure will look perfect on square nails? Firstly, for this form, a design with funny animals, a French and Hollywood smile would be an excellent choice, because the jacket perfectly emphasizes soft squares, as well as laconic graphics with geometry. Secondly, a chic idea is a juicy summer manicure in pink and red colors using flowers and modeling, rhinestones, both small and large, laid out in certain patterns, voluminous jewelry made of powder and glitter, droplets and sand.

summer manicure on square nailssummer manicure for square nails 2020

Even for a square shape, style trendsetters offer a color summer manicure in 2020, which attracts attention at the same time with its incorruptible simplicity and refined elegance. It can be laconic and trendy monotony, line drawing, airbrushing, shiny blotches, gradient and strict geometric and graphic patterns, lines, cages, stripes, rhombuses, circles and triangles, drawn both with varnishes or paints, and with cobwebs.

easy summer manicuresimple summer manicure 2020

Summer manicure on almond shape

For the oval and almond shape of the nail plate, nail art masters are advised to make a creative summer manicure 2020 with gradient, both contrasting and smooth transitions, presented in the entire hit palette of the coming year. Do not forget that summer colors for manicure are not only rainbow, but also a pastel palette, and very stylish solutions can combine both bright and delicate tones, especially in ombre variations. Floral and floral motifs, ethnic ornaments, thin abstract lines and monograms combined with glitter and a cat’s eye are still in fashion.

summer almond manicure

Stylists draw the attention of fashionistas to nude shades, beige and cream, using matte and glossy varnishes and graphic or geometric patterns traced with a cobweb, in combination with kamifubiki, glitter and trendy inscriptions. For lovers of brightness and saturation, a design in twilight tones is presented, combining matte and glossy finishes, diverse pebbles, rhinestones and glitter, golden and silver varnishes, preferably in one set, in order to get a chic solution that can easily successfully complete even evening parties. images.

creative summer manicure 2020

Summer manicure for sharp nails

The true seasonal trend is the original summer manicure on the sharp form of the nail plate, which has been trending for the second year already, but stilettos have not come into fashion, so it is better to refuse radicalism. Those fashionistas who prefer originality in everything can safely choose interesting ideas for themselves with diverse funny drawings, lips, letters, inscriptions, flowers and insects. Solutions will be in demand, where different tint compositions are present on different hands, for example, on one — pink nails, and on the other — orange.

summer manicure for sharp nails

If you want to stand out against the general background, then you can come up with non-trivial options for yourself, both on the average length of the nails, and on very long nails. To add youthful enthusiasm and fresh ideas, stylists advise looking at almost childish drawings with elephants and other animals or cartoon characters, creating whole plot compositions where the drawing is evenly distributed over all fingers. Dilute with hearts, lines, stripes and squares, rhombuses and circles, adding gaiety and playfulness, coquetry and romance to any idea.

original summer manicure

Summer marine manicure

Going on vacation on the coast, and have a desire to make a beautiful summer manicure on the sea? Then to your attention are successful solutions to the marine theme. What could it be? Light and relaxed drawings in a holiday style, with the drawing of diverse figures of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, stars, skates and fish, algae, tropical plants and cacti with palm trees, sailboats, anchors, chains, stripes and vests, for every taste and color.

summer marine manicure

It’s great if everything is sustained in blue, white, sky, blue and ultramarine tones, it is possible with the addition of sand shades, golden and silver drawings and shiny elements. The wonderful ideas of summer beach manicure 2020 are designed in the best traditions of abstraction, when clear story drawings and curlicues with monograms, curved lines and zigzags, rhinestone blotches and metal figures or thin stripes, foil or glitter, negative space and drawing the moon are combined in one design. or smiles.

summer manicure by the sea

Summer french manicure

What could be more beautiful than timeless classics? If you want to always be elegant, then feel free to choose a summer French manicure, both seasoned in canonical splendor, with only one diverse smile, and original solutions, for example:

  • a combination of a jacket with a full accent coating of one or two nails, especially in a juicy palette, can be yellow, red, blue, purple and even black, with a drawing of abstract, graphic and geometric plots;

summer french manicure

  • multi-colored magnificent French manicure, where each nail has its own rich color — an excellent choice for a bright and brilliant summer and a non-trivial manicure with a broken and abstract smile with an asymmetric effect, as well as a combination of a Hollywood and French smile in one set — a stylish solution even for a wedding dress;

summer french manicure 2020

  • a matte design with a multi-colored jacket on square nails, which combines all the trendy shades of this summer, as well as a chic two-tone version, where the smile is drawn in dark, black, varnish on a green background with the addition of rhinestones, curls, glitter and sand.

summer manicure french

Summer manicure with fruits

What other summer manicure with a pattern will be in demand among true fashionistas? Funny and chic at the same time with diverse fruits and berries, rich and stylish, adding notes of fun and charm, diversity and enthusiasm to the overall look, enriching the intended images with elements of coquetry and youth drive. This design is not suitable for business bows, but it will fit perfectly into holiday ensembles, both street style and urban chic.

summer fruit manicuresummer manicure with fruits 2020summer manicure with a pattern

Summer matte manicure

Matte polishes have returned to the world podium again, and the summer version of the 2020 manicure with a matte surface has soared to the top of the fashion Olympus, it is worn with great pleasure by both leading models and mega stars, and bohemian representatives, and rich and famous personalities. The trend is not only the same velvety surface, but also a combination of matte and glossy finish in one set, adding shine and embellishing uniformity with drawings or foil and thin lines and stripes.

summer matte manicuresummer manicure 2020

Summer manicure with inscriptions

Do you want originality? Then choose for yourself a unique summer manicure design, which has been in the lead for the second year. These are original ideas with a variety of inscriptions. What’s in fashion?

  1. Two and three-color combinations can be with gloss and dark varnishes, on which graceful or large letters, words and whole sentences are drawn, pasted or written with thin brushes, which can be either concentrated on one finger or scattered over all nails.

summer manicure with inscriptions

  1. Original ideas with a hint of romanticism and femininity, inscriptions combined with hearts, French themes, patterns in the style of Provence and boho.

summer manicure design

  1. Abstraction and funny little animals, children’s focus and negative space that add notes of summer playfulness and cheerfulness to any ideas.

summer manicure design 2020

Summer manicure geometry

To bring to life the most daring and original ideas of geometry and graphics, the masters offer:

  • summer manicure with stripes in the spirit of complete abstraction, interspersed with multi-colored, which refreshes your fingers;

summer manicure geometry

  • clear and stylish graphics in white, gray, nude and steel tones with the addition of black and brown shades, which bring a touch of presentability and respectability to the overall appearance;

summer manicure geometry 2020

  • laconic office design with many thin lines and a non-trivial jacket, as well as original solutions that combine many geometric diverse figures with rhinestones and other interesting decor.

summer manicure with stripes

Summer office manicure

Summer manicure for the office is a huge variety of laconic ideas, both in the spirit of minimalism and in a nude version, or with clear geometric and graphic patterns, but designed in perfect harmony with business suits. Do not forget that the dress code includes strictness, so the design is best done in neutral colors, but with the addition of subtle notes of sophistication and charm inherent in true ladies.

summer office manicuresummer manicure for the office

Summer manicure with flamingos

Another seasonal trend that won the hearts of many young fashionistas and mature women is a summer bright beautiful manicure with a flamingo, in pink, green, white, blue and nude tones, you can combine it with a jacket. A beautiful and delicate design is successfully diluted with diverse additions, fruits and vegetables, tropics and plants, flowers, abstraction and a marine theme.

summer flamingo manicuresummer bright beautiful manicure

Black summer manicure

In order for the evening to be unforgettable, stylists suggest using dark fashionable summer manicure colors 2020, especially black in all tint combinations that will successfully complement elegant and festive looks, fit perfectly into chic ensembles consisting of evening and cocktail dresses and suits. Saturated combinations will be relevant, red-black and black-and-white, gray and even with blue and green streaks, exquisite French manicure with a variety of stylish additions.

black summer manicuretrendy summer manicure colors 2020

Summer mint manicure

This season has prepared for women and girls a fashionable summer manicure in mint colors, which will look great on a variety of nail plate shapes. If you want modernity, then it is better to use sharp nails and almonds, but pointe shoes and soft squares are not forgotten, where in any of the presented options, white color will bring notes of nobility and aesthetics to the chosen design, both plain and with patterns.

summer mint manicuretrendy summer manicure

Summer manicure with avocado

Do you want to add exotics to your looks? Do a summer green manicure in different tones of a dominant color, even marsh and khaki, with tropical fruits, avocado drawing will be especially stylish. These ideas fit well into vacation bows, they will be relevant during the vacation period and on the coast, especially in combination with trendy inscriptions and geometric patterns.

summer manicure with avocadosummer green manicure

Summer acid manicure

What could be brighter than a summer multi-colored manicure with acid varnishes? Orange, yellow, red and even blue and green tones fit perfectly into the brightness and catchiness, add burning and sultry colors to a rich everyday life. Ideal for those fashionistas who are used to their fingers shining in the sun and under the club lamps on the dance floor, stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

summer acid manicuresummer multi-colored manicure

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