Summer manicure gel polish 2020 - the most beautiful ideas of plain nails and with design

Summer gel polish manicure 2020 demonstrates a huge number of great options that can be an excellent finishing touch to all the planned looks in any of the styles. After all, you can make both a hit monotony, suitable for all occasions, and a chic design with a lot of beautiful decorations from drawings to rhinestones.

Beautiful summer manicure — novelties 2020

A chic and trendy option is a manicure for the summer, the novelties of 2020, presented on the world podium, which amaze and excite our imagination with their magnificence. Indeed, in modern fashion, a bet is placed on gel polish, because it is worn without correction for up to two weeks. It turns out longer than usual, does not wash off and does not peel off by itself, is a very durable material, it can not only make an excellent design, but also build up gel nails so that your fingers always look amazingly attractive.

beautiful summer manicure new items 2020

Summer manicure gel polish for 2020, new items — stunning solutions in purple and lilac tones, combined with white, with interesting patterns, monograms and curlicues, with abstraction and inscriptions, with negative space and additional designer decor. Successful decorations for nail art masters include rhinestones, stickers, stamping, golden and silver streaks, glitter, glitter, ombre, foil and metal stripes, voluminous jewelry and stylish summer-themed patterns, for example, tropics, flowers, vegetation, geometry and marine motives.

manicure for summer new items 2020

Trendy manicure colors — summer 2020

What options for summer manicure will be at the peak of popularity in the coming season?

  1. Timeless classic — chic, rich red in all its hue variations, both in monotone and in combination with other trendy colors, white, blue, black, yellow, green and gray. You can make a monotonous coating with accent options on one or two fingers with hit patterns, floristry, vegetation, abstraction, stylish graphics and geometry, with streaks and fuzzy lines in two and even three-color combinations.

trendy manicure colors summer 2020

  1. Also, summer manicure gel polish 2020 is presented in this year’s Pantone color palette, which includes all rich and iridescent shades, pastel colors, especially blue, green, brown, chocolate and coffee. Gray, beige, cream and powder, pearl, mother-of-pearl, milky white and peach. Salmon, blue, orange and sky, lilac, purple, marsala and lavender. Nude and its gentle variations in light pink colors are in fashion again. Do not forget about the golden and silver colors, because they add radiance and sparkle.

summer manicure options

Bright summer manicure for short nails

Summer beautiful manicure for short nails can be diverse, one rule that stylists are asked to pay attention to is the use of patterns so that short nails look sophisticated, not overloaded. Therefore, lovers of minimalism and naturalness in everything can rejoice and choose for themselves a lot of cute and beautiful options from the presented splendor. This season, leading masters advise to pay attention to original drawings with berries and vegetables, citrus fruits, watermelon, strawberries, lemon, orange and lime slices.

bright summer manicure for short nails

Another summer manicure gel polish 2020 on a short nail plate will be amazing if you make an elegant folding jacket with a French or Hollywood smile, in any combination, with full coverage or with various patterned variations. You can diversify the eternal canonical classics with diverse drawings and ornaments, both summer and ethnic, for example, Greek, Indian or Slavic motifs. Cute and touching — a moon manicure in combination with negative space and a collar pattern with rhinestones in the center of the nails.

summer beautiful manicure for short nails

Summer manicure for long nails

Summer bright manicure for long nails is a huge variety of the most different and best options in which the master’s fantasy can completely roam and present unique and wonderful ideas. Bring them to life, add decor, diversify with rhinestones, figurines, stickers, make whole plot compositions. Because the length of the nail plate allows you to create incredible experimental ideas with drawings, modeling, airbrushing, droplets, dots and other incredible and very successful creations.

summer manicure for long nails

What other options for manicure with gel polish for the summer, besides ideas with patterns and drawings, can there be? Why not make a stunning design with a rub, both pearl and mirror, because the powder has been in the lead for two seasons, and the ideas turn out great, especially in a brilliant execution. This is a very relevant design for young people and those fashionistas who prefer extravagance and boldness in everything. If you want variety, then make a multi-colored version for long nails with geometry and negative space, clear volumetric lines and a gradient.

bright summer manicure for long nails

Summer monochrome manicure 2020

The fact that retro dominates the world catwalk is evidenced by the beautiful summer manicure of 2020, sustained in a hit monotone, which has been leading the world catwalk for two seasons in a row. This design has been winning the hearts of true ladies for many years, accustomed to real elegance, restraint and a full sense of style and great taste. After all, a monochromatic coating indicates that its owner loves charm, femininity, conciseness and modesty in one set. It is great for business attire, successfully fitting into trendy everyday life.

summer monochrome manicure 2020

A monophonic manicure in a summer style can be made in a rainbow and pastel palette, in all fashionable colors, from red to heavenly, here the choice already depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the created images. What more do you want to add to the successful completion of stylish bows, tenderness and romance, then you should pay tribute to the light base. If the soul requires brightness and juiciness, then you can look at twilight tones, rich shades, eternal red, exquisite blue, green, brown and black tones.

beautiful summer manicure 2020

Bright manicure for summer 2020

What options for summer manicure with gel polish will be popular this season? According to stylists and leading masters of nail art, what you like is in fashion, because modern canons do not have clear restrictions on the choice of design. You can do what you want and get an excellent result, because the trend is both a monophonic coating and all kinds of modern drawings, ornaments in the ethno spirit, monograms and curlicues in an oriental style, lace and openwork inserts, hand-made and stenciled Japanese and Slavic painting .

bright manicure for summer 2020

An excellent idea is a combination of two or three colors in one set, drawing the main lines of drawings with golden or silver varnishes or paints, diluting the patterns with rhinestones and intricate drops or dots, using a cobweb to draw thin and elegant diverse lines. A mixture of graphics, geometry and abstraction, experienced craftsmen with great pleasure will make a whole plot composition from existing trend patterns that will look like a single whole.

summer manicure options with gel polish

Summer matte manicure

Matte is back in fashion, and a bright and delicate manicure 2020 summer in a matte finish is a huge number of stylish and trendy ideas that bring to life excellent solutions made by skilled craftsmen. Along with a monochromatic coating, the hits of the season included:

  • beige and gray options with golden and silver single accents, diluting the matte surface with sparkling brilliance and magnificent shine, these ideas win the hearts of those fashionistas who are used to being the center of attention and having a flawless manicure;

summer manicure matte

  • interesting solutions with laconic and cute drawings, both in graphic and geometric design, and in oriental style; with an abundance of curls, monograms, openwork and lace patterns, on a light and rich basis, it can be combined with several color variations that combine two or three different tones.

gentle manicure 2020 summer

Summer nude manicure

To the great joy of lovers of minimalism, nude has returned to the world podium and summer manicure in nude colors has become one of the leaders of the coming season. An excellent solution, made according to all the canons of the genre, is a design on a trendy sharp form of a nail plate with an exquisite pattern, drawn and lined with rhinestones and complemented by a sparkle of a branch with small leaves. This design will bring elegance and charm to your look. A drawing made with a cobweb on a nude basis does not lag behind him — a magnificent manicure for true ladies.

summer nude manicure

If you want to make a masterpiece design on soft squares, then feel free to choose a delicate ornament consisting of thin golden lines, which looks amazing and will be the best successful completion of even elegant looks and evening bows. For fashionistas who prefer nude, but varied and not boring, leading nail art masters can offer solutions with negative space and geometric figures with single rhinestone splashes that emphasize the main lines of the pattern.

summer manicure nude colors

Summer glitter manicure

Do you want to shine always and everywhere? Choose for yourself a beautiful manicure for the summer of 2020 with glitter, complemented by mother-of-pearl and glitter, or sand and golden or silver varnishes. You can also make a pattern of kamifubiks, use rhinestones and powder to give your nails an elegant mirror shine. Do not forget that the diverse shape of the nail plate is in fashion, along with the oval and sharp nails, the ballerina and the soft square have remained in the trend, and the jacket, lined with glitter on pointe shoes, will be an amazing choice for a stylish evening and not only.

summer glitter manicurebeautiful manicure for summer 2020

Summer manicure with rhinestones

Do you want to make a summer manicure, bright and beautiful? Style legislators advise paying attention to rhinestones, which can be a great decor for all occasions, even in business variations. What can you think of? Leading Masters offer:

  • lay out whole summer-themed figurines from pebbles, these can be vegetables and fruits, for example, pineapples, citrus fruits, watermelons, bananas, ice cream, marine items, palm trees and tropics, and other non-trivial ideas;

summer manicure with rhinestones

  • highlight the main lines of the drawings with rhinestones, insert them with dotted interspersed in patterns, lay out straight and curved lines with curls from them, randomly scatter rhinestones over the entire surface of the nails.

bright beautiful summer manicure

Summer manicure with fruits

A juicy and bright summer manicure with fruits and berries is a godsend for brave and determined girls and women who want their fingers to be in the spotlight. This design is not suitable for business bows, but it fits perfectly into the hot summer, for experimental images of bohemian and street style, as well as urban chic. Strawberries, apples, cherries and pomegranate, pineapple, banana and slices of lemon, lime and orange, watermelon — all this is used for interesting ideas to decorate your nails, add notes of freshness and novelty to the ensemble.

summer fruit manicurebright summer manicure with fruits

Summer marine manicure

Palm trees and tropics, boats with white and scarlet sails, anchors and chains, stripes and vests — all this is a summer manicure in a marine style, captivating at the same time with its incorruptible simplicity and originality. Want to add brightness? We choose a lot of stripes and a gradient with palm trees, if you want to successfully stand out and make a stunning design full of tenderness and charm — your attention is a non-trivial three-dimensional ornament with the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, shells, stars, skates, dolphins and even sharks, for bold and determined fashionistas .

summer marine manicuresummer manicure in a marine style

Summer manicure geometry

A stylish summer manicure with gel polish will turn out if you use all mixtures of the most advanced technologies and trendy patterns in one set. For example, negative space, a cobweb, with which to draw thin lines and graceful geometric and graphic figures, triangles, rhombuses, squares and rectangles, polygons, shapes with irregular angles and curves, ovals and circles in one design. Add dots and rhinestone inclusions there, both on a light and dark basis. The result is a true masterpiece.

summer manicure geometrysummer manicure gel polish

Summer ombre manicure

Which summer gradient manicure will be in high demand?

  1. A beautiful and stylish version with black-green and blue-green-yellow smooth transitions and overflows with the addition of mother-of-pearl and the effect of a light selection of the moon and an emphasis on the moon jacket. Solution in pink-lilac-violet tones on ovals and sharp nails.

ombre summer manicure

  1. Violet-pink design with an emphasis on richness and catchiness, striking with its incorruptible beauty and charm. Still in fashion is ombre in pastel colors with a full monochromatic coverage from yellow to blue and blue with pink notes, which perfectly combines three and even four tones.

summer manicure gradient

Summer office manicure

Summer manicure for the office is designed in a nude and pastel palette, not saturated with bright colors, which makes it gentle and romantic, but suitable for a strict business everyday. Summer charm and lightness will be added by negative space, stylish graphics and geometry, discreet drawings with small flowers and twigs, single rhinestone inclusions with concise small pebbles can be added. A classic French and Hollywood jacket in neutral colors is welcome. An excellent combination is pink and beige, gray and lilac, white with red, but muted.

summer office manicuresummer manicure for the office

Summer dark manicure

Great summer manicure ideas with gel polish are presented for lovers of rich colors in black, dark green, dark blue, brown and burgundy tones, in combination with white streaks or in a two-tone combination. Fiery and fruity patterns, geometric motifs and Japanese painting will successfully decorate and complement dark tones with elegant lines and drawings. All twilight shades are in trend, including halftones of black and brown dominant colors.

summer dark manicuresummer manicure ideas with gel polish

Summer acid manicure

Do you want non-triviality and catchiness? Feel free to do a summer bright acid manicure in yellow, orange, red, lemon and green tones, you can with a gradient, with an admixture of brightness and do not forget that these shades tend to glow under club spotlights and bright sunlight. If you choose this design, then your fingers in the full sense of the word will be in the spotlight and will not go unnoticed, especially with an interesting additional design decor of foil and glitter.

summer acid manicuresummer bright acid manicure

Summer red manicure with design

A chic classic of the genre and a canonical version for all time out of fashion and time — this is a stylish manicure for the summer in red tones in the entire tint spectrum of the dominant color. Charm and refined simplicity, bordering on complete elegance — a solid red design, as a tribute to the hit retro. A good addition is all kinds of drawings, inscriptions, openwork inserts and a veil, rhinestone blotches, highlighting the moon and French manicure. Beautiful royal combinations — red with white or with a black tone or blue, you can with shiny elements, stripes and foil.

summer red manicure designsummer manicure nude colors

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