Summer manicure 2021 - bright stylish designs for any nail shape

Brightness, the addition of unusual prints, brilliance will please the summer manicure of 2021. For the fair sex of different ages, a suitable option will be found that will reveal her mood as much as possible and demonstrate elegance. Designers did their best by presenting catchy and discreet variations of nail art.

Summer manicure — novelties 2021

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas the design of summer manicure 2021, represented by all sorts of design variations:

  • the latest trends will give refreshing notes, show all the colorfulness of summer, there is an addition in the form of the cutest drawings;
  • nails can be decorated with bright decorative elements, where attention is focused on individual plates;
  • popular options in the form of a neon coating;
  • for a short length, it is allowed to apply a coating, which is complemented by decor in the form of fruit drawings, graphics;
  • when the summer manicure of 2021 is created, decorating the thumb will be the ideal solution;
  • in the trend, the addition of multi-colored crystals or pebbles, it is allowed to use rubbing and flock;
  • it is worth stopping at the cobweb, images of droplets, abstraction and all kinds of prints that show floral motifs and animalism.

summer manicure novelties 2021summer manicure design 2021summer manicure

Summer manicure for long nails

The summer long manicure of 2021 is presented with an extraordinary variety:

  • the square version is made with sharp or vice versa rounded corners;
  • the oval shape is ideal if you want to give femininity, it is allowed to experiment with slightly narrowed or elongated nails;
  • another option that is suitable for evening nail art is pointed nails;
  • the almond-shaped shape looks beautiful, which beautifully emphasizes the frills;
  • among decoration, rhinestones, stickers and sparkles will become relevant. Too much glitter will be superfluous, so you should stop at two or three nails or use a small scattering on one nail;
  • rhinestones glued at the cuticle, stripes along or across the nail look unsurpassed;
  • relevant summer bright manicure for long nails with colored tints, magnetic particles create a fancy pattern that resembles a chrysoberyl stone;
  • The ombre technique is always popular and is ideal for long nails. It is allowed to make a clearly visible transition from one shade to another. Ombre in muted pastel shades will become relevant;
  • all kinds of drawings look amazing: simple symbols in the form of hearts, letters and abstract patterns;
  • as a decor, it is allowed to turn to flower bouquets or to a whole flower carpet;
  • drawing attention to long nails can be resolved by painting each nail in a separate color, the alternation occurs in a chaotic manner or imitates the sequence of rainbow stripes;
  • summer trend — design with foil, so that the nail art is not too bright, you should use a pink, nude or transparent background for the background.

summer manicure for long nailsbright summer manicure for long nailslight summer manicure

Bright summer manicure for short nails

Summer beautiful manicure for short nails will also help to express individuality:

  • it is worth turning to bright and breathtaking shades of varnish. On a short length, it is allowed to resort to the creation of appetizing fruits;
  • the marine theme is popular, this is a summer version of a manicure with stripes and anchors, which looks very colorful;
  • a spectacular design can be created with geometric patterns, the main thing is to choose the right shades;
  • the trend remains the use of classic techniques, these are ombre, jacket and moon nail art, made in a rich variation;
  • suitable will be nail art, made in delicate pastel shades.

bright summer manicure for short nailssummer beautiful manicure for short nailssummer fruit manicure

Summer manicure for sharp nails

The temptation of the image will be given by a sharp fashionable summer manicure:

  • this season you should not make the tips too clear, the sharpening should be soft;
  • for brightness, the nails are completely covered with sparkles or alternated with varnishes of saturated colors;
  • on this form, rhinestones, cartoon characters or animal print are welcome;
  • metallics are perfect for creating an evening look, you should turn to decoration in the form of rhinestones or create a special golden or silver stripe.

summer manicure for sharp nailstrendy summer manicuresummer manicure 2021

Bright summer manicure on an almond shape

A versatile and sophisticated solution — summer almond manicure:

  • among the designs, ombre is relevant with different types of gradient, hole and jacket, the presence of rhinestones and pebbles;
  • in decoration it is allowed to use a little glitter and kamifubukov;
  • ombre is complemented by stripes, arrangement in the form of circles is allowed;
  • almond-shaped nail art looks original even in monochrome;
  • an interesting addition to minimalism will be inscriptions that are made in thin lines;
  • it is allowed to create mini-drawings that give elegance and sophistication;
  • welcome marble nail art. For the embodiment, cold patterns are used that resemble the natural textures of stone. The marble version is complemented by decorating one finger with sparkles or foil in the form of a strip.

bright summer manicure on almond shapestylish summer manicure

Summer manicure on square nails

A variety of design variations is represented by a summer manicure square:

  • striped design is in fashion, dark pigmented horizontal lines are created on a light background;
  • the checkered version looks unsurpassed, which is allowed to be created using stickers or adhesive blanks;
  • on a square shape, a triangular jacket looks great, for which clear lines are used;
  • it is allowed to create a two-layer lunar nail art, while not a classic piece of the lunula zone is highlighted, but two different sections of the nail plate are painted over with two layers.

summer manicure on square nailssummer manicure squarelight summer manicure

Summer manicure for oval nails

Summer manicure on an oval shape looks as natural as possible:

  • gentle pastel shades, including pink, blue, sand, powdery, milky, creamy, creamy and peach, will become an actual palette;
  • among the rich shades, you should prefer blue, green, burgundy, wine, chocolate and purple;
  • light summer manicure is recommended to be diluted with a bright noticeable accent;
  • a great solution is to apply artistic painting, among the drawings, images of floral ornaments will be relevant;
  • images in the spirit of minimalism are returning to fashion, for the embodiment of which elegant miniature images of flowers, twigs, buds are used, which are made in lines in one color;
  • actual alternation of the floral pattern on two adjacent nails, as a result, a single composition is created;
  • on the oval shape, the geometric pattern looks amazing, which is presented in minimalism, it intersects lines, dots, zigzags and unusual geometric shapes;
  • sophistication and femininity is personified with openwork knitting or lace.

summer manicure for oval nailssummer manicure for oval nailssummer manicure design

Matte summer manicure

Matte summer manicure design enjoys constant popularity among fashionistas:

  • It is allowed to use a combination of different techniques. The combination of a matte jacket and moon nail art looks advantageous;
  • light shades are in trend, a pastel base can be supplemented with a bright pattern or pattern;
  • The gradient with a matte effect in pastel shades looks unique.

matte summer manicuresummer manicure designsummer manicure novelties 2021

Multi-colored summer manicure

For the hot season, the ideal solution is a summer colored manicure that emphasizes the tan:

  • to create a successful design, an interesting combination of colors is used. Rainbow nail art is in fashion, suggesting alternating shades on different fingers;
  • for modeling, interesting artistic solutions are carried out, where bright colors are used. With their help, large floral prints that attract attention are embodied.

colorful summer manicuresummer colored manicuresummer manicure design 2021

Summer nude manicure

A win-win universal solution is a gentle elegant manicure, the summer design of which is performed using a nude coating:

  • on a nude background, white, gray, brown, blue and black are used to create drawings;
  • foil applied in the form of discreet stripes is indispensable as a decor;
  • in the nude version, a jacket or moon nail art is presented, it is allowed to use a modification in the form of a change in the smile line or hole;
  • imitation of natural stone looks attractive; a small number of nude shades are used to implement such an idea;
  • for the design of nails, a butterfly pattern is often used, which stands out expressively against a nude background.

summer nude manicuregentle elegant manicure summer designsummer manicure almond

Summer glitter manicure

With the help of shiny elements, a summer bright beautiful manicure is embodied:

  • French is relevant, the tips of which are lined with sparkles;
  • it is allowed to apply geometric patterns with glitter, a brilliant gradient;
  • in the nude trend with shiny accents, rubbing, kamifubuki;
  • in combination with sparkles, drawings are created, a light outline is laid out with details, in which a flower, an animal is drawn.

summer glitter manicuresummer bright beautiful manicuresummer manicure for oval nails

Summer french manicure

Simplicity and chic combines a summer manicure with a pattern:

  • it is allowed to apply the effect of metal, not a new edge;
  • fashion trends — gradient jacket, aquarium design;
  • for summer, a bright colored jacket is indispensable when a smile is painted in different colors;
  • a smile is made in the form of flowers, a milky base is used, on which floral ornaments with green leaves are applied;
  • it is allowed to apply neon shades, the original smile is implemented in the form of a blot.

summer french manicuresummer manicure french patternsummer oval manicure

Summer manicure with rhinestones

If you want to bring chic and brilliance to the image, a stylish summer manicure decorated with rhinestones will be a godsend:

  • a common technique is laying out the hole area. Complete filling or laying out pebbles at the base is allowed;
  • it is allowed to use a large rhinestone as the core of a flower, bright or delicate petals are drawn around;
  • one plate is accentuated by covering its surface with small rhinestones.

summer manicure with rhinestonesstylish summer manicuresummer manicure

Summer manicure gradient

A strong position on the fashionable Olympus is held by the summer ombre manicure:

  • the design is embodied with the help of smooth transitions, made in similar shades or clear, using contrasting colors;
  • a popular technique is to create an ombre effect with the help of small sparkles applied by stretching. The maximum amount of detail is concentrated in a certain area and decreases towards the other edge.

summer manicure gradientombre summer manicurebright summer manicure on almond shape

Summer office manicure

Business ladies will appreciate the classic summer manicure, made in a discreet design:

  • a simple trick is to apply a monochromatic coating of neutral pastel, nude tones on the nails;
  • it is allowed to use accent details — rhinestones, located in a single variation on each finger;
  • indispensable clear geometry, embodied with the help of lines and shapes.

summer office manicuresummer classic manicuresummer manicure almond

Summer manicure on the sea

With the onset of the beach season, the summer manicure of 2021, embodying the marine theme, becomes indispensable:

  • a sea-green coating is taken as a background. An alternative solution is blue and white stripes;
  • an accent element is applied to the base — an anchor, a shell, a seagull;
  • there is nail art, made in beige and yellow, associated with a sandy beach. A great way is to use a coating with a velvety texture, on top of which is a depressed footprint.

summer manicure by the seasummer manicure 2021summer manicure novelties 2021

Summer manicure with daisies

Romantically inclined persons will appreciate summer manicure with flowers:

  • on the surface of the nails it is allowed to apply a small scattering of daisies. A transparent coating is ideal as a background;
  • another trend is the image of a large chamomile, the drawing uses the surface of the nail plate almost completely. It is advisable to use the pattern on one or two fingers so as not to overload the image.

summer manicure with daisiessummer manicure with flowers

Summer manicure with butterflies

The summer gentle manicure with a pattern depicting a butterfly remains an unchanged trend:

  • the pattern is made minimalistic, discreet or large bright, attracting everyone’s attention. In the latter case, two wings can be placed on adjacent fingers, forming a single composition;
  • the butterfly is applied by drawing with varnish or laid out with multi-colored pebbles. The catchy design will not leave others indifferent.

summer manicure with butterfliessummer manicure design 2021summer gentle manicure with a pattern

Summer manicure with fruits

A bright summer manicure with a pattern depicting all kinds of fruits will bring fresh notes to the image:

  • it looks interesting watermelon, kiwi, traced in a section with the smallest details: bones and fibers;
  • piquancy will be added by a volumetric drop flowing down on the surface of the fruit;
  • the original solution is a half-peeled banana, which is depicted on a snow-white background.

summer fruit manicuresummer bright manicure with a patternsummer manicure 2021

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