Spring manicure 2021 - stylish and trendy nail design ideas

With the onset of heat, women want to be beautiful and romantic. For a full-fledged image, you need to pick up the spring manicure of 2021. Modern trends are diverse, so girls will be able to fully express their individuality.

Spring Manicure Ideas 2021

The spring manicure of 2021 is distinguished by tenderness and grace. Stylists offer the following design:

  • nude with gold accents is especially popular;
  • all kinds of neon tones will appeal to young ladies who love to stand out from the crowd;
  • if you want to feel a pleasant feeling of nostalgia, then you should pay attention to retrodesign;
  • naturalness is in trend, so they make nail art with natural textures and a translucent coating;
  • mother-of-pearl varnish will look original and catchy on nails;
  • floristic ideas of spring manicure remain out of competition: flowers, twigs and leaves. Relevant painting, stamping and sliders;
  • Don’t forget French. A design with a beveled «smile» line is preferred;
  • foil is still fashionable, it is better to give preference to gold or silver;
  • thematic inscriptions that are appreciated by young ladies. They contain certain expressions or consist of a single word. There are letters alternating on different fingers, in the aggregate they carry a specific meaning.

spring manicure ideas 2021spring manicure ideaseasy spring manicure

Bright spring manicure 2021

The admiring glances of others will be attracted by a bright fashionable spring manicure:

  • it is allowed to make it in multi-colored execution. You can combine rich tones with neutral or calm ones;
  • neon is especially relevant this spring. They create a jacket that is extremely simple or cover the plate with bright varnish completely;
  • spring french manicure 2021 can be supplemented with a print or a sticker;
  • drawings, sequins or rhinestones stand out perfectly against a matte background;
  • flowers will set a good mood and give strength;
  • rubbing looks elegant and catchy. It can be timed to coincide with an important event or simply worn to please yourself. Fashionistas are interested in the foam option;
  • a heart will make the image romantic and unusual.

bright spring manicure 2021trendy spring manicurespring shades of manicure

Delicate spring manicure 2021

A gentle elegant spring manicure design will be a win-win solution:

  • the technique with glitter or foil is in demand, which looks cute, especially if you make a pastel base. Jewelry picks up any — it does not matter what color or shape they are;
  • experts recommend stopping at the decor of golden, silver, green and blue tones. The main thing is not to create extra volume, not to make the design “heavy”;
  • notes of tenderness will bring shiny hearts laid out with light pink sequins. A large detail is located in the middle of one nail and acts as the main focus.

gentle spring manicure 2021gentle elegant spring manicure designspring light manicure

Spring French manicure

A popular trend of the last few years is a spring manicure jacket with or without a pattern. The following variations are ordered from the masters of the nail industry:

  • with painting. The image of a cotton bud or fresh greens, stripes or polka dots looks great;
  • color. You can do bold experiments to look bright and feminine;
  • with voluminous and brilliant decor. The iridescence of sequins and sequins look unsurpassed, as does the gold foil print.
  • in the style of geometry. A universal option that will be appropriate in official situations;
  • the gradient on one finger is in harmony with the wardrobe;
  • reverse — an original choice for those who do not like the usual performance;
  • stamping with floral ornament The main thing is to choose a classic almond or soft square shape;
  • a heart-shaped tip created with a matching soft pink or bright scarlet finish.

spring manicure frenchspring manicure jacket with a patternspring manicure options

Spring manicure for long nails

Elongated plates are a great opportunity to try all sorts of ideas:

  • French bright spring manicure for long nails. Classic design is allowed, you can make an unusual smile line and add stickers or sparkles;
  • in the list of trending trends — a classic white smile combined with a cobweb pattern;
  • matte light spring manicure. To create, use the shades that you like. Additionally, it is recommended to decorate the nail plate with drawings or sparkles;
  • for sharp nails, you can take a bright and rich varnish, complementing the main design with a pattern. Rubbing or all kinds of sparkles look interesting.

spring manicure for long nailsbright spring manicure for long nailsoriginal spring manicure

Beautiful spring manicure for short nails

Stylists offer a variety of interpretations for short nails:

  • spring plain manicure is a great option for business women. Hue is chosen at your discretion. Pastel colors have been replaced by brightness and juiciness, dark colors are allowed;
  • jacket, you can make a classic or bright version, which is complemented by drawings, sparkles or applications;
  • Nude will be decorated with small accents, for the embodiment of which foil or bright details are added. Glitter and rhinestones are suitable for a party;
  • the cat-eye technique, watercolor and foil decor are in demand;
  • the gradient will help to look original and restrained at the same time. Colors can be absolutely anything;
  • bright spring manicure for short nails with an emphasis on one finger will help to show originality;
  • a dotted pattern provides an opportunity to embody a vintage style, peas are drawn with varnish or made convex, consisting of miniature beads.

beautiful spring manicure for short nailsbright spring manicure for short nailssimple spring manicure

Spring manicure on square nails

A variety of solutions presents a spring manicure on a square:

  • gentle, for the creation of which varnishes of a pastel palette are used: blue or pink, mint or lilac;
  • with animal print. You can make predatory patterns if you want to stand out;
  • web design is a complex but interesting option;
  • French It remains relevant for a long time, for festivity they add sparkles and rhinestones;
  • floral, making the image romantic and tender;
  • ombre — transitions from one shade to another add spice;
  • the square is perfectly combined with clear lines located in different directions;
  • drawing circles, ovals, on the contrary, will help soften the shape. Another way is to round the lateral edges of the nails.

spring manicure on square nailsspring manicure on a squarespring stylish manicure

Spring manicure on almonds

The favorite of the fair sex is spring manicure for almond-shaped nails:

  • jacket, looking spectacular in any image;
  • Velvet matte design, eye-catching and cute;
  • abstraction will appeal to mysterious women who love to stand out from the crowd.
  • if you want to make a bright accent, then it is advisable to try rubbing;
  • with rhinestone decor. You can lay out flowers, decorate the wings of insects;
  • with stamping, graceful abstract patterns are relevant.

spring manicure on almondsspring manicure for almond nailsspring manicure fashion trends 2021

Spring manicure for sharp nails

Aggressive seductiveness will provide a spring manicure for a sharp shape:

  • matte varnish organically complements any bows. Better to stick to minimalism;
  • with stones — ladies who love luxury will like it. For images for an evening out — an excellent choice;
  • with drawings, stickers or prints;
  • with rubbing, flock and rhinestones. The best choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

spring manicure for sharp nailsspring manicure for a sharp shapespring colors for manicure

Spring manicure for a ballerina

The novelty of the season is a spring manicure on the shape of a «ballerina», reminiscent of a dancer’s pointe shoes. The masters of the nail service love the following varieties:

  • monophonic design in light or dark shades;
  • laconic business design, made in a matte variation;
  • french, during the creation of which the inner corner is drawn as low as possible;
  • velvety powder will bring zest;
  • laying out with small rhinestones — an additional emphasis on the unusual shape.

spring manicure for a ballerinaspring manicure on the shape of a ballerinaspring manicure ideas 2021

Spring manicure with flowers

The favorite of fashionistas continues to be a spring manicure with a pattern depicting all kinds of flowers:

  • in fashion is the drawing of wild flowers on the nails, which organically fit into the ethnic style;
  • to make nail art look harmonious, it is recommended to choose colors that are combined with each other. On a muted basis, floral ornaments stand out advantageously;
  • roses will bring a touch of luxury. It is worth choosing red shades and concise designs;
  • stylists advise paying attention to tulips;
  • You can add floristry with sparkles and rhinestones, beads and stones. Relevant foil gold and silver shades;
  • elements can be made voluminous, the effect is achieved through the use of special stucco technique;
  • petals or core can be completely laid out with pebbles. In the middle it is proposed to place one large stone.

spring manicure with flowersspring manicure with a patternspring manicure ideas

Spring colors for manicure

The list of common ideas includes such fashion trends for spring manicure 2021:

  • it is worth mentioning pastel colors, on the basis of which you can perform classic nail art;
  • lemon, azure, light green, lavender and the color of the morning dawn will help to show originality;
  • Combination and play on contrasts is welcome. Often a certain calm tone is taken as the basis, on which iridescent details are applied. Another technique is the alternation of shades on different fingers, for which the colors of the rainbow are taken.

spring colors for manicurespring manicure fashion trends 2021bright spring manicure 2021

Yellow spring manicure

A simple spring manicure is reasonably associated with warm sunshine:

  • yellowness varies from pale muted to rich lemon;
  • this tone is used to depict tulips, sunflowers;
  • on one finger you can draw the sun on a sky-blue background;
  • in late spring, you can approach the beach season. On the velvety sand, created with the help of special powder, a footprint is depicted pressed inward.

yellow spring manicuresimple spring manicuretrendy spring manicure

Spring pink manicure

Maximum tenderness is able to embody the spring light manicure, created using a pink tone:

  • with splash effect. An interesting option that looks festive;
  • ombre. The transition of one shade to another similar key helps to maintain harmony;
  • clean pink nails look beautiful, especially when complemented with rhinestones or flowers;
  • marble helps to create a strict and restrained image;
  • a jacket with a pink color will appeal to lovers of romance.

gentle spring manicure 2021spring light manicurespring pink manicure

Spring green manicure

Associations with fresh foliage cause green spring manicure:

  • emerald jacket is an original option for creating a business image;
  • malachite incredible design will appeal to lovers of originality;
  • bottle matte is popular;
  • azure sea. Delicate shade that allows you to create feminine images;
  • seasoned marble is universal.

spring green manicuregreen spring manicurespring manicure on almonds

Blue spring manicure

The heavenly shade helps to embody all sorts of spring manicure options:

  • pink-blue nail art “different hands”, impressive with its unusualness;
  • dotted. Helps create a carefree look;
  • «brush strokes» look unforgettably even with arbitrary application of details.

blue spring manicurespring manicure optionsgentle elegant spring manicure design

Spring mint manicure

To make a spring stylish manicure perfect, you need to take note of the following solutions:

  • with gold. You can use both foil and varnish of this tone;
  • finished with black lacquer. Stripes and geometric shapes look beautiful;
  • in the Tiffany style, when refined golden or silver elements are located on a delicate base;
  • stucco ornaments look amazing. Peculiar «pigtails» can be applied with the addition of snow-white details.

spring mint manicurespring stylish manicurespring manicure on square nails

Spring orange manicure

Connoisseurs of brightness will appreciate the original spring manicure, made in the «orange» tone:

  • with images. It is difficult to single out one particular direction. These are flowers, stripes, fruits and birds, lace abstraction;
  • with glitter. If you want the design to come out concise and festive at the same time, you can pay attention to this option;
  • a jacket with an orange “smile” or a nail plate of this color will help you take a fresh look at the usual nail art;
  • orange varnish looks great in combination with rhinestones;
  • fruit theme when an orange is depicted in a section. A drop of water that flows down the surface and becomes deliberately voluminous looks spectacular.

spring orange manicureoriginal spring manicurespring manicure on a square

Red spring manicure

A real classic that remains relevant for a long time is the red spring shades of manicure:

  • pure red nails. An ideal opportunity to stand out from the crowd;
  • the scarlet jacket is especially good on a slightly elongated square plate;
  • matte with braided sand braids. Fashionable design that will remain in trend for a few more years;
  • transparent gradient. Original technique that women like;
  • red color goes well with gold and silver.

red spring manicurespring shades of manicurespring manicure for almond nails

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