Solid manicure, summer 2020 - the most beautiful and fashionable nails without design

Solid color manicure ideas this year deserve your special attention. New-fangled designs provide a wide abundance of bright shades, neutral colors and delicate tones. The stylists presented all sorts of original decorative elements to brighten up the chosen design. Coloristic nail art will win your heart and will be a great accent to any look.

Solid manicure — fashion trends 2020

As soon as the hot season comes, girls prefer to choose the most colorful designs for their nails. A variety of interpretations are welcome, but the 2020 summer monochrome manicure has gained the most popularity. Before going to your favorite master, you need to find out what colors are currently in trend. Without a doubt, the following shades are considered more relevant:

  • red;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • violet;
  • emerald.

Lovers of classic designs will love the neutral nude, black and white colors. Among the forms of the nail plate, it is worth highlighting square, almond-shaped, sharp outlines of diverse lengths. Leading technicians are broadcasting an exclusive monophonic manicure for the summer of 2020 in a glossy, matte, mother-of-pearl finish. Check out the rubbing effect, cat’s eye. Do not forget about additional decorations that can decorate your design with rhinestones, stickers, sparkles.

plain manicure fashion trendsplain manicure summer

Solid manicure 2020 summer for short nails

The shortest length is considered the most universal today. This is always practical, because it does not interfere with a variety of tasks and in everyday life. Any shape is acceptable, from the usual oval to neat square or bold sharp. Consider a monochromatic manicure for short nails 2020 with a rub, velvet or glossy finishes.

The color palette has given the modern public chic rich shades of coral, raspberry, red, royal blue or purple. Delicate gamma suggests menthol, pastel, lemon, peach, purple. Bold ladies can afford neon colors, a combination of contrasting colors. Decorative elements will complement your favorite nail art with diverse rhinestones, volumetric modeling techniques, and shiny pollen.

plain manicure for short nails 2020short nails plain manicure summer

Monochromatic manicure for long nails

Bright monophonic manicure for long nails has become especially popular this season. Although many ladies believe that this length is not comfortable and looks defiant, the best masters convinced them otherwise. In combination with neat forms of the nail plate, your design will look elegant and charming. Sharp variations have gained a lot of distribution among representatives of street fashion.

When choosing a shade for covering nails, pay attention to rich color varnishes. Cherry, ultramarine, honey, purple, ruby ​​and jade shades are the perfect accent for any look. However, a gentle monophonic manicure with sky blue, purple, menthol, vanilla tint also gained great demand. Additional decorations act as superimposed minimalist drawings, shiny elements.

plain manicure for long nailsfashionable monochromatic manicure for long nails

Manicure summer 2020 plain almond

Cutting-edge trends have presented a wide selection of various outlines of the nail plate. One of the most popular is considered almond-shaped, as it is ideally combined with any color and length. Exquisite combinations with matte, glossy and pearlescent coatings are acceptable. Do not forget about a monophonic manicure on an almond shape using newfangled rubbing techniques, a cat’s eye.

The current gamut broadcasts a wide abundance of interesting colors. Diverse shades of yellow, orange, pink and scarlet deserve your consideration. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with nude interpretations, they are perfect for everyday, office or holiday leisure. You can pick up some additional elements in the form of iridescent rhinestones, pretty sparkles, exclusive stickers.

monochromatic manicure almond shapealmond-shaped nails with a monophonic manicure

Monochromatic manicure for square nails

This year, a monophonic manicure for short square nails has gained particular popularity, so you should not artificially build up the plate. If you naturally have long nails, do not rush to shorten them, because stylists have provided many exquisite variations for such a shape. For more convenience and comfort, you can file sharp corners around the edges, creating a soft square shape.

Lighter nail art often represents a tone of sky blue, champagne, glycerin, harlequin. To add a bright accent to any image, it is better to give preference to rich color solutions. Ultramodern trends presented a bright monochrome manicure 2020 in blue, canary, blue, brick, violet and pear shades. Volumetric modeling techniques, lovely beads, shimmering elements.

plain manicure square shapemonochromatic manicure design square nails

Monochromatic manicure for sharp nails

World famous trendsetters and representatives of street trends are increasingly seen in public with exclusive nail designs. Sharp cuts are in high demand this hot season. Often girls combine similar forms with long or short designs. With the help of newfangled techniques, you can get stunning results as velvet or iridescent coatings.

A stylish monophonic manicure on sharp nails will look as pathetic and expensive as possible in neutral tones of black, white, beige. Among the bright colors of your approval, purple, peach, gold, emerald, blue and lemon hues have been waiting. Glamorous young ladies will definitely like spectacular ideas with overhead drawings, shiny pollen, adhesive beads or rhinestones.

sharp nails monochrome manicuremonochrome manicure for sharp nails

Manicure summer 2020 plain red

Don’t miss the reproduction of colorful nail art in scarlet shades! Leading masters have developed many different options for decorating the nail plate. Solid red manicure has become one of the most common seasonal interpretations. Girls prefer saturated colors, as they are ideally combined with diverse bows and outfits.

For everyday work, you can choose an elegant design with short square nails in a matte or glossy finish. Romantic dates and everyday walks provide neat almond-shaped outlines with original stickers in the form of flowers, butterflies, all kinds of patterns. Festive and festive events are broadcasting a stunning plain manicure summer 2020 with false volumetric beads, rhinestones, shiny pollen.

plain red manicurered manicure monochromatic design

White plain manicure

What could be better than a charming decoration of the nail plate in snow-white tones? Such neutral colors have gained a lot of demand this year, because they are considered as universal as possible. Although many ladies perceive such shades as impractical, stylists have convinced them otherwise. Finally, single-color variations in noble colors with the use of additional decorative elements became available.

If you are attracted by a beautiful white monochromatic manicure, pay attention to the classic interpretations in ivory, sand, mescaline, milky, gardenia, marshmallow. Cutting-edge performance technologies will help to recreate chic overflows with the effect of rubbing or a cat’s eye. Square, oval, acute-angled outlines of various lengths became especially common. Do not forget about the stunning matte, glossy, pearly finishes.

plain white manicuremonochrome manicure in white

Black plain manicure

Whatever your shape and length of the nail plate, the combination with black will look great. Dark monophonic manicure has gained the greatest demand among lovers of minimalist nail art. They are suitable for everyday life, romantic dates, meetings with friends, accentuate your strict business bow to work, decorate your smart elegant dresses for holidays or parties.

The tonal range suggests original varnishes in shades of moonlit night, licorice, graphite, blue, anthracite. Among the provided assortment of newfangled designs, it is better to give preference to glossy shimmery or velvety neat interpretations. For a more sophisticated design, it is worth considering a black plain manicure summer 2020 with a rub, a cat’s eye. Among the decorative elements, it is better to use additional decorations in the form of volumetric textures, sparkles, rhinestones and stickers.

plain black manicuretrendy black manicure monophonic

Neon monochromatic manicure

Representatives of street trends introduced a new amazing trend into the fashionable masses — neon colors for marigolds. Girls who follow cutting-edge trends immediately supported the improved motives. Extraordinary coating methods are welcome, including matte, mother-of-pearl and iridescent options. Any length and shape of the nail plate will emphasize a bright monochromatic manicure.

The color palette offered a stunning assortment of rich hues for every occasion. The most daring girls can afford an office design in blue, purple tones. Lovers of color solutions prefer raspberry, lemon, blue acid varnishes for everyday life. For parties, it is better to choose orange, honey, blackberry, light green colors. Among the additional decorative elements, it is worth highlighting all sorts of small stickers, original ornaments, sparkles.

monochromatic neon manicure designmonochrome manicure in neon shades

Solid nude manicure

Monochromatic light manicure will definitely appeal to lovers of classic designs. If you’re looking for subtle ideas for decorating your nails, be sure to check out the sophisticated options in nude tones. They will look best on an almond-shaped plate of medium length, however, exclusive interpretations for short square outlines are acceptable.

The favorite techniques of the modern fashionable public are velvet, glossy or mother-of-pearl coating, rubbing, cat’s eye. Gamma suggests beige, gray, purple, pastel, peach shades. Although a plain manicure for the summer of 2020 is impressive on its own, with the use of additional decorations it will look amazing. It is better to highlight diverse rhinestones, shiny pollen, volumetric modeling techniques.

monochrome nude manicuretrendy nude manicure

Single color wedding manicure

A wedding is one of the most important events in a girl’s life, so everyone wants to look as impressive as possible on this day. Well-known masters and leading stylists presented chic works in bright or delicate shades. With the help of cutting-edge application techniques, you can get an incredible result. Pay attention to the pretty monochromatic gel polish manicure, so your nails will amaze you and those around you for a long time.

The tonal range includes neutral shades of beige, powder and pastel. Such designs are considered feminine, neat, sophisticated, suitable for any dress or outfit. If you prefer bright accents for your bridal look, check out our newfangled accessory collections. Most of them act as minimalist sequins, exclusive patterns, overhead textures.

bridal monochrome manicureplain manicure for a wedding

Monochromatic manicure with stickers

Manicure monophonic coating with stickers this summer is very popular. Creative design of the nail plate is the key to a successful seasonal look. Adhesive elements can be of different shapes and sizes, they can be applied to all sorts of shapes and lengths. Square short interpretations are best decorated with figured miniature samples with different textures. Almond-shaped or sharp long marigolds will emphasize large and varied adhesives.

The main colors are available in everything from rich colorful to neutral base shades. Do not lose sight of the summer 2020 monochromatic manicure in a light tonal range, which includes vanilla, azure, menthol, powdery, lilac, beige colors. Stickers often take the form of flowers, buds, dot patterns, animalistic ornaments. Gold or silver geometric images are welcome.

monophonic manicure with stickerstrendy monochromatic manicure with stickers

Manicure summer plain matte

Every year, velvet nail art is gaining more and more popularity. They are rapidly gaining popularity, because they look very elegant, gentle and elegant. Before you go to your favorite specialist, find out about a beautiful summer manicure with a matte finish. What colors are considered relevant this season?

All sorts of bright colors of red, pink, blue, green and purple have been waiting for your attention. A delicate palette broadcasts exquisite tones of lemon, sky blue, peach, pastel, lilac and light green. Diverse drawings, stickers and rhinestones on one or more fingers are allowed.

matte plain manicure summertrendy matte monochromatic manicure

Single color manicure with rubbing

Glamorous ladies will surely love the incredible shimmering design with charming highlights. A fashionable monophonic manicure is possible using the rubbing technique. Iridescent brilliant interpretations instantly won ladies’ hearts, so every second girl recreates a similar design on her nails. Delicate light shades on long almond-shaped or sharp plates have become more in demand. However, do not miss the graceful bright performances on short square forms.

plain manicure rubbingmonophonic manicure with rubbing

Solid manicure with rhinestones

Cutting-edge trends gave the young ladies sparkling works on their nails. The palette assumes a beautiful plain manicure summer 2020 in rich color shades. Stylists recommend paying attention to banana, ultramarine, cherry, raspberry, emerald, lavender colors. Acceptable options in neutral colors of white, black, beige. The range provides all kinds of rhinestones of different shapes and sizes. They can decorate fingers separately or form interesting shining patterns.

fashionable manicure with rhinestonesplain manicure with rhinestones

Manicure summer 2020 plain with sparkles

If you are a fan of minimalistic yet impressive nail art, you must consider a solid color glitter manicure. It is better to give preference to bright tones of red, crimson, yellow, blue and purple. Delicate gamma presented beautiful lilac, menthol, beige, vanilla, glycerin, milky varnishes. Do not be afraid to combine your favorite colors with square, sharp, oval shapes of the nail plate. Additional decorative elements can be three-dimensional textures, overlay stickers.

shiny monochromatic manicuremonochromatic glitter manicure

Monochromatic multi-colored manicure

With the onset of a hot period, girls are dressed in colorful clothes, pick up a newfangled design of a monophonic manicure in colorful colors. Ideas include applying contrasting shades to each individual finger or using different tones of the same color. The latest techniques of matte, glossy and mother-of-pearl coating with diverse decorative elements have been waiting for your assessment. The length and shape of the nail plate can be anything.

multi-colored plain manicure summerplain multi-colored manicure 2020

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