Resistant nail polish - rating of conventional coatings and gel polishes

What tricks have not been used by women before to keep the color coating on the nail plates longer, until resistant nail polish appeared! This novelty actually turned the world of manicure upside down and forced many manufacturers to look for more profitable options for manufacturing products. Now, in addition to gel polishes, there are “weekly polishes” and “gel polishes without a lamp” on sale, which are not inferior to each other in quality.

How long does nail polish last?

how long does nail polish last

Our mothers and grandmothers also used nail polishes. True, then there was no such variety of shades and degrees of durability. Chips, cracks and scratches appeared almost a couple of hours after applying the product. However, modern manufacturers have improved the formula of varnishes and created a durable nail coating that is harmless to the nail plate and lasts up to 2 weeks.

What makes nail polish permanent?

When buying, all women tend to purchase resistant nail polish in order to preserve the beauty of their hands for longer. It must be borne in mind that not only the quality of the product plays a role, but also its correct use. Because the product needs at least 12 hours to dry completely, so you need to start manicure after finishing your household chores.

The period of how long the nail polish lasts depends on various factors, a positive result will be if:

  • make a base and top transparent coating;
  • grind the plates with a soft file;
  • apply varnish in several layers, after drying 10 min. layer previous;
  • Do not dry your nails with hot air.

How long does regular nail polish last?

Practice shows that when using a conventional coating, the period for how many days the nail polish lasts can be laid from 2 days to a week. The first option applies to cases where you often have to wash dishes and mess with cooking. You can reach up to 7 days when such a load does not fall on your hands. When using conventional varnish, the only way to keep the beauty longer is to work with rubber gloves.

How long does gel polish last on nails?

More reliable stable nail polish with the addition of a gel, here the account for durability is not for days, but for weeks. But this does not remove the need to take care of the hands properly. Gel polish combines the brilliance and shades of regular polish with a composition of polymers that ensure the adhesion of the polish layer to the surface of the nail.

When asked how long gel polish lasts on nails, cosmetologists answer:

  1. With proper application — 2 weeks.
  2. Particularly resistant coatings can last for about 3 weeks, but then a strip of regrown nails begins to appear, which spoils the impression.

What is the longest lasting nail polish?

When choosing a good, durable nail polish, keep in mind that it lasts longer on strong plates. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to take vitamins and healing baths in between replacing one varnish with another. Although the composition of gel polishes includes various polymers and photoinitiators, which always provides a lasting manicure.

Beauticians advise choosing the most resistant nail polish from this list:

  1. Vinylux by CND. American products. Easy to apply, dries in 10 minutes, does not require fixing. Lasts a week. A special effect — every day it becomes stronger, thanks to a special technology, when additional strengthening occurs under the rays of the sun.
  2. Bluesky. It is considered an analogue of Vinylux, but in the development of China. At a much cheaper price, hypoallergenic composition, a huge selection of shades. Remains without chips up to 8 days, fixed without a lamp.
  3. Oriflame The One. French development, easy to apply even in one layer, dense consistency, beautiful gloss, dries in 2-3 minutes. With the base under the varnish lasts up to 2 weeks.

The most resistant gel nail polishes — rating

longest lasting gel nail polishes

In order for the selected resistant gel nail polish to meet expectations, the most common mistakes during the manicure procedure should not be made. It is not recommended to touch the cuticles with varnish, otherwise, when it dries, it will begin to swell, chips will go. Nails should be well cleaned, the foundation should not be applied too thinly. A wet manicure will not last long.

Another rating of the most resistant gel nail polishes was formed according to surveys of women and girls:

  1. Orly Nail Lacquer — American company Lucky. Many shades, thick consistency. If applied under the base layer and with fixing, it lasts 5 days, without them — 4 days. Does not contain harmful substances.
  2. Infinite Shine — brand OPI, is considered a varnish of professionals. Dries without a lamp, lasts up to 10 days if applied under the base and in 2 coats. Then after a couple of minutes you need to fix the top coat.
  3. BeYu Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer — Designed by Germany. A beautiful, glossy surface, you need to apply on the base, colored — no more than 2 layers. Lasts 5 days or more, even when doing housework.

Permanent nail polishes without a lamp — rating

A resistant coating also has the other side of the coin: when the varnish is “welded” too tightly, the nail plate may be damaged when it is removed. Therefore, there is a special demand for the most resistant nail polish without a lamp, it also retains a bright shade and shine for a long time. It is applied in 3 movements: in the middle of the nail to the edge, then narrower strips are removed on the sides.

Popular new items:

  1. Gel Finish, Avon. Doesn’t need a base or top coat, but lasts up to 10 days, very rich shade, even when applied in one layer.
  2. Miracle Gel, Sally Hansen. The only product to date that guarantees a shelf life of up to 2 weeks without drying with a lamp. The color coating seizes instantly, you do not need to wait for drying to apply the top coat.
  3. UV Gel Lux Color Polish, Divage. 2 coatings are offered, the color is presented in 14 shades, the top one gives the nails a beautiful, glossy shine. The consistency is viscous, with one layer it covers the entire plate. Lasts at least 10 days.

How to keep nail polish longer?

how to keep nail polish longer

The question of how to keep a manicure longer is always relevant for women, especially for business women who do not always have a “window” in their busy schedule to restore beauty. There are a few simple rules that will help keep the varnish longer, the simplest is to oil your nails before taking a bath or shower.

Other rules, under which the manicure will last longer:

  1. Before the procedure, degrease the nails with alcohol or perfume.
  2. Leave a break between applying layers of 10 minutes to completely dry the previous one.
  3. Apply 4 layers: base, 2 layers of varnish, top.
  4. Paint over the very tip of the nail, «sealing» it.
  5. Renew the transparent top every 2-3 days, its consistency should be liquid, because the thick one will ruin the manicure.

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