Red manicure 2020 - fashion trends and trends of the season

Bright scarlet nail art continues to be invariably relevant for many seasons. Red manicure 2020 is one of the current trends of this year. When creating it, you should know with whom to combine the color, and what decor to use, then you will be able to create a unique design.

Red manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a red manicure, the 2020 trend of which is represented by extremely diverse ideas. A design can express a lot of things, it all depends on the context of the design and decorations. Popular in 2020:

  • graceful curls and monograms. They can be of any shape, from painting to floral ornament. It is recommended to draw such patterns in black or white when you want to create a romantic image;
  • red french manicure 2020. A new version of the classic nail art will bring variety to the office look. Red color can be combined with silver, gold;
  • smooth ombre. The transition from red can be to black, which will suit fatal girls. For more delicate ladies, the transition from red through pale pink and peach to white is intended;
  • moon design also remains popular in the coming year.

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Red manicure for long nails 2020

Owners of elongated nail plates will be able to make an incredibly beautiful red manicure in 2020. It must be done professionally and with high quality, because because of the color it looks bright and even defiant:

  1. On long nails, the Negative Space technique is especially well revealed. The most relevant colors: burgundy, wine, scarlet.
  2. Nails can be supplemented with black, white gel polish, gold and silver glitter.
  3. French, red moon manicure 2020 with negative space and geometric nail art look beautiful on long nails. French is best done with a non-standard “smile” shape, for example, beveled or triangular.

red manicure for long nails 2020red manicure 2020bright red manicure 2020

Red manicure for short nails 2020

Such an option as a red manicure for short nails in 2020 will become the main focus of an urban girl with an active lifestyle:

  1. Bright nail art on short nails is effective without decor. It is worth considering that it will not be possible to implement a complex design, because there is not enough space.
  2. Do not use dark red shades, which visually further reduce the nails. To visually make the nails longer, you should use a glossy varnish. One of the most successful solutions will be matte red manicure 2020.
  3. The decor on short nails with red varnish should be placed vertically in the center of the plate or in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lunula of the nail. Decoration should not be large, otherwise all the work will come to naught. The most suitable decor for a red manicure on short nails: foil, shiny self-adhesive tapes, thin lines drawn with a spider gel. The main thing is to observe moderation and remember the ability of large jewelry to «eat» the length of the nails.

red manicure for short nails 2020red manicure for short nails 2020office red manicure 2020

Red manicure on almond-shaped nails 2020

Almond-shaped nails are a great option to create new red manicure 2020:

  1. Nail art adds femininity and elegance, so it will be a great addition to any look. It is important that the nails are not too short. Otherwise, red manicure 2020 will lose all its effect.
  2. A monochromatic coating looks great on almond nails, especially pink-red.
  3. The next actual option is a matte manicure, which is suitable for the cold period.
  4. Another popular technique for almond nails is ombre. If you use combinations with light shades, you get a delicate design. Extravagance can be achieved by combining red with unusual shades.
  5. Accent white, gold or black can be put on one finger. Nail art can be decorated with drawings made with special gels or acrylic paints. The design is limited only by the imagination of the mistress of the nails.

red manicure on almond nails 2020new red manicure 2020red and white manicure 2020

Red manicure for square nails 2020

Square red nails 2020 will look incredibly impressive:

  1. If you choose a monochromatic coating, then this will be a design for all occasions. Later, you can diversify it with anything you like, for example, use golden sparkles, foil ribbons, any patterns or geometric elements.
  2. In winter, snowflakes look great on a red surface. They can be sprinkled with velvet snow or decorated with rhinestones in the center.
  3. You can draw flowers on long square nails. At the same time, we must not forget about moderation so that the red manicure 2020 does not turn out to be vulgar.

red manicure for square nails 2020red nails 2020red nails 2020

Red Manicure Ideas 2020

Stylists offer a variety of solutions in which fashionable red manicure 2020 is presented:

  1. Those who prefer conciseness with a little shine should cover their nails with scarlet varnish, and decorate their ring fingers with rhinestones. At the same time, on one of them you can lay out pebbles in the form of a pendant, and on the second put only one rhinestone.
  2. With rhinestones of white, red and ford color, you can cover only the middle fingers, and apply an even layer of varnish on the rest.
  3. You can lay out small rhinestones with a line on the ring fingers, after covering them with a colorless matte varnish. Red matte varnish is applied to the rest of the nails.
  4. The design of red nails 2020 looks beautiful, where a realistic rose is painted on the ring fingers. But on the rest of the nails should be a solid red coating.

red manicure ideas 2020trendy red manicure 2020red manicure 2020

Red manicure with gold 2020

The original red nail design 2020, complemented by gold, is ideal for girls with charisma who know their own worth:

  1. To create it, you should use a red plain varnish and rhinestones.
  2. One of the trendy options is to highlight the base with a transparent triangle, on which to draw a smaller triangle with gold lacquer. Put rhinestones on the last one, and cover the remaining space with red varnish.
  3. You can cover one of the nails with gold sequins, place them on the edge on the other, and cover the rest of the nails with red varnish.
  4. The bright red manicure 2020 looks beautiful, in which a flower is painted on a red coating with gold varnish. With a golden tone, you can draw lines or half paint over the nail.

red manicure with gold 2020red nail design 2020

Red manicure with rhinestones 2020

Shiny pebbles give the design a playfulness, so this 2020 red manicure is more to the liking of young girls. Nail art masters advise using up to 7 rhinestones, placing them on a matte or glossy base. The best accommodation options:

  • in the form of a figure;
  • in the lunar arc;
  • on the French manicure line.
  • small transparent rhinestones can be attached to the ring fingers, almost to the very edges of the nails;
  • from white rhinestones of a slightly larger size, it is worth making a triangle near the base of the nails on the ring fingers, and on the little fingers and middle fingers, put 3 rhinestones in a line (1 large, and 2 small on the sides).

red manicure with rhinestones 2020red manicure 2020red manicure trend 2020

Red manicure with silver 2020

A great way to create a red stylish manicure 2020 is to combine it with silver:

  1. Silver elements on a red background can be rhinestones and sparkles, foil for printing.
  2. The cat’s eye painted in red with silver particles looks beautiful.
  3. The easiest office red manicure 2020 is to apply a scarlet monochromatic coating on four nails, and cover the fifth, preferably unnamed, with a completely silver varnish. The shade can be anything, light or dark.
  4. Another effective design is to draw a silver herringbone or other figure on a red background. The Christmas tree can be replaced by an ornament.
  5. Silver sequins look beautiful at the base or edge of the nail. With this color, you can cover half of the nail, and paint the other scarlet.

red manicure with silver 2020red stylish manicure 2020red manicure 2020 fashion trends

Black and red manicure 2020

A trend that seems to be created for girls working in offices is red and black nail design 2020. Using only two colors, you can make incredibly beautiful nails. Popular combinations and decor options are:

  • matte and glossy gel polish;
  • french;
  • moon nail art;
  • creation of even stripes, triangles, squares;
  • black, you can completely select only the little finger and walk along one side of the nail on the ring finger;
  • Another popular design is to apply a glossy black lacquer on the little finger, and make a matte finish on the ring finger. The rest of the nails are decorated with a plain red coating;
  • for a solemn exit, it is worth making black lace on a red background.

black and red manicure 2020red with black nail design 2020red nails 2020

Red matte manicure 2020

Such a kind of design as a manicure in red tones 2020 in a matte finish is especially suitable for girls with an artistic nature. However, it emphasizes the imperfections of the hands, so older ladies should choose deep wine and dark cherry colors. For young girls, bright and acid shades are left.

Red matte manicure can be decorated:

  • fine «sugar» crumbs;
  • large rhinestones;
  • nail piercing;
  • foil;
  • painting;
  • glossy drops;
  • using several shades, you can make an ombre;
  • if you choose a pattern, then even thin stripes, circles, triangles and other symmetrical shapes are better.

red matte manicure 2020red manicure 2020red matte manicure 2020

Red glitter manicure 2020

A beautiful red manicure 2020 looks very advantageous, complemented by sparkles:

  1. These elements on a scarlet background can be different. Ideal for rubbing with large, medium and small particles.
  2. On the main background it is worth applying powder, both small and large.
  3. Sequins can be beautifully arranged at the base or “snake” if they are small.
  4. The second most common place is the tip of the nail. If it is long, then the sparkles look spectacular.
  5. When going to a celebration, you can use red varnish, which already has sparkles.
  6. Glitter looks great on a dark background, so it is better to combine it with warm marsala, deep wine, cold burgundy, restrained brick.

red glitter manicure 2020beautiful red manicure 2020  new red manicure 2020

Manicure red French 2020

A beautiful red jacket on nails 2020 can be created with a glossy or matte finish:

  1. Often the base is made red, and the smile is white. Experiments are allowed, so fashionistas can get a manicure, where the nail on the ring finger is completely covered in white and decorated with red rhinestones, and on the rest of the nails it is a traditional red jacket.
  2. You can highlight a smile in red, from which you can draw twigs with leaves of the same color on a pink background.

manicure red french 2020red french nails 2020red manicure ideas 2020

Red nails with rhinestones 2020

For an evening out, red nails 2020, decorated with rhinestones, will become an indispensable solution:

  • a large stone can be placed in the area of ​​​​the hole or in the middle of the nail and make it the main focus;
  • you can use a scattering of small pebbles, which are arranged in random order or lay out certain patterns from them.

red nails with rhinestones 2020red nails 2020trendy red manicure 2020

Red manicure with drawings 2020

An interesting and lively design option is nail art containing all kinds of drawings:

  1. Trend 2020 — patterns and patterns covered with velvet sand.
  2. The drawing can cover the entire nail or only part of it. The easiest option is a red and white manicure 2020, made in the form of peas. This unpretentious pattern will suit any image.
  3. In 2020, it is worth experimenting with a floral theme. You can draw scarlet poppies on two fingers, and apply a plain coating on the rest.
  4. Another simple option is to make stripes — white and red or black and red.
  5. In winter, it will not be difficult for experienced craftsmen to draw Santa Claus or a snowman in a red cap on one finger on each hand.

red manicure with drawings 2020red and white manicure 2020red stylish manicure 2020

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