New pedicure for summer 2022 - a selection of current nail designs

The pedicure novelties for the summer of 2022 are amazing mixes of golden, silver varnishes, gloss, glitter and rubbing. Gradient, orange, red, yellow, sky blue color in favor. Sea wave, lavender, both in tones and in drawings, are a priority, as well as negative space, inscriptions, various stickers, kamifubiki and hand-painted.

Summer new pedicure 2022

What ideas for a beautiful pedicure for the summer will delight us this August?

  1. If you are forced to work in the office in the summer, then a laconic pedicure in beige, gray, cream and nude tones with a sophisticated graphic or geometric pattern will be an excellent solution for your legs. Single inclusions of small rhinestones, glitter, reflective varnishes are allowed.
  2. Very beautiful ideas will turn out if you use a combination of rich green and white. By adding glitter or glitter to this mixture. You can draw delicate twigs, flowers in the spirit of Japanese painting.

summer new pedicure 2022summer pedicure ideas

  1. Hit retro will perfectly dilute glitter and rhinestones. Solid red, purple, green, yellow, brown, black or white marigolds will be chic if you add silver or golden varnishes, kamifubi and foil to them.
  2. The pink background is great! Experienced craftsmen diversify it with delicate patterns, both vegetable and floral, tropics and exotics. Playfulness will add a mix in one set with a tiger and leopard pattern.

beautiful pedicure ideas for summer 2022

  1. Your fingers will look colorful, fresh and unusual if the new stylish pedicure for the summer of 2022 includes predatory prints, elegant stickers and abstract drawings on any color basis.

summer new pedicure 2022

Pedicure at the sea in summer 2022

When else can you show off your beautiful legs? On vacation, because in the summer it is desirable to make a pedicure at sea bright and saturated. You can give free rein to your imagination, roam to the fullest, take a break from office rigor. This August, experienced craftsmen offer us:

  • a chic multi-colored design that combines several colors in one set, for example, white, red and gold, or silver, you can blue and white. With the drawing of anchors, chains, fish, shells;
  • an original abstract version in white and blue tones, with a hint of aquamarine shades and a pattern imitating wave splashes;

pedicure at the sea in summer 2022pedicure by the sea in the summer of 2022

  • magnificent pedicure novelties for the summer of 2022 with marine motifs, volumetric drawing of the coastline with footprints in the sand and the sea in rich dark gray and blue tones;
  • bright and juicy nail art in yellow-orange shades, a large shell pattern or abstract geometry;
  • you should pay attention to the tropics and palm trees, small sea figures, stars, and add rhinestones to the general idea;
  • lovers of floristry can not do without flowers, let them be small and elegant on a rich basis.

pedicure at the seaside in summerbright pedicure by the sea in summer

Bright pedicure for summer 2022

If you want brightness, then you can make a juicy pedicure for the summer, aged in one red tone and all shades of the dominant color. Such a design will suit even an office style, because the red color in a pedicure, as well as in a manicure, is an ageless classic of the genre. You can dilute the monotony with thin stripes or openwork monograms and curls in an oriental style. Going on vacation is great. Feel free to make multi-colored nail art, where each finger is dyed in its own bright tone, and on the thumb you can put kamifubiki, potal or foil. Make a broken glass pattern.

bright pedicure for summer 2022bright pedicure for the summer of 2022

Bright pedicure novelties for the summer of 2022 are presented not only in scarlet-red colors. Blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, golden shades will appeal to those fashionistas who love to shine and are in the spotlight. After all, well-groomed legs, like hands, are our calling card. Diverse decorations can serve as an additional decor, not only rhinestones and glitter, but also negative space, reflective varnishes and a cat’s eye, geometric, graphic, abstract, floral and floral patterns, ethnic ornaments.

juicy pedicure for the summerjuicy pedicure for summer 2022

Solid color pedicure for summer 2022

Ah, it’s retro! The trend of the season — a fashionable plain pedicure for the summer is good for everyone. It is versatile in its incorruptible simplicity, and at the same time chic. Non-trivial solutions are presented in green and emerald tones, and if the dominant color is covered with a brilliant top, then your fingers in the sun and under the light of ramps and spotlights will shimmer and sparkle with many highlights. This August, it is worth giving preference to burgundy tones, as well as purple. Fuchsia goes out of competition, even under business suits.

plain pedicure for summer 2022plain pedicure for summer 2022

Monochromatic pedicure novelties for the summer of 2022 do not tolerate decorations. The play of color, gloss and the very tone of the varnish are the main highlights. Pale pink and pastel blue tones will appeal to romantic women and girls, and beige, creamy reflective lacquer is a hit of the summer season. It looks great on nails, gives a touch of French charm and English gloss at the same time. This summer, stylists attributed laconic gradient transitions without additional decor to a monophonic manicure.

fashionable plain pedicure for the summertrendy plain pedicure for summer 2022

Fashionable French pedicure in the summer of 2022

And again a classic of the genre. French pedicure for summer 2022 with a white smile is a solution for all occasions, from business ensembles to the red carpet. However, this year the trendsetters have moved away from tradition and presented us with sophisticated options with a smile lined with rhinestones, confetti, gold leaf, foil or glitter. Marigolds will look great, where the moon is highlighted with a rhinestone composition or a bright accent. An oriental-style openwork jacket made of curls and monograms will add non-triviality.

fashionable french pedicure in summer 2022fashionable French pedicure in the summer of 2022

A beautiful pedicure for the summer for a woman will turn out with an abstract asymmetrical smile line, which is not only not monophonic, but also with elements of an abstract pattern. Elegance in everything? Then only for you the ideal solution is a matte French design, sustained in the best traditions of the genre and with rhinestone splashes. Do you like to flirt and create airy images? Choose pink nail art, you can’t go wrong. This option will be a successful completion not only for summer business ensembles, but also for boho, hippie style bows, and even play in contrast with brutal grunge.

french pedicure for summer 2022french pedicure for summer 2022

Nude pedicure for summer 2022

An excellent choice for business women is a solid nude pedicure, which looks chic in summer. However, it is worth remembering that in this design the nail plate should be perfectly polished, without flaws and roughness, because the main focus is on the nails, and not on the color of the varnish and decor. Extravagant fashionistas who pay tribute to hit minimalism can afford to dilute nude polishes with patterns and rhinestones. A good solution is to highlight the oval, the moon of the nail with shiny pebbles. This summer, tones with pink and sparkles have been added to neutral and natural shades.

nude pedicure for summer 2022nude pedicure for summer 2022

New pedicure design novelties for the summer of 2022 come with geometric, graphic, floral and even floral patterns. Ethno motifs, stickers, laconic inscriptions on the thumbs are possible. Glitter and foil, thin golden and silvery lines are also included in the hot trends of August. From the last summer season, a nude pedicure in white and pink with elements of oriental painting migrated to us. It can be graceful twigs, small flowers, leaves and even tropical plants in a graphic pattern.

summer nude pedicurenude pedicure summer 2022

Patterned pedicure for summer 2022

The novelties and trends of pedicure in the summer of 2022 will sparkle with updated colors. The novelties include slightly modified hits — predatory prints, tiger and leopard prints. Only, if for the new year they were made on a red and brown basis, then in August it is proposed to use white and gray for the dominant tone. Also interesting solutions appeared with floral patterns. Not only does one pedicure combine two shades — red and white, white and green, but also the pattern of plant branches and leaves becomes elegant, without frills. Strass inclusions are allowed.

patterned pedicure for summer 2022patterned pedicure for summer 2022butterfly pedicure summer 2022

Even for lovers of everything non-trivial, leading masters make mixes consisting of negative space, asymmetric jackets and any abstract patterns. Do not forget about pop art, which has not gone out of fashion. August hits include large flowers with rhinestones in the middle, small floral patterns, insects, both hand-drawn and stickers or stamping. To enhance the brightness, the main pattern can be applied to all fingers. For those who prefer elegant solutions to extravagance, the nail on the thumb is decorated with an ornament.

novelties and trends of pedicure in the summer of 2022novelties and trends of pedicure in the summer of 2022novelties and trends of pedicure in the summer of 2022

Matte pedicure for summer 2022

Matte varnishes became immediately popular as soon as they appeared. Therefore, a universal pedicure for the summer of 2022 is considered one that uses matte, both varnishes and tops. True fashionistas prefer nail art with interesting and hit patterns. The symbol of the year — predatory print is at the peak of popularity among trendy patterns. The main trends of the outgoing season are the quail egg pattern, abstract geometry and graphics, pop art, letters and inscriptions.

matte pedicure for summer 2022matte pedicure for summer 2022

Retro in a matte finish looks chic. Monochrome matte pedicure is suitable for all occasions, gives a special visual velvety to your well-groomed nails. If you want to slightly diversify the monochromatic coating, leading masters offer nail art with rhinestones, glitter, glitter, rubbing, kamifubiki and stickers. You can also combine colors, but so that the overall picture does not look too contrasting. It is better to refuse black and white in one set, but brown and pink will be a good choice.

universal pedicure for summer 2022universal pedicure for summer 2022

Trendy pedicure colors for summer 2022

What color of pedicure for the summer of 2022 will linger in August and move smoothly into the autumn season?

  1. The stylists have identified the main tones in the pedicure — these are red, white and black. Red as a classic, white and black — a tribute to tradition.
  2. Notice the pastel. Blue, sky, pearl, milky, milky white, coffee with milk, beige, light gray.

trendy pedicure colors for summer 2022trendy pedicure colors for summer 2022

  1. Pink, cream, powder, both individually and in combination with each other.
  2. Yellow, green, emerald, blue, aquamarine, orange, brown, gold and silver.

pedicure color for summer 2022pedicure color for summer 2022

Pink pedicure for summer 2022

A bright pink pedicure for the summer is chosen by coquettes, romantic persons, dreamy women and girls. It successfully completes many feminine looks in the style of boho, Provence, hippies, dudes. Extravagant fashionistas should take a closer look at fuchsia, both in solid color and with decor. Add floral drawings, inscriptions, stickers, rhinestones, sand, stripes. Or make a french.

pink pedicure for summer 2022bright pink summer pedicure

Orange pedicure for summer 2022

The sun, the sea, August, the velvet season, or a summer-style pedicure, when the nails of a sunny color sparkle and shine, delight the eye of the hostess and others. Along with a plain finish, you will definitely like the design with lines and stripes, small rhinestones, abstract motifs and versatile kamifubi. Nails with negative space and inscriptions, ombre, will also look stylish, especially if they are designed in the same tone with manicure.

orange pedicure for summer 2022summer style pedicure

Green pedicure for summer 2022

Last greetings of fresh greens, foliage and plants. August green pedicure for summer 2022 is full of saturation. All shades of the dominant color are in fashion. A cat eye design with glitter, predatory and geometric prints will look beautiful. Drawing of tropical evergreens. And for playful coquettes, leading masters can offer nail art in green tones with berries, fruits and even vegetables.

green pedicure for summer 2022green pedicure for summer

Coral pedicure for summer 2022

Simplicity and femininity in one set — this is the coral color of a pedicure for the summer. After all, this delicate tone is able to convey stunning notes of red, pink, peach and orange hues. Depending on the halftone, it can be a delicate pastel or rich juicy. It suits girls of all color types. Looks great on tanned skin of the legs, even in a monophonic design.

coral pedicure for summer 2022summer pedicure color

Blue pedicure for summer 2022

If you strive for perfection in everything, if you want something sublime and pure, then a blue pedicure for the summer is the best choice for you. It is the color of intellect, the color of spiritual purity and azure sky. It has many shades, both in pastels and in the rainbow. Looks great with pearl rub, silver sparkles, foil in dark colors. Interesting ideas can be made even in a monophonic design in deep blue, a good addition is single rhinestones.

blue pedicure for summer 2022blue pedicure for summer

Lavender pedicure for summer 2022

Spirit and romance of Provence? Yes. After all, the fashionable novelties of pedicure design in 2022 are presented in lavender tones. This is the most delicate mixture of lilac and pink undertones, it is mysterious and charming, captivates with its simplicity and enchants our eyes. A lavender pedicure will emphasize your feminine side, whether it be a jacket or a moon design. Additional decoration can be stickers, rhinestones, small figurines, broken glass pattern, foil and potal.

lavender pedicure for summer 2022fashionable new design pedicure 2022

Yellow pedicure for summer 2022

Do you love everything sunny and life-giving? Then the trendy new pedicure designs for the summer in yellow tones are created for you. This color of flowering, ripening and fertility is very suitable for August, echoes the golden autumn and adds freshness and radiance to the conceived images. The drawing can be any, thin graphic, floral or richly floral, even with molding elements.

yellow pedicure for summer 2022trendy new design pedicure for the summer

Red pedicure for summer 2022

An ageless classic from ancient times is a red pedicure, for the summer of 2022 it can be either scarlet or burgundy, both succinctly monophonic, designed in the spirit of retro minimalism, and with a variety of patterns. Thin cobweb lines, delicate pop art, smooth lines of abstraction, negative space, voluminous flowers and small rhinestones, golden or silver streaks, any decor will be appropriate.

red pedicure for summer 2022red pedicure for summer

White pedicure for summer 2022

Are you an optimist by nature? If yes, then feel free to choose a white pedicure for the summer. The color of innocence, purity and at the same time royal perfection. Trendy solutions are shiny mother-of-pearl, milky-white shade, design with a pattern. An excellent combination of full contrast — white and black. On the rise, leopard and tiger print on a white background. Chic sophistication — a classic French manicure with a white smile.

white pedicure for summer 2022white pedicure for summer

Black pedicure for summer 2022

Strive to emphasize your rebellious nature? Then a black pedicure in the summer will be very appropriate. It looks luxurious and powerful, gold will add splendor, silver will add sophistication, and the combination of black and pink will add sophistication. The traditional combination is a white pattern on a black base. It is better to refuse a black jacket, but to get into the trend, you can draw stylish graphics and geometry on a dark background.

black pedicure for summer 2022black pedicure in summer

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