Nails spring 2020 - 30 photos of fashion ideas for any length and shape

Springtime broadcasts not only a wardrobe update, but also modest image changes. Girls who are craving drastic changes decide to cut or dye their hair. And other young ladies only need to choose the perfect bright nail design for spring 2020. Thus, every fashionista will be able to stand out from the crowd and emphasize her individuality.

Nails spring 2020 trends

In the coming season, there will be many trendy options with bright and stylish ideas. Manicure will be performed in new interpretations of familiar techniques. Springtime evokes positive associations with all sorts of rainbow colors, warmth and comfort. What will take a leading position among the trends? The main trends will be presented as:

  • matte and glossy coatings;
  • ombre color, gradient;
  • delicate and rich shades;
  • additional drawings;
  • abstract prints, geometry;
  • spectacular rhinestones, sparkles, pixie crystals;
  • dot patterns;
  • volumetric details;
  • mirror or metal rubs;
  • special decor with glitter, foil.

Inspiring will be the fashionable spring 2020 nail design featuring violet, mint, soft pink, peach, blue and light blue shades. Combining these colors with the actual details of the decor, you get the perfect manicure for going out. If you pick up the idea of ​​\u200b\u200beveryday nails, you should familiarize yourself with the techniques of minimalism or geometry. Floral motifs will also attract a lot of attention.

nail design spring 2020

Nail design spring 2020

Before going to the salon, you need to decide what kind of design you want to see on your fingers the most. Trends of tenderness, sophistication, elegance should embody the fashionable manicure of the spring season. We must not forget that the shape of spring 2020 nails should be correctly combined with the selected design. Only in this way will you be able to create a harmonious look of your fingers and hands as a whole.

nails spring 2020 trends

Manicure for short nails spring 2020

New trends will present a large assortment of colorful ideas for a warm season. What design to choose for not very long nails? The color scheme of past seasons is still relevant, but bright and rich colors will prevail. Cold shades, like violet or blue, are not excluded, but they should be selected very carefully.

Monochromatic manicure is suitable for business girls, they should pay attention to matte, glossy coatings of the same color or jacket. Short nails spring 2020 using bronze, silver or gold are suitable for the holidays, on the way out. And everyday design can be decorated in delicate floral tones or bright saturated shades of the trend palette.

manicure for short nails spring 2020

Manicure for long nails for spring 2020

Girls who have been trying to grow the appropriate length of nails all winter have waited for their finest hour. Spring fashion trends will open up new possibilities for stylish design. Classic, but trendy options include a chic French manicure or a luxurious ombre. Fans of original introductions will love geometric patterns, voluminous details and the like.

Every young lady dreams of finding the perfect long nail design for spring 2020. Upcoming trends break all boundaries and appear before fashionistas as something new and unsurpassed. Therefore, the warm season is a great time for stylish games with appearance and nails. The longer the manicure, the more space for experiments. Do not be afraid of innovations, because they help to emphasize your essence.

manicure for long nails spring 2020

Manicure for square nails spring 2020

Most girls associate the square shape of the nails with a clear geometric shape and straight lines. Since the extreme shape has pointed, impractical in everyday life, corners, not everyone can afford this option. A more comfortable shape is called «soft square», it looks much more gentle, refined and feminine.

It is fashionable to paint square nails spring 2020 in different colors and shades. For a romantic look, it is appropriate to decorate the manicure with flowers, light curls, lace patterns, sparkles and the like. A casual statement-making look involves decorating a square shape with intricate textures, gradients, geometric or abstract patterns.

manicure for square nails spring 2020

Manicure for sharp nails spring 2020

Pointy shapes always look bold and a little daring. However, this outline quickly gained popularity in world shows. Although some believe that this is too inconvenient, lovers of original manicures argue the opposite. The innovative approach of the craftsmen, combined with new introductions, will present stunning practical design options.

First of all, fashionable spring 2020 nails should be long and moderately sharp. To give tenderness to such a spectacular manicure, you can paint it with delicate pastel shades of seasonal flowers. Matte finish with rhinestones, drawings or patterns will not leave you indifferent. Classic rubbing techniques, foil, stamping will cause even more admiring glances and compliments. Therefore, if you have long, sharp nails and are going to change shape, you should not. After all, there are many ideas specifically for you!

sharp nails manicure

Nail Design Ideas Spring 2020

Any girl wants to be special and stand out from the crowd. With a high-quality chic manicure, this is much easier to do. To make yourself beautiful spring 2020 nails, you just need to get acquainted with the upcoming trends and collect the compliments of others. Stylists and beauty dictators in the nail industry bring a lot of fresh ideas for unusual design of ladies’ fingers. Minimalist style, sequins, voluminous details, textures and rich colors — all this will adorn the nails of fashionistas around the world.

nail design ideas spring 2020

French nails spring 2020

A classic version of manicure for girls and women of any age category. Gel polish can stay on nails for several weeks. The future trend will give the ladies’ society a new spring 2020 nail design. The white frame is slowly losing its relevance. In its place come the outlines of bright colors. Stripes can come in all sorts of shades. The main thing is that it should be rich and stylish.

All the same jacket, but a new generation. This option is suitable for every girl who follows fashion trends, regardless of the shape or length of the nails. In the case of a regular French manicure, it is worth considering everything to the smallest detail so that it looks fresh and unusual. For example, adding one or more rhinestones to the ring finger will add more glamor and femininity.

french nails spring 2020

Bright nails spring 2020

In every season there is a place for a colorful bright manicure. What is the trendy color of nail polish for spring 2020? First of all, you should pay attention to cold tones. The most trendy of them will be delicate light or deep shades of turquoise, lilac, light purple. But don’t forget about neutral colors like black, gray and white.

If you think that warm motives are more suitable for you, give preference to yellow, pink and red colors. With the right combination with geometric ornaments, you will get a stunning spring manicure. No need to experiment with multi-colored fingers, the fashion for rainbow nails should be left in previous seasons. Choose concise, non-provocative ideas, with dazzling appropriate accents.

bright nails spring 2020

Geometry nails spring 2020

One of the relevant design solutions for manicure of any shape and length will be geometric patterns. This is a great option for the office, an important meeting or a date. For girls who do not like glamorous or flashy nail designs, such a beautiful spring 2020 nail design is perfect. The main advantages of geometry are the following features:

  • use all kinds of geometric shapes, strokes, dots and the like;
  • turn the desired patterns into reality;
  • complement the manicure with colorful drawings;
  • create unique prints using textures;
  • apply the latest techniques and methods of performing nail art.

Geometry perfectly complements the directions of ombre, minimalism, origami. It is important to consider that this design option must be carried out in contrasting colors. This will provide a spectacular and chic appearance to your fingers. You can add more originality with the help of sequins, glitter or foil. Therefore, if you are looking for nail art for any occasion, this nail art is the best idea.

geometry nails spring 2020

Ombre nails spring 2020

A no less popular version of the trendy manicure in the coming season will be a design with a gradient. Every season pampers fashionistas with trendy ombre manicure options. Over time, only the color changes. Stylish nail design spring 2020 takes on rich, delicate colors. From pale pink to yellow or sky to purple — any combination you like and color!

Ombre also will not do without additional details. On top of the first layer of the gradient, you can add newfangled accents. For example, finished stripes, strokes, animalistic or floral prints. To make the handles look more glamorous, you should think about a velvet effect or rhinestones. It is important to note that a variation of a manicure with a color transition is suitable for any shape or length of nails.

ombre nails spring 2020

Nude nails spring 2020

The approach of a warm season makes girls want to transform into the most delicate flower. This is possible by choosing the light color of spring 2020 nails. Nude manicure goes well with a variety of design trends in clothing. Therefore, it becomes a salvation for most fashionistas of our time. Unique beauty is appropriate for creating not only everyday colors, but also stunning designs for holiday bows. The palette for this languid direction is filled with colors:

  • lactic;
  • beige;
  • bodily:
  • peach;
  • powdery;
  • light or pale pink;

Most of all, the nude color of manicure is suitable for nails of medium length. But on short or long, it also looks very aesthetically pleasing. Trendy in the coming season will be options using special powder, flock and other textures. Note that pastel spring 2020 nail designs can be a great base for a superficial floral print or pattern on multiple nails.

nude nails spring 2020

Drawings on nails spring 2020

Not a single season is complete without a manicure with thematic paintings. What is especially relevant in the spring? That’s right — flowers. Small buds, plants or ordinary twigs with leaves made in light colors will create stylish and delicate designs. Floral motifs of pink, lilac, yellow or green colors will emphasize the sophistication of any bow.

Dot patterns, inscriptions are also one of the most relevant drawings. An ensemble of small polka dots together with neat inscriptions will look amazing. And the minimalist design of floral patterns and trendy polka dots will seduce every fashionista. For a complete completion, you need to choose a trendy nail color spring 2020, apply it and you can win hearts.

drawings on nails spring 2020

Nail design with rhinestones spring 2020

Most girls prefer glamorous manicure. There is no more spectacular nail design than rhinestone decor. The upcoming season offers two directions: a laconic version for every day, sophisticated for special occasions or chic design. The more serious the occasion, the more shine! Rhinestones come in different shapes, sizes, colors. How beautiful a manicure with such bright elements will look depends on the materials and quality of the details.

It is important to consider that large sizes can interfere with everyday life due to excessive volume. To avoid such problems, you should immediately discuss this with the mater. You will definitely choose the best spring 2020 nail design for yourself. In the coming season, you can complement French manicure, matte finish, rubbing, geometric motifs and patterns with rhinestones.

nail design with rhinestones 2020

Glitter nail design spring 2020

Shiny elements will make you shine, no worse than with rhinestones. An unchanging trend that never loses its relevance is a manicure with sparkles. Over the years, this design has caused amazement and attracted a lot of attention. Today, nail industry experts offer many options for everyday, evening and even wedding design.

It is worth remembering that no matter how charming a manicure with sparkles is, you need to know when to stop. An overabundance of these radiant details can spoil the most harmless color shade. Speaking of colors, pink, beige, turquoise, coral and blue sequins predominate. Delicate spring 2020 nail design can be complemented with such bright inserts. This will make a real sensation among connoisseurs of nail art.

glitter nail design spring 2020

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