Nails 2019 - fashion ideas of the season for any shape and length

A fashionable manicure is definitely worth a try, because designers, when creating it, are based on current trends. Nails 2019, the fashion ideas of the season which are presented in an extraordinary variety, will delight any woman. Nail art is characterized by unusual solutions.

Nail Design Ideas 2019

Stylists offer nails 2019, the fashion ideas of the season which are offered in different variations:

  1. Girls who love fashionable manicure often turn to long nails, this length is able to accommodate the trends they like. Of the forms, it is worth giving preference to oval and pointed nails, the drawings and patterns on such nails will become more diverse. A short length will also be relevant.
  2. As for the color palette in 2019, the color is dictated by the coming season. In spring, the trend will be yellow, green, blue, pink tones, nude colors. This background is perfectly complemented by a floral and fruity print.
  3. The autumn-winter period is complemented by cold and matte shades.
  4. French nail ideas 2019 are complemented by rhinestones and patterns that make it unique.
  5. In some cases, feather embellishments and very bright floral appliqués can be used, but these options are not suitable for everyday wear.

nail design ideas 2019nail ideas 2019the most fashionable manicure ideas 2019

Manicure ideas for short nails 2019

For girls who have short nails 2019, the fashion ideas of the season are not inferior in variety to long nail plates:

  1. The most common option is a gentle manicure in flesh and pastel shades.
  2. On short nails, you can apply dark and saturated shades that will become a bright and colorful solution.
  3. In 2019, oval-shaped nails are relevant, and if the length of the nail exceeds 3 mm from the edge, then you can turn to the almond-shaped form.
  4. The version of the classic jacket is still relevant, which looks very cute for a short length. A fashionable jacket can be created not only from the usual shades of varnish, but you can experiment with different shades.
  5. The original option is the combination of glossy and matte varnish base.
  6. It is welcome to decorate a manicure with some kind of pattern that can be applied to only one finger.
  7. Short length designers offer geometry. The drawing can be anything, for example, it is a square, a triangle.
  8. Lunar manicure looks stylish on short nails. This option looks beautiful if the hole is painted in a different color or made in a matte base.
  9. A beautiful manicure can be created using the ombre technique, which gives an interesting transition from one color to another.
  10. The pastel color looks great on the nails, which is embellished with a pattern, rhinestones or sparkles.
  11. Red nail ideas 2019 are also allowed for a shortened length, but in this case it is recommended to make the nail art monophonic.

manicure ideas for short nails 2019nails 2019 simple ideastrendy nail design ideas 2019

Nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season for long

Stylists use fresh and original 2019 manicure ideas for long nails:

  1. Interesting options will be negative space and pieces that fold into broken glass, marble design, complemented by rhinestones or chic painting, will become irresistible.
  2. Many ladies stop at animalism and floristry with floral patterns.
  3. To get a discreet manicure, beige, cream, powder, coffee tones are used, which can be complemented with a small amount of decor.
  4. Funny, playful and flirtatious drawings will not be left without fans, these can be cartoon characters or any other images.

nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season for longmanicure ideas 2019 for long nailsnail design ideas 2019

Manicure ideas for sharp nails 2019

The trend is pointed nails 2019, simple ideas on which look truly unsurpassed:

  1. The color for this form can be chosen, relying on seasonal preference.
  2. Sharp nail plates are made in different forms, it can be sharp beveled nails, peak-shaped, age.
  3. The trend is a design with a matte finish, with rhinestones, a manicure, complemented by drawings and rhinestones.
  4. A variety of techniques look great on sharp nails: rubbing, stamping, which are suitable for festive evenings.
  5. A matte manicure also looks great on sharp nails, it can be a minimalist option that is complemented by a single finger containing a spectacular glitter embellishment.

manicure ideas for sharp nails 2019

Beautiful nails 2019 — new ideas

Designers offer nails 2019, the fashion ideas of which are very diverse:

  1. Options such as a neat lace pattern, holographic sand can make a manicure more effective.
  2. A beautiful manicure is obtained using a matte finish, modeling on nails, and a variation of tiny beads is also allowed, which completely covers one nail.
  3. The romantic images that nails 2019 represent, the fashion ideas of the season, are obtained with the help of a delicate manicure with flowers and various floral motifs.
  4. This season welcomes both restraint and flashiness, so absolutely any color scheme can be used. The same applies to decoration, which can be incredibly plentiful or absent altogether.
  5. Absolutely all women of fashion will find their idea — both those who prefer brilliance (in this case, you should turn to rhinestones and shiny elements, both small and large), and those who prefer brightness (it can be achieved with the help of extraordinary colors, all kinds of original drawings, made with bright colors), and loving conciseness (in this case, you can limit yourself to applying a single-color coating).

beautiful nails 2019 new ideasnails 2019 fashion ideasnail ideas 2019

French nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season

French nails 2019 are incredibly popular, the fashion ideas of which are very gentle and sophisticated:

  1. The traditional design continues to be reincarnated every season. In the top positions, shades such as milky or cream remain.
  2. It is worth noting that the strip can be not only in white, for the warm season, options such as orange, green or blue are suitable.
  3. Often a slider design is used with French manicure. These patterns are applied to several nails.
  4. Another option that offers French nails 2019, the fashion ideas of the season, is a twist. It can be embodied by combining several shades.
  5. Nails can be complemented with stripes, dots and other textured solutions.

french nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season

Nude nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season

Fashionable nude manicure has a special appeal. Therefore, nude nails 2019, the fashion ideas of the season, are justifiably popular among girls:

  1. This is an ideal option for visiting the office, due to its low-key and neutrality.
  2. One of the current options is a matte manicure, it looks irresistible in nude shades. As a contrast, you can use kamifubuki or other elements to create a delightful design.
  3. Interesting and tempting decoration with graphic motifs in the form of funny bugs, unicorns and bees.
  4. Nude nails 2019, fashion ideas of the season, are complemented by floral patterns, sculpting, brush painting and slider stickers.

nude nails 2019 fashion ideas of the seasonnude nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season

Matte nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season

Matte nails 2019 will become relevant this season, the fashion ideas of which are very effective:

  1. The trend is matte-gloss design with such addition options as geometry, color block, abstraction or floristry.
  2. In the matte version, a play of textures is often used, it can be a combination with crystal chips, stickers or rhinestones.
  3. The classic jacket looks beautiful with holes in a matte finish.
  4. For summer, watermelon dots are suitable, in autumn you can use a design in the form of drops.
  5. The sweater manicure for the winter, which looks great in a matte finish, gained great popularity.
  6. A win-win option would be a nude matte nail design.
  7. Nails 2019, the fashion ideas of the season can be complemented by all sorts of decorations that give it shine and showiness, for example, these are glitter hearts.
  8. A matte manicure, complemented by inscriptions, will look extraordinary and unusual.

matte nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season

Rubbed nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season

Incredibly impressive nails look 2019, fashionable rub ideas:

  1. There are several options that people stop at — this is chrome or mirror, pearl and holographic powder.
  2. Mirror rub looks incomparable in blue, purple, silver, gold and other shades.
  3. The holographic rubbing is divided into several options, this is a chameleon rubbing — the varnish changes color depending on the fall of the color, the Maybug rubbing — the color has green tints.
  4. For a more delicate design, rub in, where there is a creamy shiny effect. It is referred to as pearl, marigolds have gentle overflows.
  5. Rubbing is common in the moon nail design, the mirror version creates the effect of chrome shine.

rubbed nails 2019 fashion ideas of the seasonnails 2019 fashion ideas rubbingbright nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season

Nails 2019 — fashion ideas with inscriptions

There are many variations of inscriptions, words and letters, in which the ideas of nails 2019 are presented:

  1. Such a manicure with inscriptions can be supplemented with various trendy techniques. Tandem with letters goes well with negative space, foil, glitter or kamifubuki.
  2. For words and letters, a white nail design is perfect. For the summer, it is better to stay on juicy and bright accent polishes; “so kiss me”, “summer sime” or “love” will be excellent options for inscriptions.
  3. A manicure with inscriptions can be complemented by negative space, which will give a special charm, the effect of lightness and unobtrusiveness.
  4. Fashionable gradient transitions can be a great addition to words and letters made with thin lines with swirls.

nails 2019 fashion ideas with inscriptions

Nails 2019 — fashion ideas with a pattern

Nails 2019 will help to fully express your individuality, fashion ideas with a pattern:

  1. Different thematic incarnations look great on the nails, while the drawings are endowed with different designs using nail techniques.
  2. More complex options for drawing a picture are “wet” nail art, art painting, “aquarium” or volumetric manicure with a pattern.
  3. In 2019, floral patterns, fruits, laid-back geometric shapes will be relevant.
  4. A manicure with a clear image will be obtained using slider stickers.
  5. A real find for women is the 3D drawing, here powder is used, which creates additional volume.
  6. Mysteriousness on the hands will be created with the help of ethnic motifs. These are complex murals, complemented by swirls, stripes and flowers that bring magic and fabulousness.

nails 2019 fashion ideas with patternnails 2019 fashion ideas with patternnails 2019 trendy bright ideas

Ombre nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season

Ombre nails 2019 will help to make the image unique, the fashion ideas of which are very popular:

  1. For summer, bright shades are chosen, such as scarlet, lilac, yellow, light green, fuchsia or trendy neon.
  2. Gradient manicure looks incomparable in coral color, tones can be used, both bright and slightly muted.

ombre nails 2019 fashion ideas of the seasonombre nails 2019 fashion ideas

Nails 2019 — Glitter Fashion Ideas

Festiveness can be given to the image by nails 2019, fashion ideas of the season with sparkles:

  1. A beautiful and sophisticated manicure is created using pink or nude shades. Glitter can completely cover one finger or create stripes in the center of the nail.
  2. Sequins can cover one half of the nail.
  3. A fashionable option will be a jacket, embellished with sparkles, red, purple and black will become common colors.

nails 2019 fashion ideas with sequinsnails 2019 fashion ideas of the season with sequins

Nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season geometry

There is an original way with which you can embody the ideas of a French 2019 on long nails or any other design — this is the application of geometric shapes:

  • a triangle is popular, which complements the tip of the nail when creating a jacket or a hole in the moon design;
  • the simplest nail art will be the drawing of lines that can be clearly parallel to each other or in random order.

nails 2019 fashion ideas of the season geometrynail design ideas 2019the most fashionable manicure ideas 2019

Nails 2019 — fashion ideas with rhinestones

Numerous trendy nail design ideas 2019 are complemented by rhinestones:

  • these details can be presented both in a single and in multiple versions;
  • rhinestones are used traditional transparent or multi-colored;
  • pebbles can be laid out in straight lines or openwork patterns.

nails 2019 fashion ideas with rhinestonestrendy nail design ideas 2019nails 2019 fashion ideas

Lunar Nail Design Ideas 2019

The most fashionable manicure ideas for 2019, embodied in the form of moon nail art, are widespread:

  • the hole has a different design: it can be extremely feminine, rounded, repeating its anatomical shape. Another option would be to make the hole unusual, such as triangular;
  • transparent or colored varnish, rhinestones, sparkles are used to fill the hole.

moon nail design ideas 2019

Bright nails 2019 — fashion ideas of the season

The nails of 2019 look very stylish, the fashionable bright ideas of which are embodied with the help of rich colors:

  • nail art can be monophonic or contain a combination of several shades;
  • in the ombre trend, when one bright color turns into another;
  • All kinds of patterns can be drawn with bright varnishes.

bright nails 2019 fashion ideas of the seasonnails 2019 trendy bright ideasbeautiful nails 2019 new ideas

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