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Nail art looks truly amazing, complemented by fragments of glass. It has some mystery in itself and attracts attention with its originality. Broken glass nail design can be perfect for a casual outing and suitable for evening looks.

Nail design «broken glass» 2020

Many stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a manicure with the effect of broken glass:

  1. There are incredibly many variations of his performance, they start from a jacket and end with moon nail art, which can be complemented by spectacular rubbing, painting or pixie crystals.
  2. Broken glass nail design may look different, it mainly depends on the shape of the nail plates. Pieces can be presented in the form of fragments of triangles, rhombuses, squares, or they can be completely incomprehensible shape. At the same time, using foil, you can lay out flat or create three-dimensional figures. A large stone made from such pieces looks original, embodying an imitation of a precious one.
  3. Lightness and tenderness will help create a nude manicure. Such nail art will not be intrusive, it will perfectly emphasize the sophistication of a delicate coating with the help of metal pieces.

broken glass nail design 2020broken glass manicurebroken glass manicure

Broken glass design on short nails

On shortened nail plates, it is preferable to do a light “broken glass” manicure, but bright or dark options are also acceptable:

  1. Coating and decorative design can match in their color scheme. This variation of nail art will look extremely organic without overloading the nail plates.
  2. If you want to realize a more original solution, you can turn to decoration, made in multi-colored versions. For this special, pieces of foil are selected, which are combined with each other in similar or, on the contrary, contrasting shades.
  3. You can see the use of rubbing or rhinestones, which helps to give an irresistible look to the nails. The main thing is to decorate one or two fingers with it, then the design of short nails “broken glass” will look harmonious.
  4. For a shortened length, you can apply «broken glass» with a holographic effect. Elements are located on one or more nail plates.
  5. Another option is to decorate a matte design with a shiny decor, for example, this can be a stained glass style composition, which will create a unique style.

broken glass design on short nails

Long nails «broken glass»

On a considerable length of the plates, the design of long nails “broken glass” will look unsurpassed:

  1. Negative space looks amazing. In this case, there will be a transparent background or an option that is as close as possible to the natural color of the nails, for example, this is a pink “broken glass” manicure. If you apply sparkles in powder colors, they enhance the effect.
  2. The gradient transition is one of the trends of the next season, and the «cat’s eye» looks unique.
  3. You can apply laying out original drawings, fully showing your imagination. For example, a great yet easy-to-implement design solution would be to turn to abstraction. Figures or patterns in this case are laid out in any form.

long nails broken glass

Broken glass manicure

Many stylists, when creating stylish nail art, prefer to use the broken glass effect on the nails:

  1. To create it, a special foil is used. When a refractive color falls on it, the effect of overflow and play of shades on the nails is formed. Outwardly, it resembles diamond facets, so each drawing will be unique in its own way.
  2. The drawing can be completely different, for example, completely cover the nail plate, it will visually resemble fragments of mirrors.
  3. Pieces can be placed to create a preferably smooth, slightly protruding structure, or to deliberately create a pronounced volume.

broken glass manicurebroken glass effect on nails

Red manicure «broken glass»

The red “broken glass” nail design will look incredibly luxurious:

  1. Silver or gold foil looks great with red. Mostly this decor is placed on one or more nails.
  2. When the “broken glass” nail design is embodied, it is taken into account that the red color itself is associated with brightness and catchiness, so even minimal decor will do. If you want to make the image as memorable as possible, you can turn to the addition of rhinestones or sparkles, which alternate on several fingers.

red manicure broken glass

Green manicure with broken glass

The green “broken glass” manicure on the nails will also look amazing:

  1. Green color is best presented in the «cat’s eye» version, because additional overflows are added to the brilliance of the foil itself. For this, a rich green gel polish is taken, to which the foil will be easily attached.
  2. Green color will be perfectly combined with a golden sheen, giving it warm notes. It is worth noting that such a design solution is extremely common.

green manicure with broken glassbroken glass manicure on nails

Black manicure «broken glass»

Mysteriousness and depth to any image will give black nails «broken glass»:

  1. The black base will be harmoniously decorated with trimmings of silver or golden fragments, forming a miniature stained-glass window.
  2. Broken glass nail design gives a bright mood, it can be achieved with the help of metal stickers that are applied to certain fingers.
  3. Optical illusions can be created on the nails, for this black varnish is placed in two layers, then covered with a finish and dried. There will be a feeling as if the nails are shining from the rays of the sun.
  4. Black color can be successfully combined with other shades. For example, a nail can be made in a light tone, and in the middle you can draw any shape in black.

black manicure broken glass

White nails «broken glass»

White manicure “broken glass” will look sophisticated and elegant:

  1. White color is universal, it can be supplemented with a variety of pieces of foil with nude, pink or turquoise tints. Such a manicure will look calm and not attract constant attention.
  2. In white, for example, you can make an expressive jacket, on the tips of which “broken glass” is applied. In such a manicure, the main thing is not to overdo it too much; not all nails are supplemented with foil.

white nails broken glass

Blue manicure «broken glass»

Using a blue tint coating will help create an incredibly beautiful “broken glass” manicure:

  1. Only a contour in blue can be applied to the fingers, and then the middle can be filled with various forms of foil, these can be triangles, rhombuses, and other variants of figures in small and large sizes.
  2. A blue or blue “broken glass” nail design with a cracked effect is suitable for winter, but it is important not to overdo it with color so that the manicure does not become gloomy. Snowflakes can be laid out on several fingers, while for their implementation you can use both exclusively drawing with varnish and combining with foil.

blue manicure broken glass

Beige manicure «broken glass»

“Broken glass” on nude nails will look unsurpassed:

  1. Such shades perfectly shade tanned skin, while pastel colors give tenderness and freshness.
  2. On a beige coating, you can make a manicure with “broken glass” foil, it will look like a drop of precious metal. After that, a piece of foil is fixed with the help of a top, and in this way an eye-catching 3D volume is created.
  3. A spectacular pattern, ornament or pattern can be applied to a beige base.

beige manicure broken glass

Broken glass foil nail design

Broken glass foil for nails can create a truly unique effect:

  1. This kind of decor is mainly presented in three combinations. It can be an emphasis on several fingers, a mono-manicure, an attractive pattern. It can be a scattering of expressive droplets, pieces in the form of stained-glass windows.
  2. With the help of foil, the illusion of a crystal manicure is created. It is necessary to apply the foundation in a thin version, and then dry well. Then pieces of holographic foil are applied to the not quite dry layer. The application process is completed by drying and applying a protective oil.
  3. An unsurpassed design solution will be the combination of voluminous foil elements and smooth stripes alternating on different fingers.

broken glass foil nail design

Combined manicure rubbing and «broken glass»

Shiny nails continue to be on top and are not going to give up their positions. Fashionistas often turn to «cat’s eye», «broken glass», mirror rub. Two varieties of nail art can be combined, for example, to make a stylish “broken glass” nail design in combination with rubbing:

  1. Rubbing can differ in its color, creating a metallic, pearly glow and color play in the form of a chameleon.
  2. Rubbing in gold or steel color is extremely popular. Mirror gloss can be perfectly complemented by foil located on individual fingers.

combined manicure rubbing and broken glass

«Broken glass» on transparent nails

Using the technique of negative space or a transparent coating as a base, you can get an incredibly delicate nail design with “broken glass”:

  1. You can limit yourself to a combination of a transparent base and shiny elements, the latter will act as a bright accent.
  2. Such a manicure can be complemented by bright simple geometric patterns, lines or other details. This style will be presented in the form of an avant-garde that does not go out of fashion.

broken glass on transparent nails

Nail design with «broken glass» and rhinestones

Such a combination as rhinestones and “broken glass” on light nails, bright or dark nail plates will look extremely original:

  1. If you want to create a bright design, then you can turn to such decoration options as rhinestones, broths, beads and pearls.
  2. The effect will vary depending on the shape of the foil, it can be fragments of triangles, diamonds, squares.
  3. With rhinestones, you can lay out a bright hole, which will look unsurpassed.

nail design with broken glass and rhinestones

Broken glass pedicure on nails

To create a stylish pedicure, you can use absolutely any suitable ideas:

  • “broken glass” on black nails will look unique, while the decor is applied on the thumb, since it has a sufficient surface area;
  • on a black background, silver or gold foil looks amazing;
  • pedicure can be created in delicate shades, the option in pink tones looks unique;
  • on the thumb, you can embody an imitation of a jacket or moon nail art by laying out the corresponding zones (tip or hole) with the smallest pieces of foil.

pedicure broken glass on nails

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