Manicure for square nails 2020 - fashion trends, trends, colors

Manicure for square nails 2020 has long been loved by many fashionistas and has become a classic option for any occasion. To make your fingers look spectacular at any time of the year or season, you need to learn about the trends that have come. Nail specialists around the world have developed cutting-edge fashion designs. Each girl will be able to choose the desired design for her nails.

Manicure for square nails 2020 — fashion trends

The latest novelties will win the hearts of ladies at first sight. Next year broadcasts chic, unusual and exclusive design variations. Manicure for square nails 2020 made a splash in all salons and nail bars, thanks to bright saturated colors, innovative advanced techniques, new-fangled solutions and additional decoration elements.

The application of this form is possible, both on long and short nails. And in the coming seasons, it will be more popular than oval or almond-shaped outlines. Delicate shades of gel-gacs with concise details in the form of rhinestones or glitter are suitable for business women. And the design for every day implies the brightest colors and additional patterns.

manicure for square nails 2020 possible trends

Manicure 2020 for short square nails

Many girls will like modern manicure ideas for short square nails 2020. Neat contours, proper care and other careful procedures will help your nails look irresistible. It is advisable for young ladies with short large fingers to avoid short lengths. Such a decision can negatively affect the appearance: visually make them even shorter.

Daring forms with clear outlines will appeal to young girls or teenagers. The “soft square” shape with rounded corners looks more sophisticated, which is why it is considered an excellent spring option. For wedding processions, dates or evening meetings, a gentle manicure for short square nails 2020 in beige, light, pink or coffee tones is suitable.

manicure 2020 for short square nails

Manicure for long square nails 2020 new items

For several seasons, long square nails have been at the top of the list of trends and fashion trends. But this year, the masters presented fresh novelties for the hot spring-summer and autumn periods. Stylish options make it possible to apply:

  • various saturated colors;
  • colorful drawings;
  • shiny rhinestones;
  • French manicure;
  • rubbing effect;
  • matte coloring;
  • foil;
  • all kinds of inscriptions.

Manicure for long square nails 2020 will be in demand among young people. Although many believe that they look defiant and vulgar, stylists are convinced of the opposite. The right combination of colors, textures and styles will present a similar length from the best side. Do not forget about trendy animalistic and floral motifs that are perfect for a square shape.

manicure for long square nails 2020 new items

Manicure ideas 2020 for square nails

The square shape of the nails for any length of nails is perfect. Actual designs combine office, modern and casual styles. Therefore, they are definitely suitable for an evening or cocktail outfit. Manicure for square nails 2020, combined with a laconic handicap and exquisite design, will look great in any romantic or elegant look. Modern design ideas include eye-catching color palettes, luxurious textures and trendy geometric patterns.

manicure ideas 2020 for square nails

Nude manicure 2020 on square nails

For the spring warm season, delicate colors have become an indispensable trend. Noble, most natural shades have always been in demand among the beautiful half of humanity. The square shape is the ideal canvas for simulating natural color. A gentle manicure for square nails 2020 in mother-of-pearl shades will add zest to the nail design, especially if you depict a neutral pattern or rhinestones on the ring fingers.

Matte finishes will become even more popular. The velvet texture and the absence of glare will harmoniously look on long and short nails of a square shape. You can diversify such a manicure with a neat animal print, geometric or floral ornament as a second layer. You can decorate with shiny, voluminous details.

nude manicure 2020 for square nails

Bright manicure for square nails 2020

If you dream of a catchy colorful nail design, but are afraid to look defiant, the 2020 new square nail manicure will definitely please you. Vibrant colors are back on trend, so don’t be afraid to go for bold colors. For spring, blue, green, blue and purple shades are suitable. Summer coverage is desirable in orange, sky, yellow and red tones.

To dilute the monochromatic color shimmer, you can decorate one finger of each hand with a variety of thematic drawings. Add small clouds to blue nails, draw sunflowers to red or golden ones. The combination of two bright colors that divide the nail plate in half will also look very fresh and new. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment. Play with rainbow shades and get amazing results.

bright manicure for square nails 2020

French manicure for square nails 2020

Another classic option that no season can do without. But with each time that comes, we see more and more updates and innovations. This year, stylists and nail masters present a trendy French manicure for square nails 2020. The main features of the trend that has come are additional decorations in the form of rhinestones, glitter or sparkles.

If you are a fan of French manicure, but shimmery shiny designs are not for you, you should check out the latest novelties. They imply a gradient or matte finish, volumetric modeling. Multi-colored smiles along the edge of the nail plate will become indispensable. This option is suitable for every day, and for a date, and for a walk with friends, and for a business meeting.

french manicure for square nails 2020

Dark manicure on square nails 2020

Manicure for square nails design 2020 welcomes not only light, iridescent colors, but also dark ones. The following shades will gain particular popularity:

  • purple
  • black;
  • dark blue;
  • khaki;
  • emerald;
  • burgundy;
  • coffee.

Such shades always look elegant and stylish, so a dark manicure will never lose its relevance. It is ideal for women of any age category, a variety of activities, status and lifestyle. Shaded options belong to the evening type of nail design, as it looks very elegant. You can add chic with rhinestones or foil. A more casual design can be formed with the help of geometric, minimalist ornaments.

dark manicure for square nails 2020

Manicure for square nails with rhinestones 2020

Fashionable manicure for square nails 2020 for glamorous girls provides additional spectacular details. What could be more impressive than rhinestones? Large, small, medium size or different shapes — all this is acceptable for the brilliant appearance of your nail plate. It is important that the amount of glitter is kept in moderation, as too much glitter is considered an anti-trend.

Rhinestones will look great on one or more fingers, for example, on the ring and little fingers, or only on the middle one. If you choose small iridescent pebbles, you can add them for each nail. Manicure for long square nails 2020 will look better with voluminous large rhinestones. This solution is ideal for holidays, evening meetings or dates.

manicure for square nails with rhinestones 2020

Manicure on square nails with a pattern 2020

Drawings and various ornaments have become an integral part of any nail design. The minimalist approach has conquered the masters of the whole world, so neat miniature pictures are in trend. Depending on the season, it is worth choosing thematic areas. For the spring and summer period, you can pick up twigs, flowers, buds or other attributes.

A beautiful manicure for square nails 2020 can be presented with the image of your favorite cartoon characters, adored food, and so on. Stylists recommend that you familiarize yourself with the trends of animal motifs that are once again captivating fashionistas around the world. The most trendy are leopard, tiger, snake and zebra. These colors are compatible with any outfit and will emphasize your sense of style.

manicure for square nails with a pattern 2020

Manicure on square nails geometry 2020

Geometric patterns have always been popular among women of all ages. However, the upcoming year has brought innovative techniques and new stylish designs. A heap of rhombuses, squares and triangles throughout the nail platinum remained in past seasons. Meet manicure for square nails 2020 new geometry.

To be in trend, you do not need to bother much, you should find out more about the trends that have come. The main thing is to make the right emphasis on minimalism and laconic simple design, thin lines, harmonious colors. Neat geometric ornaments with shiny stripes, foil inserts, cobwebs and similar additional details look especially attractive.

manicure on square nails geometry 2020

Manicure for square nails 2020 rubbed

Manicure art does not stand still, constantly evolving and offering current innovations. Further seasons will not do without the universal use of rubbing. The ultra-modern trend of 2020 manicure for square nails broadcasts an exquisite mirror shine. To create a shimmering effect, the nails are pre-treated with a rub.

After that, glossy nails amaze others with their luxurious brilliance, exquisite design. The glossy finish looks stunning, and the sparkling highlights reflect the environment in an unusual way. The most beautiful, impressive variations for this technique are burgundy, emerald, blue, red, pink, purple and beige shades.

manicure for square nails 2020 rubbing

Matte manicure for square nails 2020

The most sophisticated design for square nails this year is a matte manicure. He has been at the top of trends for several seasons and is not going to give up. Velvet performance from the moment of its appearance immediately got the hearts of fashionistas, so every second one is delighted with such a coating. It is very versatile, suitable for everyday life, going to the office, on a date or a holiday.

Red manicure for square nails 2020 in a matte version will perfectly complement the evening look. And delicate colors, such as beige, sky, purple, pink, can be decorated with drawings, floral, geometric or animalistic ornaments. Do not forget about voluminous textures, sequins and rhinestones, they will further improve the already elegant appearance.

matte manicure for square nails 2020

Manicure for square nails 2020 with foil

Foil designs always look unique. Nail masters recommend using a similar solution for a square outline of the fingers. Unusual manicure for square nails 2020 will be a great holiday option. Foil can decorate not only individual elements, but also completely cover the entire plate. The effect will look impressive with beige light tones or deep bright shades. Therefore, it is suitable for any season: warm spring, hot summer and cool autumn.

manicure for square nails 2020 with foil

Manicure for square nails 2020 with an inscription

Each young lady wants to be unique, create a unique image, choose an exquisite exclusive design of nails. An ultra-modern design with inscriptions will cope with this task. You can simply come up with any word or phrase and display it on your fingers. The repetitions of the hidden expression on the ring finger will look unusual.

Light manicure for square nails 2020 will be an excellent basis for the desired sketch. Red, blue, orange, green or purple also occupy the position of the most relevant shades. Matte technique is also suitable for applying inscriptions. And the decoration itself can be made of shiny gel polishes, using the effect of foil, rhinestones or just a contrasting color.

manicure for square nails 2020 with the inscription

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