Manicure for short nails, new summer 2020 - 72 photos of the best ideas for beautiful nails

Summer manicure for short nails is of interest to every girl this season. The sunny period makes girls want to renew themselves and transform accordingly. Stylists have created an up-to-date selection of interesting ideas for young ladies of any age category. Provided a wide tonal range, a large abundance of decorative elements.

Manicure ideas for short nails summer 2020

The short length of the nail platinum received the greatest demand this year. This is the most versatile and practical option for all ladies, regardless of lifestyle, taste preferences. Fashionable manicure 2020 summer for short nails broadcasts all sorts of shapes. Particularly popular are square, almond-shaped, oval shapes. And among the designs, it is worth considering the following nail art:

  • bright;
  • dark;
  • plain;
  • with inscriptions;
  • with diverse drawings;
  • yellow;
  • red.

The color palette includes all sorts of shades of red, yellow, pink, green, blue and purple. Don’t miss the opportunity to epitomize the classic jacket with cutting-edge colors and trends. Leading performance techniques include exclusive manicure for short nails and novelties for summer 2020 in matte, glossy, mother-of-pearl finishes. The effect of an iridescent rub, a brilliant cat’s eye, a neat ombre is welcome.

summer manicure ideas for short nailssummer manicure ideas for short nails

Manicure for short square nails summer 2020

The most common were the square outlines of the nails. This is a great alternative for women who value comfort and convenience. If you properly file the plates in the corners, you get smooth edges that do not interfere with everyday leisure. With the help of your favorite master, your fingers will sparkle with renewed colors and perfectly emphasize any bow.

Summer manicure for short nails is best painted in rich color tones. Brick, purple, azure, lemon, emerald varnishes have gained the greatest popularity. Pastel colors are also considered in demand: vanilla, menthol, powdery, light green, purple. Rhinestones, geometric and floral ornaments and shiny pollen have replenished the range of decorative details.

summer manicure for short square nailsmanicure with short square nails for summer

Summer manicure for short oval nails

If you tirelessly followed the coming stylistic trends, then you already know that the oval summer beautiful manicure for short nails has become the most common shape. Girls around the world are looking for «their» professional to give an elegant shape to their nails. Representatives of street fashion and office workers became interested in similar samples, since you can choose any design you like.

For every day or for meetings with friends, you can pick up delicate pastel colors. Business days include neutral black, white, beige shades. A festive outfit is ideally combined with colorful accents on the fingers. And for tear-off parties, you can consider a neon manicure for short nails — new summer 2020. Don’t forget about cutting-edge coating techniques that give your fingers incredible shimmer, velvet surfaces and reflections.

summer manicure for oval nailsoval nails summer manicure

Summer manicure for short nails almond shape

The almond-shaped silhouette of the nail plate is always a great solution, because it looks very feminine, natural and neat. In some cases, ladies prefer to file the nail a little in the middle, making the look more pointed. The design will look amazing with the technique of rubbing, cat’s eye, ombre, matte or mother-of-pearl face.

Coloristic and bright manicure ideas for short nails have gained great popularity. Be sure to check out the selection of diverse interpretations of the classic jacket. New-fangled trends gave young ladies the opportunity to apply extraordinary stylistic solutions and additional details. Among the additional decorations, shaped rhinestones, beads, texture molding and sparkles have been waiting for your attention.

almond shaped short nails manicure summersummer manicure for short almond nails

Summer marine manicure for short nails

With the onset of the hot season comes the beach season. The long-awaited trip to the sea is about to begin, but it requires careful preparation. It is necessary to think over a manicure for short nails — new items for the summer of 2020. Stylists could not leave women without appropriate designs in a marine theme. Additional details are often three-dimensional elements, authentic drawings, images, shimmering stones and even original textures.

Be sure to pay attention to current implementation tactics. Matte coatings, iridescent nail art obtained with the help of rubbing, a cat’s eye, were in great demand. Any shape is acceptable, from neat square shapes to oval and almond silhouettes. Girls often embody a pretty summer manicure for short turquoise nails. However, other colors are also welcome at your own discretion.

marine manicure for short nailssummer manicure for short nails in a marine style

Bright summer manicure for short nails 2020

To decorate your look with original rich accents, consider colorful interpretations of the nail plate. Thanks to modern features, a bright summer manicure for short nails will look incredibly stylish. She broadcasts tons of crimson, emerald, cherry, cobalt, violet, saffron, solar varnishes. Golden and silver tones are considered especially popular and festive this year.

Feminine velvet surfaces, chic mother-of-pearl expressions with stunning reflections and modulations are provided. The most daring ladies can afford a summer multi-colored manicure on short nails in neon colors. The range of decorative details was presented by exclusive floral or geometric patterns, symbolic drawings, 3D web techniques.

bright summer manicure for short nailsbright manicure with short nails for the summer

Summer French manicure for short nails

Not a single period is complete without classic and newfangled French performances. Many young ladies prefer a gentle summer manicure for short nails in a French theme. This is an amazing choice for any occasion. They will perfectly emphasize everyday neat bow, office business attire. For romantic dates, special occasions and breakaway parties, you can choose more colorful or unconventional features.

Cutting-edge trends brought original innovations with a double, beveled or multi-colored service jacket. A pastel base with white or black crescents along the edges of the nail plate is considered typical. However, an unusual summer manicure for short nails provides for combinations with menthol, pink, peach, coral, purple, lemon tones. Additional details can act as rhinestones, images, ornaments, sparkles.

summer manicure for short nailsfrench summer for short nails

One-color manicure for the summer on short nails

Do not forget about the exclusive one-color nail art, the selection of which can be done independently. To add spice, it is better to use current stylistic solutions. The range of techniques involves velvet, glossy, mother-of-pearl coatings. Summer manicure without a pattern on short nails will look chic with an incredible rubbing effect, cat’s eye, ombre.

The tonal range broadcasts diverse bright brick, cherry, honey, aquamarine, azure, emerald, violet varnishes. Fresh coloring of marigolds in heavenly, fawn, powdery, light green, purple, glycerin has also become in demand. Neutral shades of black or white will do, but bold girls can afford neon colors. Among the additives, it is worth considering gilded stickers, diverse rhinestones.

plain manicure for short nailsone-color summer manicure with short nails

Matte summer manicure for short nails

Summer manicure with gel polish for short nails will look elegant, elegant in matte finishes. Any shape of the nail plate is acceptable, the most popular are oval and almond-shaped outlines. Your attention deserves the silhouette of a soft square, with filed tidy corners.

The monochromatic design instantly won girls’ hearts around the world. All sorts of shades of red, pink, yellow, blue, purple, green have become the favorite colors of the modern public. Stunning minimalistic geometric, floral, animalistic patterns are available. Manicure for short nails novelties for the summer of 2020 is better to decorate with seasonal patterns, shiny pollen or voluminous decorations.

matte summer manicure with short nailsSummer matte manicure for short nails

Dark manicure for the summer on short nails

Representatives of the street trend often prefer dark interpretations. This is a practical, versatile variation that is perfect for any kind of bow. The good news is the possibility of applying darkened colors to any shape of nails. First of all, get acquainted with the cutting-edge techniques for applying varnishes.

The key representative of the dark palette is a simple summer manicure for short nails in multifaceted black tones. You can use burgundy, sapphire, cobalt, grape, plum, malachite colors. Original combinations with light or colorful varnishes, overhead pictures, shimmering elements are welcome.

summer manicure for short nails in dark shadesdark manicure for short nails summer

Summer office manicure for short nails

The onset of sunshine is the perfect time to implement seasonal designs. The younger generation who are on vacation can embody any desired interpretation. But the stylists could not leave working ladies without newfangled ideas and presented a light summer manicure for short nails. Often, the designs include oval, almond, square shapes.

Do not forget about chic interpretations with velvet or sparkling surfaces. Often, young ladies pay attention to delicate nude tones, ton darkened shades, neutral colors in black or white. Girls who dream of diluting a strict business look with bright accents decide on color options. Among the decorations, floral, geometric, animal drawings, sparkles, rhinestones stand out.

summer manicure for office for short nailsmanicure for work for the summer with short nails

Summer manicure for short ombre nails

A stylish summer manicure for short nails with an ombre effect has become widespread. Impersonation technology involves neat smooth or sharp color transitions along the nail plate of any shape. It is worth noting that the gradient technique can be applied immediately on all or only on a few fingers, the rest can be painted in one color.

Do not be afraid to combine several techniques in one design, especially girls like combinations with rubbing, a cat’s eye. Some imitations are created using pastel and white varnishes, which resembles a classic jacket. Coloristic manicure for short nails — new items for summer 2020 broadcasts all sorts of tones of red, pink, red, yellow, purple, green and blue.

summer ombre manicure for short nailsshort nails summer manicure with transition

Summer manicure for short nails

Every woman wants to be unique and unrepeatable. This can be evidenced by the appearance, style and some details. To make your fingers look as original as possible, you need to pay attention to nail applications with exclusive inscriptions. A pleasant aspect is the ability to independently choose a word or an inscription to be written.

As a base layer, you can choose a bright or calm summer manicure for short nails. Stunning combinations with cutting-edge vtrika, cat’s eye, and ombre techniques are welcome. The surface can take on matte, glossy or pearly outlines. Additional decorations for inscriptions offer minimalistic, geometric, floral patterns, diverse pictures or stickers.

summer manicure with inscriptions for short nailsmanicure inscriptions with short nails for summer

Summer manicure with avocado for short nails

Leading fashion trends have pleasantly pleased the modern fashion audience with impressive nail art. The design can be decorated with a variety of patterns and details. Summer green manicure for short nails with painted avocados has gained popularity. Youth trends presented a wide range of diverse interpretations.

As a base, you can cover the nails not only with greenish, but also with other varnishes. Beige, powdery, vanilla, lilac, menthol, light green, peach base will look great. Don’t forget neutral blacks, whites and greys. Favorite performance techniques were the cat’s eye, the effect of rubbing, ombre. The very image of an avocado can be personified on one, several or all fingers. Manicure for short nails — new items for summer 2020 can be emphasized with additional rhinestones, sparkles, voluminous modeling.

summer manicure ideas for short nails with avocadosummer manicure with avocado for short nails

Summer manicure for short nails watermelon

Watermelon is the favorite seasonal fruit of many girls. Creating a selection of original ideas for a hot season, stylists could not miss the opportunity to use a large berry as an overlay. This is a great alternative for all fans of non-traditional performances. All kinds of outlines of the nail plate are available, oval, almond-shaped and square silhouettes have become especially common.

Summer manicure for short nails with fruits suggests many variations with citrus, sweet and juicy fruits. The color palette presented chic colorful shades of raspberry, red, brick, pistachio, lemon, peach, blue. A gentle gamma broadcasts light powdery, vanilla, violet and lilac tones.

watermelon manicure for short nailssummer manicure for short nails with watermelon

Summer manicure for short nails with berries

How to spend a sunny vacation without delicious raspberries, strawberries, cherries and sweet cherries? World-famous masters offer to display such berries on their own fingers. Such designs are perfectly combined with any form. Summer youth manicure for short nails is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, life direction and taste preferences. Exclusive cherry, pomegranate, scarlet, alizarin, coral, pastel, nude colors are held in high esteem. The additional drawings themselves can be applied on several or all nails.

summer manicure design for short nails with berriessummer manicure for short nails with berries

Summer manicure for short nails yellow

The most popular today are bright color nail imitations. Therefore, be sure to consider a rich palette of yellow tones, she quickly won women’s sympathy. However, do not forget about the light summer manicure for short nails. Delicate shades of vanilla, honey, apricot, fawn, sand have gained stunning popularity this season. Impressive matte, iridescent glossy interpretations are welcome. The assortment of additional decorations was replenished with sequins, geometric ornaments.

red summer manicure for short nailsyellow manicure with short nails for summer

Red summer manicure for short nails

Whatever the shape of your nail plate, red colors will definitely suit you. Many young ladies prefer such nail art, as they will serve as the perfect colorful accent for your bow. Manicure for short nails summer design involves exclusive variations with the effect of rubbing, cat’s eye, ombre. A velvet or shining mother-of-pearl surface will look as gentle and elegant as possible. Often, rhinestones, patterns, and shiny details act as decorations.

red manicure for short nails summer designshort nails manicure for summer red

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