A sense of proportion should be in everything, however, when it comes to beauty, the female half forgets about it. I want more eyelashes, brighter eyebrows, more hair, and lips even plumper. And, of course, manicures and pedicures are also out of control …

As you guessed, in our selection there were examples of how girls decided that beautiful and well-groomed hands and feet are when their nails are very long. And the longer, the better. True, if the owners of these extremely dangerous «claws» like this result, then we must warn you — only people with a stable psyche will be able to watch the photos from the selection!

1. Of all the things that can be done with such long nails, it’s just to lie down and admire them!

with long nails

2. Is it convenient?

it's comfortable

3. The case when you can scare yourself!

you can scare yourself

4. We even guess why there are no shoes on the feet!

no shoes on feet

5. Do these hands remind you of chicken feet too?

chicken feet

6. I wonder if others are ready to see it?

ready to see it

7. We doubt that men will appreciate it …

men will appreciate it

8. Say thank you that we did not see this pedicure live!


9. We have only one question — why?

one question - why

10. And if someone accidentally steps on???

someone will come

11. We are afraid to imagine what these nails will look like in a month!

nails in a month

12. That is, that the nails are wrapped in hooks — is it important for beauty?

wrapped in hooks

13. Eh … we better keep silent!

better keep silent

14. Predator going hunting?

set out to hunt

15. Interestingly, on what occasion is such a “holiday” on the nails?

holiday on nails

16. And we warned that viewing photos from the selection requires a stable psyche!

photo from the selection

17. Beauty requires sacrifice. And we are sincerely sorry for the victim of this manicure!

requires sacrifice

18. Can you clarify — with what kind of shoes is such a pedicure worn?

with what shoes

19. When I decided to save money and find a “cheaper” master…

decided to save

20. Now it remains just to sit and wait for the prince!

sit and wait for the prince

21. When a girl wants to get a manicure, even quarantine and self-isolation will not stop her!


22. We understand that the owner of these marigolds has households sitting without food?

household without food

23. So this is what it means to be fully armed?

be fully equipped

24. And here the length would be enough for three!

enough for three

25. What does it mean to lose control? Yes, this is when you are ready to sacrifice sneakers, but not the length of your nails!

lose control

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