French on nails 2020 - what design is in trend this season?

An incredibly sophisticated variation of stylish nail art can become a nail jacket 2020. For many seasons in a row, it has proved its aesthetics, respectability and irreplaceability. This year, stylists offer both classic and original options, thanks to which any fashionista can easily choose a design to her taste.

French 2020 — fashion trends

Masters offer to the attention of girls manicure french 2020, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse:

  1. Variations of the original design look beautiful, mysterious, intriguing and sometimes even funny. Seasonal spring-summer French manicure is characterized by the addition of flowers, picturesque or laconic geometric portraits of girls, all kinds of bright prints, offered in the form of geometry, abstraction, leaves and delicious desserts.
  2. French on nails 2020 is found in new interpretations in the form of a color version, black, matte, with an unusual “smile” shape.
  3. A laconic black nail art looks truly unique. It can be embellished with rhinestones, pebbles, glitter sequins and prints.
  4. Another fun version of the French manicure can be done using the ombre technique. In such nail art, you can play with a gradient smile, for which you can embody an ombre design, where the edge is made in a radically different color compared to the rainbow base.
  5. Not in all cases, nail art is associated with restraint. Many stylists offer to create an interesting jacket, where there are drawings of original animals.
  6. Floral motifs can highlight one finger.
  7. Lunar and French manicure techniques are friendly and can often be used in the same design.
  8. The option in a fashionable matte finish looks calm and at the same time chic.

french 2020 fashion trendsfrench manicure 2020 fashion trendsstylish french 2020

French manicure for short nails 2020

In 2020, short length nails are extremely popular, recently they have become not only practical, but also a fashionable trend:

  1. The easiest solution would be dark nails, while one finger can be decorated with glitter. It looks simple but effective.
  2. Often a thin strip is drawn in the smile zone and a beautiful jacket for short nails 2020 is obtained. This strip can be highlighted with glitter.
  3. With the help of pastel flowers, you can create a unique delicate nail art. The sakura flower can be perfect for the spring version, because Japanese motifs are one of the hits of the season.
  4. A special place was taken by a jacket on short nails 2020, containing a polka dot print.
  5. In 2020, minimalism is welcomed in design, so do not overload the nail plates with decorations. An excellent option would be to paint them with a beautiful varnish, and on one draw a concise image, for example, flowers, a stripe or a heart.

french manicure for short nails 2020

French for long nails 2020

French spring 2020 will look elegant and luxurious at the same time on elongated nail plates:

  1. Nail art is often complemented by rhinestones, because the length is enough to demonstrate beauty. Shining rhinestones will add luxury and brilliance to the design. The hole on several fingers looks original, which is complemented by this brilliant decor. For a more chic option, small pebbles are selected for the entire nail.
  2. Drawings will look beautiful on long nails. These can be large-scale images that capture two or more marigolds.
  3. For the spring or summer season, plant or animal prints are used.
  4. French ombre looks great on long nails, because here you can combine three colors and it will look luxurious. The choice of colors in manicure will depend on the preferences of the girl or on the main palette that is used in the wardrobe. It is not at all necessary to use ombre on all nails, the decoration of just a few fingers will look original, thereby creating an incredible accent.
  5. Luxurious glitter can replace the classic version of a French-style smile, it looks very attractive.
  6. In order to create complex drawings, stamping was invented. It helps to make images that will be identical. For such a manicure, you first need to select a pattern, after which it will be applied to all fingers. Often stamping is used to make the smile itself.

French for long nails 2020french spring 2020

French on almond-shaped nails 2020

French on almond-shaped nails with design 2020 looks very harmonious and elegant:

  1. The almond shape will be an excellent basis for realizing a design that is as close to ideal as possible. It will look great on white nail art with a long rhinestone.
  2. Nail art can be presented on a soft pink base with an additional design in the form of a rim with small rhinestones.
  3. The blue jacket looks great on almond-shaped nails 2020 with rhinestones and broths.
  4. The almond shape is perfect for wedding design, as it is justifiably associated with sophistication and femininity.

french on almond-shaped nails 2020

French on sharp nails 2020

On sharp nail plates, French nail design 2020 can also be embodied:

  1. For this form, a classic sharp jacket is suitable, it dictates elegance and nobility, is able to brighten up all the defiant aggressiveness.
  2. The best idea would be to create a multi-layered color jacket on nails 2020, it looks extraordinary and interesting.
  3. A smooth transition from white to some other shade will be popular, it can be pink or blue. This technique will create a picturesque and boring picture.
  4. A classic option on this form will be burgundy gloss, this is a retro design that is coming back into fashion.
  5. Another suitable option for sharp nails is a casual ombre.
  6. Painting is often found on sharp nail plates; it can be Chinese, abstract or lace. Parts of the mural are modeled in a variety of colors, combined with shiny sand inclusions and geometric abstractions.

french on sharp nails 2020

French on square nails 2020

French manicure on square nails 2020 is also able to look extremely stylish:

  1. It will be relevant to apply a two-layer moon manicure and combine it with a jacket. Here, not a classic piece of the lunula zone stands out, but two different sections of the nail are painted over with two layers. The first will be a golden layer, which is applied completely over the entire plate, and the second black layer is done with a slight indent from the root edge of the nails.
  2. Another option that looks great on a square shape is French nails 2020, complemented by a pattern using stamping, watercolor strokes and graphic motifs. This design will be relevant at any time of the year.

french on square nails 2020french manicure for square nails 2020

French Manicure Ideas 2020

Stylists offer a variety of French nail ideas 2020:

  1. You can turn to nail art with drawings, this will be an original design that looks great. You can refer to drawings with geometry, which consist of different shapes, zigzags, dots and lines drawn in different directions.
  2. To deviate a little from the usual option, you can resort to bright and rich gel polishes, with their help you get a beautiful jacket on nails 2020. Colors such as dark blue, burgundy, marsala, purple and gold are suitable.
  3. Nail art can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles and various decorations.
  4. The color scale for the embodiment of stylish design is applied in a wide variety. It is presented both in emphatically restrained variations, and in catchy colors that attract maximum attention.

french manicure ideas 2020french nails ideas 2020french design 2020

French on nails with a pattern 2020

French manicure with a pattern 2020 will help to fully reflect the individuality:

  1. When the flowering period begins, you can turn to beautiful spring floral and floral patterns and decorations.
  2. At the tip of the nail, instead of the traditional clear edging, you can apply such a variation of the decor as delicate drops that flow down to one side.

french on nails with a pattern 2020

Glitter french manicure 2020

The sequin jacket 2020 continues to hold the leading position, it looks beautiful, fashionable and luxurious:

  1. Many women turn to glitter manicure. Such sequins can be of different sizes, colors and shapes, which will help create a unique design. To combine with glitter, colors such as pink, beige, turquoise, coral and blue are suitable.
  2. Quivering patterns, delicate flowers, light curls, stripes and polka dots are perfectly combined with sparkles.
  3. For the autumn season, a jacket with a 2020 design is perfect, which uses leaves, flowers, twigs, decorated with sparkles.
  4. To create a winter design, you can turn to patterned snowflakes, icicles, toys and twigs that are embellished with sparkles.

French manicure with sparkles 2020french sequins 2020

White French 2020

In the wedding version, a white jacket on nails 2020 is often used, because it fits perfectly with the selected dress. This nail art is universal, it will harmoniously fit into everyday, office, evening bows:

  1. White stylish jacket 2020 can be combined with other fashion trends. For example, you can turn to liquid and tear foil, to the option of rubbing, to sequins, rhinestones, to sequins and yucca flakes.
  2. A trendy print and a variety of painting elements look great with a white jacket.

white french 2020white french nails 2020

Color French 2020

Color French manicure 2020 can have different design variations:

  1. The classic familiar jacket is decorated with all kinds of flowers, for example, delicate rosebuds, spring lilies of the valley, tulips, and colored orchids.
  2. Another interesting option would be the use of modeling, then the flowers will be voluminous convex.
  3. Lace is often used in a colored jacket, this option may be suitable for a festive moment.

color french 2020french manicure 2020

French on nails with rhinestones 2020

The original spring jacket 2020 can be decorated with rhinestones and stones:

  1. For the base, you can choose discreet variations of the coating and supplement it with pebbles, presented in a transparent form and in a small size.
  2. With rhinestones, a matte base looks great, which dictates restraint and at the same time looks luxurious.
  3. Another trendy option with rhinestones will be rubbing. Glitter creates a gentle transfusion and additionally decorates a beautiful French manicure 2020.
  4. Rhinestone inlay looks great with geometric shapes.

french on nails with rhinestones 2020

Black French 2020

A black jacket on nails 2020 will add depth and mystery to the image:

  • such nail art can be made using both glossy and matte bases;
  • often the smile zone is drawn in black. However, a dark shade can also be taken as a basis, and the tip of the nail plate is painted over with white or bright saturated varnish;
  • with a black coating, all kinds of shiny elements are perfectly combined, for example, these are rhinestones or foil.

black french 2020black french on nails 2020beautiful french manicure 2020

Matte French 2020

With the help of a matte finish, you can create an incredibly beautiful jacket 2020:

  • to embody stylish nail art, only matte varnish can be used, which covers both the base and the smile area;
  • another option would be to combine two types of coating, when the base is painted over with matte varnish, and the tip of the nail plate is covered with gloss;
  • very harmoniously matte base is combined with sparkles, which are laid out on the smile area.

matte french 2020

Red French 2020

Many fashionistas prefer a jacket, the new items of 2020 of which are presented in red:

  1. With a scarlet color in a jacket, you can apply red sparkles. It will look elegant, catchy and elegant, this technique looks especially beautiful on long nails.
  2. Bouillons look no less colorful, these are voluminous balls made in red.
  3. With a red jacket, you can use granular foil. This effect is mesmerizing, thanks to its playful highlights.

red french 2020french new 2020

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