French manicure for summer 2022 - stylish and bright nail designs

Classic nail art remains invariably relevant. Confirmation is a French manicure for the summer of 2022. Designers offer options designed in bright or discreet elegant solutions. Masters are experimenting with the shape of the «smile», the selection of colors, decorative elements.

French manicure fashion trends for summer 2022

Nail service masters are guided by original ideas in the embodiment of French classics. Novelties in nail design are presented by solutions:

  1. Design in the form of a barely noticeable ombre with a transition of a white or cream tip to a transparent base is allowed. An additional decor is large kamifubuki in the form of stars.
  2. The filling of the “smile” with a chess pattern is endowed with extraordinary features. Semicircular tips are covered with black and white or bright colored checks.
  3. It is allowed to divide the “smile” into two parts, which are painted in a similar pastel or contrasting saturated tone.
  4. Glitter in the image will bring the filling of the tips with foil strips, pieces of mica.
  5. Rainbow design is embodied by coloring the “smile” with multi-colored shades.

French manicure fashion trends for summer 2022French nail design novelties for summer 2022bright French manicure in the summer of 2022

French for short nails in the summer of 2022

Accurate plates are played up in original solutions:

  1. It is allowed to create an abstract «smile» using sinuous lines. The tip remains brightly colored, the base becomes transparent.
  2. French nail art looks interesting, made in a gradient effect with the transition of a bright tip to a nude base.
  3. A small chamomile print covering the main part of the plate will add variety to the design. «Smile» is made snow-white or yellow.
  4. Experiments with the shape of the «smile» are expressed in the creation of diagonal lines, made in a multi-colored version and beveled to one side.

french for short nails summer 2022jacket for summer on short nailsdelicate French manicure for the summer

French manicure for summer 2022 for long nails

A significant area of ​​​​the plates provides an opportunity to realize original ideas:

  1. A game with textures is welcome, expressed in covering the “smile” with a knitted ornament. Details are made voluminous, standing out against the general background.
  2. Tenderness will add accentuation of several fingers with openwork curls.
  3. An example of neutral nail art would be highlighting the “smile” with a white tint.
  4. Filling the tips with black gloss will attract maximum attention.
  5. Trendy animal prints can be used to decorate the «smile». Spots are made in natural or unnatural acid tones.

french manicure for summer 2022 for long nailsfrench for summer long nailsfrench manicure for summer 2022 on almonds

Summer jacket for sharp nails 2022

The seductive form takes on even more piquant notes with the help of decoration. French nail design for the summer of 2022 is created for sharp nails:

  1. Highlighting a “smile” with acid or neon tones is welcome. These are light green, coral, lemon shades.
  2. The coating of the plates with a shiny rub will attract attention. Several nails are allowed to be accentuated by laying out kamifubuki at the tips. Glitter is covered with a transparent top coat.
  3. Design with black tips can be combined with marble nail art covering one or two fingers. The veins of the stone on a snow-white background are drawn in a dark shade.
  4. The popular fire design is brought to life with a sequin streamer that looks like tongues in flames.

summer jacket for sharp nails 2022french nail design for summer 2022French manicure fashion trends for summer 2022

Summer jacket on square nails

The practical angular design is played up in interesting interpretations. The result is a beautiful summer jacket:

  1. It is allowed to highlight the tips of the nails with a “smile” that forms a triangular base. Reception is performed using lines converging in the tip area.
  2. It is allowed to designate a “smile” with a clear straight strip, painted in contrasting shades.
  3. Decorating with large flower petals will help soften the severity of the square.
  4. A lengthening effect is endowed with a longitudinal golden strip that adorns one of the fingers.

summer french on square nailsbeautiful summer frenchFrench nail design novelties for summer 2022

French manicure for summer 2022 on «almond»

The feminine form is played up with interesting ideas. A summer jacket with a design is created on «almonds»:

  1. Romantic notes are given by the design of the “smile” with sinuous lines. Details are combined with a transparent base. The area of ​​the hole, which echoes in shade with the tip, is made shaded.
  2. Saturated notes will bring a gradient made in a bright tone. Light green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue shades alternate from the thumb to the little finger.
  3. The original monochrome nail art is obtained by filling the plate with one shade. The base and tip are delimited by a shiny foil stripe.

french manicure for summer 2022 on almondssummer jacket with designgentle summer manicure french

Manicure «color French» for the summer of 2022

Saturated tonality makes nail art unique. The design is proof of this:

  1. It is allowed to arrange in a bright version both the tip and the base. A combination of blue and pink was recognized as successful.
  2. A catchy lemon jacket is played up by highlighting one of the fingers with images of a citrus in a section.
  3. It is allowed to draw a bright floral ornament in the tip area. Details serve as a substitute for the usual «smile». An alternative solution is to dye the tips in shades that differ in tone and complement them with a small chamomile print.

color french manicure for summer 2022French color manicure for summercolor jacket for summer 2022

Bright summer French manicure 2022

It is allowed to beat nail art with catchy shades. The result is a bright jacket for the summer:

  1. The zoning of the “smile” looks interesting by dividing it into several parts. Areas are painted in bright blue, light green, orange, aquamarine tones.
  2. To combine two shades on one finger will be obtained by drawing a beveled “smile”. One of the diagonal stripes is made in a saturated version, the second in a similar pastel tone.
  3. The creation of a thematic design is welcomed by coloring the “smile” in lemon color and placing an image of chamomile in the hole area. The flower is complemented by a yellow center traced or lined with stone.

bright summer manicure french 2022bright jacket for summerfrench nail design for summer 2022

French manicure «gradient» for summer 2022

Ombre design does not lose popularity among fashionistas. As a result, a colored jacket is created:

  1. The combination of a neon “smile”, smoothly turning into a nude base, is welcome.
  2. It is allowed to make a barely noticeable jacket with the help of transitions from beige to pink.
  3. The peach-lavender gradient can be beaten by rubbing in the top coat.
  4. A «smile» done with a neon lime-yellow ombre is toned down with a matte finish.

french gradient manicure for summer 2022color jacket for summer 2022french for summer long nails

French manicure with sparkles for the summer

Catchy decor gives nail art originality. This is a jacket for the summer with sparkles:

  1. A simple but effective technique is to fill the tips with small elements. The sparkles endowed with a reflective effect look original.
  2. Experiments are allowed with the shape of the “smile”, which is made beveled to one side, triangular, traditional rounded.
  3. It is allowed to distinguish between a shiny tip and a neutral nude base with a foil strip.
  4. A popular technique has become stretching, which is expressed in the reduction of detail from the tip to the base of the plate.
  5. The fiery design is embodied by laying out tongues of flame with the help of sparkles.

French manicure with glitter for summerjacket for summer with sequinsfrench nail design for summer 2022

Matte jacket for summer 2022

A muted finish gives nail art a noble touch. This is a summer matte jacket:

  1. To dilute the restrained nude base will help the design of the “smile” in rich colors. It is welcome to emphasize one finger by completely filling it with sparkles.
  2. Memorable nail art will help to embody the black tips that stand out on a beige base. An additional accent detail is the golden rhinestones laid out in the “smile” area.

matte jacket for summer 2022summer matte jacketfrench manicure for summer 2022 on almonds

French manicure with a butterfly for summer 2022

Thematic ornaments become relevant in the hot season. These are butterfly drawings:

  1. Originality is given by the execution of the “smile” in a transparent version. The base is made beige, complemented by a sticker in the form of a bright multi-colored butterfly.
  2. Traditional nude nail art can be supplemented with an image of an insect lined with rhinestones. The pattern is used to emphasize one of the fingers.
  3. The design of the «smile» in the form of a butterfly looks interesting. The desired shape is given with the help of wings descending to the base of the plate.

French manicure with a butterfly for summer 2022french manicure for summer 2022 with drawingssummer french on square nails

Fashionable jacket with flowers for summer 2022

Floral ornament does not lose its relevance:

  1. The location of the pattern in the “smile” area looks original. The drawing is on a traditionally traced snow-white strip.
  2. It is allowed to highlight one of the fingers by drawing peonies or roses in a naturalistic watercolor technique.
  3. An additional decor will be a chamomile print, combined with a sinuous abstract «smile».

fashionable jacket with flowers for summer 2022french manicure for summer with drawingsbeautiful summer french

Yellow french manicure for summer 2022

Sunny shade gives a good mood in the hot season. Summer yellow French manicure serves as confirmation:

  1. The “smile” filled with mimosa flowers, made in a three-dimensional version, looks interesting.
  2. Playing on the key is allowed, expressed in the use of a hue ranging from pale yellow to acidic lemon. The selection of a transparent base will help to neutralize the brightness.
  3. There is an accentuation of one finger by depicting large sunflower petals. The drawing is complemented by the drawing of large seeds.

yellow French manicure for summer 2022summer yellow french manicuresummer french on square nails

Light green French manicure in the summer of 2022

A certain shade gives fresh and rich notes at the same time. This is a light green version:

  1. A simple trick is to combine the neon tip, made in the form of a flat strip, and a transparent base.
  2. It is allowed to cover the “smile” with abstract prints, including light green and lemon shades.
  3. Acid color can be used to create a gradient jacket. The background is done in a restrained nude version.
  4. There is a filling of the “smile” area with a bright light green floral ornament.

light green manicure french summer 2022bright French manicure in the summer of 2022

Summer black and white French manicure with rhinestones

The combination of classic shades will make nail art elegant. Decorating with stones will bring luxury to the image. Confirmation is the French manicure with rhinestones for the summer of 2022, made in black and white:

  1. A simple technique is the alternation of shades on adjacent fingers by filling in a “smile”. The latter is performed in the traditional rounded or abstract sinuous version.
  2. It is allowed to cover the tip of the nail with a print associated with the colors of the zebra.
  3. The reverse jacket looks interesting with a contrasting hole and a “smile” in the form of a floral ornament.
  4. Black and white tonality looks organically in a chess design. The area of ​​the «smile» is filled with a cage made in the appropriate shades.

summer black and white French manicure with rhinestones

Blue French manicure for summer 2022

The blue tonality is associated with the sea and beach holidays. This is a blue French manicure for the summer:

  1. It is allowed to resort to combining with aquamarine color by painting over the “smile” area with it. The base is done in a pale blue shade.
  2. The combination with the pink color used to decorate the background or tip is welcome.
  3. The resemblance to a marine design will give decoration with transparent drops, as if flowing down on the surface of the plate. An alternative option is to draw thin snow-white lines that embody the crests of the waves.
  4. Luxurious notes will be added by filling the “smile” with sparkles of a blue tint.
  5. Marine nail art can be realized by combining with a velvety beige powder associated with sand. The coating is selected as the basis. The ends are blue.

blue French manicure for summer 2022blue French manicure for summersummer jacket with design

Pink French manicure for summer 2022

Certain shades give nail art romance. This is a summer pink French manicure:

  1. The resemblance to retro style is given by decorations with polka dots and a print placed on a pink background. The last shade is used to design a «smile».
  2. Beveled tips, traced with a diagonal strip, can be beaten by combining a pale pink and crimson hue.
  3. It is allowed to choose a gentle tone as a basis. The «smile» is filled with a gossamer pattern or a leopard print.
  4. It is allowed to depict voluminous roses on the tips of the plates, using the modeling technique.

pink French manicure for summer 2022summer pink manicure frenchdelicate French manicure for the summer

Summer gentle purple French manicure

A certain tone is recognized as a seasonal trend. This is a summer gentle French manicure, made in purple:

  1. The hue is taken to design the base or “smile”. To fill in other details, a snow-white or light lilac color is used.
  2. The purple-lavender ombre, made in the form of a jacket, looks interesting. Areas of the hole are allowed to be filled with lilac sparkles.
  3. The image of a contour heart or the drawing of large violet petals on an accent finger is associated with romance.
  4. It is allowed to arrange a “smile” in a volume version, covering it with small lavender flowers. The drawing is applied using the sculpting technique.

summer gentle purple french manicuregentle summer manicure frenchcolor jacket for summer

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