French 2020 - an overview of fashion trends and current innovations

French manicure is very popular among girls. The trends regarding this design are subject to regular changes. French 2020 is represented by a variety of stylish novelties, among which any fashionista will be able to choose an option to her taste.

French 2020 — fashion trends

This season, stylists are showing their imagination to the fullest, creating French manicure 2020. Trends that are worth taking into account are as follows:

  1. Perfect french has a well-chosen architecture. Manicure must be symmetrical.
  2. White. This classic will always be popular a. This design looks feminine and attractive. Manicure can be done quickly and without problems.
  3. Black french manicure. An elegant solution that also never goes out of style. It is worth noting that when using additional decor, black should prevail.
  4. French in other colors. In 2020, you should look at the following shades: red, yellow, marsh, blue, pink, beige and peach.
  5. Pastel French 2020. Suitable for creating feminine images. You can use a matte or glossy finish.
  6. Side. Looks interesting and bold. But when creating it, it is not recommended to use both a glossy and matte finish, it is better to stick to one thing.
  7. French in different colors. The nail plate can be covered with one color, and its tip can be highlighted with another. Such combinations are good: yellow + pink, red + blue, black + white, green + mint green, golden + beige.
  8. Hollywood (or moon manicure). When it is performed, you can play on contrasts.
  9. ombre. Actual tones are: pale pink, faded green, light blue, pale blue.

french 2020 fashion trendsfrench manicure 2020fashionable jacket on nails 2020

French for long nails 2020

French manicure looks more elegant if you perform it on long nails. There are a lot of ideas for its implementation, so any girl can do something for herself:

  1. Direct french on nails 2020 with foil. Extremely simple design option, which at the same time looks incredibly impressive.
  2. Made in the form of thin lines. A very gentle variation of manicure, especially if you apply a light varnish. Black, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to create a more fatal look.
  3. With drawing. You can complement the familiar design with an interesting pattern. The main thing is that it fits the overall image.
  4. ombre. Interesting transitions of one color to another look better on long nails.
  5. Millennium. Luxurious sequins will decorate any long nails. You can use other decorative elements.
  6. With an unusual smile line. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then it is better to use this option.

French for long nails 2020french nails 2020beautiful french manicure 2020

French manicure for short nails 2020

A jacket for short nails 2020 can also look unsurpassed. Among the popular trends in 2020 are the following:

  1. With drawing. You can use different options: these are geometric patterns, images of animals, plot drawings, and so on. You can complement the design with small rhinestones.
  2. Blue with dots looks good on short oval nails.
  3. Delicate pink ombre looks original and catchy. Smooth color transitions will appeal to any fashionista.
  4. The classic version is also appropriate, especially for business ladies.
  5. A neat red French manicure will appeal to girls who like to stand out.
  6. French 2020 with flowers looks gentle and feminine, so it is in great demand among women.
  7. The design looks good with small drawings on the tip of the nail plate.

french manicure for short nails 2020French for short nails 2020french design 2020

French on almond-shaped nails 2020

French manicure on oval nails 2020 will look extremely feminine. Almond-shaped nails are very popular among the fair sex. On this form, you can also make a French manicure that will look perfect. It is recommended to consider the following options:

  • with geometric shapes or abstractions;
  • classical;
  • combined;
  • inverted jacket 2020;
  • with gradient effect
  • if the nails are short, then the tip of the nail can be covered with sparkles;
  • for long almond-shaped nails, color painting is suitable;
  • relevant business option in soothing colors. But you can choose colors such as bright red;
  • a wedding jacket will look appropriate on almond-shaped nails. It can be supplemented with thematic applications or drawings;
  • Ombre performance will also fit perfectly here.

french on almond-shaped nails 2020french manicure for oval nails 2020beautiful french 2020

French on square nails 2020

French manicure for square nails 2020 can also be presented in a very favorable light. Such variations of nail design are in fashion:

  • white for short nails with rhinestone trim;
  • white, complemented by a pattern of flowers;
  • french 2020 on short nails in a square shape with drawings depicting cartoon characters;
  • classic or glare version;
  • black, decorated with sequins and rhinestones;
  • golden French manicure with floral images;
  • french for square nails in white and green tones;
  • ombre in gentle colors with sequins;
  • with abstract drawings;
  • with a sprinkle of glitter.

french on square nails 2020french manicure for square nails 2020french 2020

French ideas 2020

Many fashionistas will like French nail design 2020. This year, this universal nail art can be represented by a variety of ideas, even unexpected ones. Among them are the following:

  1. Colored french manicure. You can use unusual shapes for a “smile”, choose interesting color combinations.
  2. Millennium French season 2020 provides an opportunity to feel the holiday. Sequins shimmer beautifully, you can admire them endlessly.
  3. French manicure with various drawings will look intriguing and catchy.
  4. Ombre technique is very popular. French, made in this way, will look unique.
  5. Nail art with holes. As an additional decor, you can use sparkles or rhinestones.
  6. Lace French Nail Design. Looks feminine and very pretty.
  7. Double smile line. They can be drawn in one color or two — it all depends on preferences.

french ideas 2020french nail design 2020french manicure 2020

French sequins 2020

To complement the evening bow, a win-win solution would be a French manicure with sparkles 2020:

  1. Sequins are often used instead of rhinestones.. They are a pleasure to work with, as no special skills are required for this. You can place sparkles in any part of the nail plate.
  2. Suitable sequins for any length. For example, you can form a thin “smile” line and add glitter. An interesting design will be in red tones and sparkles. This will help a woman stand out from the crowd,
  3. Glitter can cover both each nail, and some one, for accents. They can draw figures or complement the overall picture. The jacket looks best with the design of 2020, when the sparkles are randomly scattered over the nail, this creates a natural effect.

french sequins 2020French manicure with sparkles 2020french new 2020

Red French 2020

Women are very fond of red, because it is energetic and bright. Trend ideas with which you can embody a fashionable jacket 2020 are as follows:

  • red glitter. Nails will become catchy and elegant;
  • scarlet sequin. It is better to use small elements;
  • broths red colors are also successfully used in the jacket;
  • granulated foil can also be a good addition. A beautiful French manicure 2020 looks interesting, shimmers in the light;
  • you can emphasize the tip of the nail and red varnish. Combinations of this color with white or black are acceptable, although other options can be tried.

red french 2020trendy french 2020french nails 2020

White French 2020

A real classic can be called a white jacket on nails 2020:

  1. Such a manicure is ideal for ladies who like to change their looks often, as it goes with almost everything. You can use this design option for weddings, complementing it with other delicate shades.
  2. French white 2020 looks great on any length and shape of nails. Therefore, if you want to do a French manicure, then you should try to start with this option. To complement the design so that it does not look boring, sequins, sequins, and rhinestones are often used. Drawings are well suited — especially delicate and lacy ones.

white french 2020white french nails 2020french 2020 fashion trends

Black French 2020

Black French manicure 2020 is extremely elegant. It is incredibly strict, but at the same time versatile and beautiful. It suits calm and confident girls. Some of the best ideas include:

  • glossy black jacket in combination with a white base;
  • mirror black jacket;
  • matte black with different base colors;
  • dark french manicure with geometric patterns;
  • supplemented with modeling;
  • with rhinestones;
  • black with various patterns;
  • manicure with a «smile» lined with black sparkles;
  • aquarium black french.

black french 2020manicure black french 2020french on square nails 2020

French manicure with a pattern 2020

Every year, something new is added to French manicure ideas. The drawings always look interesting, so any girl can try this design. Fashionable jacket on nails 2020 is offered in the following variations:

  • geometric patterns that have been fashionable for a long time;
  • drawings on the theme of floristry or nature also do not lose their relevance, as they give feminine and romantic notes;
  • abstract patterns are ideally combined with any version of the French manicure;
  • girls like images of butterflies or birds;
  • unusual drawings on the «smile» line.

French manicure with a pattern 2020stylish french manicure with a patternfrench ideas 2020

Bright French 2020

Some girls like to stand out from the crowd. They can take a closer look at a bright jacket, which differs from the classic versions of the French manicure. Here are some good options that present a beautiful jacket 2020:

  • a combination of several colors at once on the “smile” line;
  • a combination of bright jacket and moon manicure;
  • a bright line of «smile» of an atypical shape;
  • rainbow option. Different colors are applied to different nails;
  • bright French manicure with very thin lines;
  • drawings on the theme of floristry;
  • nail art in catchy colors and stamping.

bright french 2020beautiful french 2020trendy french 2020

Color French 2020

If you don’t want to perform a 2020 jacket in a classic design, a color option comes to the rescue, which cheers you up. Almost any color can be chosen. Of particular relevance are such tones as peach, purple, blue, yellow, pink. The whole pastel palette can also be used in design. You can apply one shade or several at once, combining them with each other in an arbitrary way.

color french 2020french 2020beautiful french manicure 2020

French with rhinestones 2020

Rhinestones perfectly complement any kind of French manicure. They can simply be placed on the nail plate to make accents, or you can lay out the “smile” line with them if it is wide. On one nail with rhinestones, you can even lay out a drawing. The color of this decoration depends on the overall design, for example, a winter jacket on nails 2020 can be supplemented with transparent and blue pebbles. The most important thing is that the elements are well combined with each other.

jacket with rhinestones 2020winter jacket on nails 2020french manicure for square nails 2020

French with rubbing 2020

Rubbing is a great alternative to glitter. It will harmoniously complement the jacket, the novelties of 2020 of which are offered in a brilliant version. Rubbing is beautifully combined with both classic and colored or black jacket. You can pick up any shade that will look organic with the selected color. In this case, the emphasis is either on one nail or rubbed on all nails. The ombre design looks interesting in combination with rubbing.

french with rubbing 2020french new 2020french design 2020

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