Fashionable pedicure for summer 2022 - stylish and original ideas and bright designs

In the hot season, to complete a harmonious look, it is necessary to select not only nail art on the hands, but also on the legs. Fashionable pedicure for the summer of 2022 is designed in bright and neutral design solutions. Stylists resort to coatings that differ in texture, complemented by extraordinary decorative elements.

Latest pedicure fashion trends 2022

Nail service masters have adopted extraordinary trends:

  1. The recognition of the girls was earned by the animalistic theme. A catchy look will help create the application of black and white zebra stripes on the nails.
  2. Neutral plates can be diluted by highlighting one finger with small sparkles.
  3. The design, made in a rich palette, wins at the expense of brightness. The trendy shade «fuchsia» is presented in a glossy shiny version.
  4. Out of competition remains a jacket, made in classic colors or with filling the “smile” with a foil strip.

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Fashionable manicure and pedicure in the summer of 2022

Nail art on the legs is created taking into account the harmonious combination with the design on the hands:

  1. Geometry is played up with a combination of pastel shades. The combination of blue and pink is considered successful.
  2. It is allowed to beat the nails with a simple decor: inserting a strip with rhinestones or foil.
  3. The shiny coating in the form of a metallized rub will attract attention.
  4. It is allowed to emphasize several fingers by laying out the strip with large kamifubuki.
  5. A memorable bow will help to embody leopard prints, made in natural beige-brown colors.

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Fashion trends for pedicure at sea 2022

In the beach season, original thematic nail art becomes relevant. This is a marine orientation:

  1. A sunny mood will be created by coating the fingers with lemon varnish. The large plate is accentuated by applying iridescent multi-colored stripes on a snow-white background.
  2. With the help of blue, turquoise shades, a marine design is embodied with white crests of waves applied on top.
  3. Marble nail art, made using blue and snow-white colors, will organically fit into the beach bow.
  4. Emphasis is welcomed by placing a volume anchor or steering wheel on the thumb.

fashion trends of pedicure at sea 2022fashionable pedicure at the seatrendy pedicure colors

Fashionable bright pedicure 2022

Saturated shades give nail art originality. This is a catchy tone:

  1. The juicy coral shade looks self-sufficient in monochrome. It is recommended to refer to shiny glossy finishes.
  2. A rich ombre is welcomed, embodied by the transition of pink to orange.
  3. Catchy varnish is allowed to be used to create a jacket. The coating is taken to shape the thumb. The rest of the nails are decorated with neon monochromatic varnish.
  4. Bright nail art looks more memorable with the addition of sparkles that form a triangle in the area of ​​​​the hole. An alternative solution is to resort to decorating with rhinestones that differ in shape. An example is the combination of round and diamond-shaped stones.

fashionable bright pedicure 2022fashionable bright pedicuretrendy stylish pedicure

Fashion trends for nude pedicure 2022

A discreet palette is suitable for the embodiment of neutral nail art. This is a nude trendy pedicure:

  1. A covering of beige-pink tonality is taken for decoration as a background. Nude is complemented by a snow-white “smile”, followed by ethnic prints made in a similar shade.
  2. To dilute the nude, particles of mica or small dark dots are intended, embodying the “quail egg” pattern.
  3. Catchy will bring laying out rhinestones, creating an imitation of a reverse jacket.

nude pedicure fashion trends 2022nude trendy pedicurepedicure fashion trends

Fashionable pedicure 2022 with rhinestones

If you want to make nail art luxurious, they resort to decorating with stones. The result is a fashionable pedicure with rhinestones:

  1. A simple trick is to place stones that match in shape and size in the form of a longitudinal strip that lengthens the plate. Shiny transparent elements look advantageous on a black background.
  2. Lunar nail art is popular with the design of the base of the nail with rhinestones of different sizes. An imitation of a crown laid out on a large plate looks interesting.
  3. Lovers of bold experiments resort to accentuating a certain plate by laying out multi-colored stones. Rhinestones are suitable for decorating thematic design: decorating butterfly wings, flower petals.

fashionable pedicure 2022 with rhinestones for the summerfashionable pedicure with rhinestones

Fashionable matte pedicure 2022

Noble notes will bring a discreet coating:

  1. It looks interesting game in contrast, created by combining shades. An example is the image of a large floral print in red on a black background.
  2. The geometric element endowed with a gradient effect looks original. The figure is laid out in a matte or glossy version.
  3. Juicy tones will make nail art self-sufficient. To implement the idea, crimson, red, coral varnish is suitable.

pedicure fashion trendstrendy matte pedicure 2022trendy pedicure

Fashionable french pedicure in summer 2022

Appeal to the classical style is relevant for connoisseurs of elegance:

  1. The pale pink background is diluted by laying out a “smile” with sparkles in a similar tone.
  2. The combination of trendy lilac and snow-white shades is welcome.
  3. It is allowed to decorate the jacket with rhinestones laid out in the form of a diagonal strip at the base of the nail.

trendy summer pedicurefashionable french pedicure in summer 2022fashionable french pedicure

Fashion pedicure trends for summer 2022 with stickers

Ready-made fixtures will simplify the process of creating nail art. This is the 2022 trendy pedicure design with stickers:

  1. The technique is suitable for the implementation of small, frequently repeated prints. An example is the image of miniature daisies that stand out against a bright green background.
  2. The sticker containing shiny elements in the structure looks original. An example is a large heart, decorated in the form of multi-colored kamifubuki.
  3. It is allowed to embody an openwork floral ornament with the help of stickers. The technique will help simplify the drawing of elements resembling lace.

pedicure fashion trends for summer 2022pedicure fashion trends for summer 2022 with stickers

Fashionable pedicure 2022 with sparkles

Bright elements will make nail art unique. Glitter remains out of competition:

  1. A simple but effective technique is to evenly cover the plate with glitter with numerous small elements. Gold and metallic colors are welcome.
  2. It is allowed to combine with a ceiling, geometric shapes made in the form of thin strips.
  3. The design will add catchiness with large kamifubuki, shaped like hearts and stars.
  4. Sequins organically fit into the design of the «spider line», which is carried out with the help of thin randomly intersecting lines.

fashionable pedicure 2022 with sequins for summertrendy pedicure design 2022latest fashion pedicure trends for summer 2022

Trendy pedicure colors 2022

Girls pay attention to the selection of tonality when creating nail art:

  1. Feminine and at the same time bright notes will bring a pearl coating, which is offered in snow-white and pale pink shades.
  2. A game of contrast is welcome, embodied by covering the toes of different legs with black and light varnish.
  3. Brightness will bring juicy raspberry tones. It is allowed to make a jacket by choosing a light graphite coating as the basis and filling the “smile” with a catchy pink color.
  4. The trendy purple palette remains out of competition. The tonality ranges from rich to subdued dark tone.
  5. The alternation of raspberry and sky varnish on adjacent fingers is welcome.

trendy pedicure colorthe most fashionable pedicuretrendy pedicure colors 2022

Fashionable red pedicure

The scarlet shade brings seductive notes to the image. This is a fashionable pedicure for the summer in red tones:

  1. A minimalist print in the form of a zebra or leopard color looks interesting. Red is selected as the background for the picture. Stripes or spots are made in a traditional black tint.
  2. Intense scarlet gloss is advantageously played up with a foil strip made in a golden version.
  3. The addition of minimalistic patterns in the form of the outlines of the lips, the girl’s face, drawn with thin white contour lines, is welcome.
  4. It is allowed to make a sophisticated gossamer design by choosing a shiny black or white finish for decoration.
  5. To dilute the brightness of the scarlet coating is a transparent strip, indicated on the golden contours.

trendy red pedicuretrendy summer pedicure

Fashionable white pedicure

On tanned legs, light colors look advantageous. This is the most fashionable pedicure in white:

  1. Organically looks like a matte varnish, and a shiny light rubbing. The addition of silver sparkles is welcome, embodying the stretching effect.
  2. On a snow-white background, themed tropical prints stand out advantageously. These are large palm leaves, traced in a green tint. The design is applied to the thumb. It is allowed to cover the adjacent plate with emerald varnish.

trendy white pedicurethe most fashionable pedicuretrendy pedicure design 2022

Raspberry pedicure for summer

Juicy tones will make nail art unique. This is a fashionable summer pedicure in a raspberry shade:

  1. Monochrome looks self-sufficient, wins due to the saturation of the coating. Decorating with transparent rhinestones is welcome, laid out at the base of the nail or completely filling the plate and forming a square.
  2. It looks interesting on a raspberry background reverse jacket, embodied with the help of rhinestones of lilac, coral, blue hue.
  3. The final application of a brilliant rub will add extra brightness to saturated nails.

raspberry pedicure for summertrendy summer pedicuretrendy pedicure colors 2022

Mint pedicure for the summer

Pastel tone gives the image of tenderness. These are the fashion trends of pedicure in a mint version:

  1. A design associated with the Tiffany style is welcome. The similarity is given by laying out the ornament with the help of snow-white pearls and adding lace curls, traced with varnish in a similar tone.
  2. Mint coating is suitable for decorating a wide “smile” combined with a transparent background.
  3. On a pastel basis, large snow-white orchid petals, made using the modeling technique, look advantageous.
  4. Mint finish is suitable for the embodiment of marine design. Palm leaves are associated with the beach, made in an unconventional silvery hue.

mint pedicure for summerpedicure fashion trendstrendy pedicure color

Yellow pedicure for summer

Sunny shade organically fits into the hot season. These are the fashion trends of pedicure in yellow:

  1. Experiments with tonality are allowed. This is a coating that is taken in a neon lemon version or contains impurities of a mustard undertone. Freshness is given by the application of voluminous transparent drops on a large plate.
  2. The trend is a thematic design depicting citrus fruits in a section. A white shade is selected as the background.
  3. Extraordinary will give the image of large sunflower petals applied to the thumb. The middle of the picture is made out by drawing black seeds.

yellow pedicure for summerpedicure fashion trendstrendy pedicure

Orange pedicure design for summer

A certain shade continues to be trendy in the hot season. This is orange:

  1. The addition of silver sequins, laid out in the form of a geometric figure at the base of a large plate, will help muffle the warm tone.
  2. Combination with neon tones applied in the form of winding stripes is welcome. A combination with a yellow, light green tone is recognized as harmonious.
  3. A bright jacket can be realized by combining an orange “smile” with a pale pink or light gray tone.
  4. Orange theme is recognized as a seasonal trend. Stamping will help to embody small images of fruits. To complement the snow-white background, citrus in the context is intended.

orange pedicure design for summertrendy stylish pedicurefashionable bright pedicure

Coral pedicure design for summer

The attention of fashionistas is offered a rich tone that attracts attention. These are the most fashionable pedicure colors in the coral version:

  1. The shade is organically combined with gold, laid out in the form of a longitudinal strip, an extension plate.
  2. It is allowed to resort to accentuating a few fingers with the help of a snow-white design. On a light background, drawings in the style of pop art or an image of a large coral heart are applied.
  3. A simple but effective technique is to highlight one or two fingers with a coating of small silver sparkles.
  4. Monochrome is allowed to beat with the help of three-dimensional elements. An example is laying out juicy raspberry clusters on a coral background.

coral pedicure design for summertrendy pedicure colorsfashionable bright pedicure 2022

Pearl pedicure for summer 2022

Nails that look like stones look spectacular. This is a trendy classic pedicure of 2022 in a pearl version:

  1. Applying a monochrome rub on all fingers is popular. On top of a brilliant background, it is allowed to depict an abstract pattern made in gold or silver gold leaf.
  2. The pearl base is suitable for complementing the openwork pattern. It is permissible to apply a lace pattern in a multi-colored version, resorting to a combination of red, yellow, blue tones.
  3. It is allowed to combine several shiny elements in the design. This is a pearl rub, combined with small rhinestones, pearls, foil stripes, sparkles.

pearl pedicure for summer 2022trendy classic pedicure 2022latest pedicure fashion trends 2022

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