Fashion trends spring-summer 2020 - a photo review of the most current images

With the onset of warm days, any girl wants to look unforgettable. The spring-summer 2020 fashion trends, represented by a variety of current novelties and original trends, will help her with this. Designers offer stylish design for all kinds of wardrobe items, shoes and accessories.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2020

In their collections, couturiers presented a variety of spring-summer 2020 trends:

  • if you want to emphasize elegance, you can adopt conciseness and minimalism. This is an unfading classic, which is represented by such wardrobe items as a pencil skirt, sheath dress, laconic blouses and shirts, straight-cut trousers and jeans;
  • romantic fashionistas will be pleasantly surprised by the assortment of models of dresses, blouses and skirts, which contain additions in the form of wide flounces;
  • the combination of several styles, popular in recent seasons, continues to be relevant, for example, this feminine thin dress and shoes with rough brutal soles;
  • a game of prints can be used, for example, the bottom can contain a longitudinal strip, and the top can contain a small cell.

fashion trends spring summer 2020trends spring summer 2020

Spring-Summer 2020 Trends — Colors

The color scheme, which presents the spring-summer 2020 fashion trends for women, is found in the following variations:

  • bright, juicy colors that fit perfectly in the warm season. These are sunny orange, bright scarlet, raspberry, yellow, aquamarine and other rich tones;
  • shining white will be a win-win solution for the summer season;
  • all possible shades of denim are in trend, with their help you can create a stylish and incredibly relevant denim total bow this season;
  • as for prints, polka dots, leopard print, tropical motifs are the favorites on the fashionable Olympus.

trends spring summer 2020 colorsfashion trends spring summer 2020 for women

Fashion trends spring-summer 2020 in clothes

The stylists showed their imagination to the fullest, creating the spring-summer 2020 trends, the clothes are presented in a wide range:

  • feminine dresses and skirts in bright and light pastel colors are in trend, which will organically fit into the summer season;
  • trousers and jeans are offered mainly in classic straight or loose models, which provide an opportunity to create a unique casual look;
  • If we look at the spring-summer 2020 trends, outerwear is found in lightweight options, such as trench coats, summer coats, denim or thin leather jackets, made in a cropped style or loose oversized.

fashion trends spring summer 2020 in clothestrends spring summer 2020 clothing

Dresses spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

Eminent couturiers presented the spring-summer 2020 dress, the trends of which are characterized by extreme diversity:

  • if you want to make the image emphasized gentle, it is recommended to turn to pastel colors. It can be sunny yellow, made in a soft, muted version, mint, pale blue;
  • floral motifs are invariably in trend in the spring-summer season and have already become a traditional version of the popular print. To bring variety to the image, you can use such spring-summer 2020 fashion trends as tropical motifs. They will look especially unique on a dress that has a maxi length;
  • a product that is as long as possible to the floor and contains a somewhat flared skirt, can be complemented by spectacular cuts running along the legs, which become visible during movement;
  • young fashionistas may prefer an extreme mini in bright colors;
  • you can add romance to the image by decorating with ruffles and flounces, which can be located both in the upper and lower parts.

dresses spring summer 2020 fashion trendsdress spring summer 2020 trends

Skirts spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

Thanks to the diversity that spring-summer 2020 trends represent, women’s clothing is offered in a significant assortment. This also applies to such a wardrobe item as skirts:

  • Denim is an extremely popular material and can be used to create pencil or flared skirts. There is a combination consisting of denim inserts that have different colors;
  • leopard print is one of the most trendy this season. It can imitate the natural coloring of an animal or be performed in bright, sometimes even acidic tones;
  • polka dots are an undeniable trend of this season, they can decorate skirts of any length. Fashion trends spring-summer 2020 suggest using this print in midi-length flared models, which are a reference to retro style;
  • pleating will be incredibly popular this season;
  • Another trend is a wide frill running down the skirt along the wrap line.

skirts spring summer 2020 fashion trendstrends spring summer 2020 women's clothing

Pants spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

Trousers are another popular wardrobe item, the trends of the spring-summer 2020 season for which are presented in different options:

  • such a style as “bananas” is in fashion, which is characterized by a certain expansion in the hips and narrowing downwards. At the same time, the addition of trousers with tucks gathered in the belt area is relevant;
  • both women of fashion with a slender figure, and owners of magnificent forms will be able to choose loose-fitting trousers. This is a flare from the hip, «palazzo» models, skirts-trousers greatly expanding downwards;
  • fashion trends spring-summer 2020 admit and even welcome that trousers will become the main stylish accent of the image. To do this, you can use catchy, memorable prints, for example, it can be a wide black and white or bright colored strip, drawings in the form of large flowers.

pants spring summer 2020 fashion trendsseason trends spring summer 2020

Shorts spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

Young ladies will appreciate the fashion trends of 2020 spring-summer, which offer a variety of design variations for shorts:

  • Denim is always on trend. Models with an oversized fit, known as «Americans» are popular;
  • denim shorts can contain all sorts of torn details;
  • for products made of dense materials, an addition in the form of gates is relevant;
  • you can give an image of seductiveness if you use a zipper, located not traditionally in front, but behind;
  • spring-summer 2020 fashion trends welcome bright colors that can contain a combination of two or more shades combined with a gradient transition;
  • tenderness will be given by guipure inserts or stripes, decoration with pearls or embroidery.

shorts spring summer 2020 fashion trendsfashion trends 2020 spring summer

Jeans spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

When designing jeans, designers suggest using a variety of spring-summer 2020 trends:

  • high fit continues to be an undeniable trend, it looks great on absolutely any figure;
  • fashion current trends spring-summer 2020 offer all kinds of flared options, both from the knee and from the hip, with more or less pronounced trouser leg expansion;
  • a combination of denim in different colors is welcome, while individual details are combined in a patchwork style;
  • shortened models will help to demonstrate beautiful graceful ankles.

jeans spring summer 2020 fashion trendstrends spring summer 2020

Fashion trends in shoes spring-summer 2020

Shoes are designed to be a harmonious completion of the image. New trends in spring-summer 2020 fashion offer it in the following variations:

  • with the use of complex details, such as weaving straps;
  • classic pumps are an option that this season can be worn with different wardrobe items, both with dresses or skirts, and with jeans or shorts. They will look unique in a shiny metallic or golden finish;
  • transparent inserts may be present on the shoes, or a heel is allowed in this embodiment.
  • as for compatibility with clothes, it can be classic or very unusual, for example, sports sneakers can be combined with an airy, emphatically feminine dress, and stilettos with ripped jeans;
  • pointed toe is back in fashion this season;
  • An unsurpassed retro look will help to create shoes made in the style of «Mary Jane», with a rounded toe and buckle.

fashion trends in shoes spring summer 2020new fashion trends spring summer 2020

Sandals spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

When creating sandals this season, designers took into account the current trends in spring-summer 2020 shoes:

  • leopard print is an incredibly relevant trend of this season, it can also be used when designing sandals;
  • a massive platform is reasonably considered very convenient, it gives the fashionista visual growth, but at the same time provides comfort when walking;
  • sandals look interesting, in which the top or platform is made in metallic colors;
  • the fashionable current trends of spring-summer 2020 also welcome floral images that can be applied to sandals in the form of a pattern or represent voluminous decorative details;
  • the original solution will be the top, consisting of intertwining thin straps;
  • sandals may contain ties that are fixed on the ankle in the form of a bow.

sandals spring summer 2020 fashion trendsshoe trends spring summer 2020

Sneakers spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

When stylists were developing spring-summer 2020 fashion trends, shoes were offered not only in feminine versions, but also in sports sneakers:

  • the classic snow-white color always remains in trend;
  • the addition of sneakers with a massive sole is welcome;
  • bright colors are popular, in some models even acid colors, while there are both plain sneakers and those containing a combination of two or more tones;
  • spring-summer 2020 fashion trends for girls offer sport-chic sneakers, which are characterized by the presence of original decorative elements. For example, this decoration with chains, such decor can be found in the Gucci collection, or metal elements such as hearts.

fashion trends spring summer 2020 accessoriesjewelry trends spring summer 2020

Fashion trends spring-summer 2020 — accessories

To harmoniously complete the chosen look, stylists offer the following trends in spring-summer 2020 jewelry:

  • large earrings made in the form of rings or containing a combination of three-dimensional stones;
  • massive elongated chains;
  • a silk scarf can serve as an accessory, which is tied around the neck or head in an original way;
  • half-face voluminous glasses are also in trend, they are represented by all sorts of models, such as aviators, lennons, cat’s eyes and others.

fashion trends spring summer 2020 accessoriesjewelry trends spring summer 2020

Bags spring-summer 2020 — trends

In stylish collections, you can find a variety of bags, the spring-summer 2020 fashion trends of which are extremely diverse:

  • weaving is in trend, while such elements can be made of high quality leather and represent an option for everyday wear;
  • another wicker option will be products made from straw, which will be a great addition to a beach bow;
  • popular and various fabric models of bags made in bright colors;
  • the product can be carried with the help of a wide shoulder strap; a massive chain can act as an alternative to it.

handbags spring summer 2020 trendsbags fashion trends spring summer 2020

Makeup trends spring-summer 2020

Fashion trends in makeup spring-summer 2020 will help to make the image unforgettable:

  • naturalness is in trend, so nude discreet makeup will be a win-win solution;
  • wide arrows look original, highlighting the eyes and making them visually large. They can be depicted in black or brown, or in bright colors, for example, these are arrows drawn in blue or green;
  • the main focus can be made on the lips, painted with bright red lipstick or emphasizing with a rich shade of burgundy.

makeup trends spring summer 2020

Manicure spring-summer 2020 — fashion trends

Nail design masters offer a variety of spring-summer 2020 manicure trends:

  • nails dyed with nude, pastel or delicate light varnish will become a universal solution;
  • when creating nail art, negative space can be used, highlighted with small pebbles;
  • bright colors are very relevant in summer, they can be taken in a single color version or contain a combination of coatings of several shades;
  • for spring and summer, floral themes, tropical ornaments, images of birds and insects, and a marine theme will become indispensable.

manicure spring summer 2020 fashion trendsmanicure trends spring summer 2020

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