Summer pedicure and manicure in the same style - original bright nail design ideas

In the warm season, the creation of beautiful nail art becomes relevant. Summer pedicure and manicure in the same style will help to achieve the desired effect. Masters turn to discreet elegant solutions or to complement the original decor. Experiments with colors and nail decorations are being carried out.

Summer manicure and pedicure ideas

Nail service masters turn to original solutions. The design of manicure and pedicure in the same style is represented by trends:

  1. French, associated with the classics, is embodied in similar shades on the arms and legs. The white-nude combination is recognized as traditional.
  2. It is allowed to resort to combinations of saturated shades. An example is the combination of lavender and lemon.
  3. It is allowed to make moon nail art in a similar tone. The simultaneous selection of the “smile” area is welcome. The tip is painted in a color similar to the hole.
  4. The plates on the arms and legs can overlap with the help of decorating with rhinestones. It is allowed to completely fill one of the fingers with stones. A popular trend is to lay out rhinestones at the base of the plate.
  5. An appeal to accent details that highlight one of the fingers is welcome. This is an image of a crown, the Eiffel Tower, a floral ornament.
  6. Similarity can be given due to a certain shade. An example is a turquoise varnish covering several nails in a monochrome version, a “smile” imitating a jacket. Emphasis is made with the help of stones of a similar shade, applied on a snow-white background.

summer manicure and pedicure ideasmanicure and pedicure design in one style

Marine manicure and pedicure

A suitable design has been developed for a beach holiday. This is a summer manicure and pedicure at sea:

  1. Aquamarine, blue, turquoise colors remain out of competition. Varnishes cover nails in a monochrome version. It is permissible to apply thin white lines on top, imitating the scallops of the waves.
  2. Accentuation is welcomed by laying out a voluminous anchor on the big toe and decorating one of the plates of the hand. An alternative solution is to apply a voluminous shell or starfish.
  3. There is an alternation of blue and warm sand varnish. The latter is allowed to be replaced with velvety powder. The image of a depressed footprint is associated with the beach.

manicure and pedicure design

Summer monochrome manicure and pedicure

A simple and elegant solution would be monochrome. This is a plain manicure and pedicure for the summer:

  1. Plates are allowed to be beaten with varnishes of saturated shades. A good solution is to turn to raspberry, coral, orange.
  2. The green hue is associated with luscious foliage and is offered in shades ranging from olive to emerald green.
  3. It is allowed to dilute one monophonic design by covering one of the plates with sparkles or small rhinestones.

summer monochrome manicure and pedicureplain manicure and pedicure summer

Nude manicure and pedicure

Beige-pink tonality is recognized as universal. This is a gentle manicure and pedicure for the summer:

  1. A simple solution is to cover your nails with a solid color varnish. The plates get their freshness by finishing with a rubbing, giving a pearl-like finish.
  2. It is allowed to resort to decorating with voluminous snow-white orchid petals. The decoration, made using the sculpting technique, is applied to a large nail plate.
  3. A noble matte finish can be beaten with a small floral ornament. The pattern is applied to the big toe using stickers or stamping.

nude manicure and pedicure

Glitter manicure and pedicure

Appeal to bright decor gives nail art luxury. The result is a brilliant manicure and pedicure:

  1. Finger coating with pearl rub is welcome. The structure is complemented by rhinestones laid on top, large kamifubuki or small sparkles.
  2. The original solution is moon nail art or a reverse jacket decorated with stones. The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe «smile» is allowed to be filled with silver or golden sparkles.
  3. It is welcome to lay out the details of certain sections of the plates, the design of stripes, openwork patterns.
  4. Tenderness in the image will be brought by the design of the «spider line», in which sparkles organically fit.

glitter manicure and pedicure

Summer manicure and pedicure «French»

French classics remain unchanged relevant. This is a manicure and pedicure «French» for the summer:

  1. The traditional nude-white palette remains out of competition. Applying a shiny gloss or rubbing over the main design is welcome.
  2. Luxury will be brought by the designation of the delimiting strip with the help of small rhinestones or kamifubuki.
  3. It is allowed to color the “smile” in rich colors, resorting to monochrome or gradient effect.
  4. The design of the tips of the nails in the form of a butterfly pattern looks original. An unusual «smile» takes on a triangular shape.

summer manicure and pedicure french

Summer bright manicure pedicure in one style

Saturated tones are indispensable in the hot season. This is a bright summer manicure and pedicure:

  1. An appeal to the neon palette, represented by lemon, orange, light green, raspberry shades, is welcome.
  2. Brightness is given by applying a golden or silver sweat to a catchy background.
  3. It is allowed to cover saturated plates with the popular “quail egg” pattern.
  4. The creation of rainbow nail art, embodied by delimiting the plate into separate sections, is welcome. The areas are filled with varnishes that differ in tone.

summer bright manicure pedicure in one style

Manicure and pedicure color combination

Harmonious nail art is created not only in a single color scheme, but also by combining shades. Manicure and pedicure in the same style for the summer are represented by ideas:

  1. A win-win solution is to cover the fingers with white, cream, beige, milky varnish. An alternative idea is to turn to the traditional transparent white jacket. The toes are decorated in a rich tone. The trend is purple, burgundy, raspberry, lilac, orange coating.
  2. It is allowed to decorate the nails on the hands and feet in bright colors that are in harmony with each other. A combination of green and orange, blue and red, lemon and light green shades is recognized as successful.

color combination manicure and pedicure

Pink manicure and pedicure

Certain shades bring romantic notes to the image. This is a summer manicure and pedicure, made in a pink tone:

  1. A pale muted finish is associated with tenderness. It is allowed to decorate the base in a pastel version, and cover the “smile” with bright raspberry varnish.
  2. In monochrome, a rich pink color looks spectacular, evenly covering the fingers and toes.
  3. It is allowed to refer to the thematic decor. This is an accentuation of the fingers, carried out with the help of a three-dimensional image of raspberry clusters.
  4. The drawing of a watermelon in a section looks interesting. Pink flesh is complemented by a green stripe representing the peel and black seeds.

pink manicure and pedicure

Yellow manicure and pedicure

Sunny shade organically fits into the hot season. This is a yellow manicure and pedicure for the summer:

  1. A rich lemon tone organically harmoniously looks in monochrome.
  2. The sand design, performed with the help of velvety powder, is recognized as a trend. The big toe is complemented by an indented image of the foot on the sand.
  3. Emphasis is welcome with the image of sunflower petals on a snow-white background.
  4. A trendy fruity design is embodied by drawing a cutaway lemon or a half-peeled banana.

yellow manicure and pedicuresummer manicure and pedicure

Orange manicure and pedicure

Saturated warm coatings look spectacular. This is an orange manicure and pedicure for the summer:

  1. Bright varnish is harmoniously combined with golden leaf or small rhinestones laid out on one of the fingers.
  2. Ombre looks organic, created with the addition of yellow.
  3. Orange coating is found in a catchy neon version or muted, close to the notes of a mustard pallet.
  4. It is welcome to emphasize one of the fingers with the help of the image of an orange in a section. The pattern is often complemented by voluminous transparent drops.
  5. It is allowed to combine the fiery and chess design on adjacent fingers. Flames are drawn on one plate, black-orange cells on the other.

orange manicure and pedicure

Blue manicure and pedicure

A certain shade is associated with a marine theme. This is a blue manicure and pedicure design:

  1. The tone of the varnishes used for decoration varies from pale to rich aquamarine. Intermediate options contain a turquoise, heavenly undertone.
  2. Blue pastel gets a fresh touch by applying a brilliant rub.
  3. Out of competition remains the marine design, embodied by applying snow-white crests of waves on a blue background.
  4. Notes of airiness are brought by nail art with clouds. The drawing covers a rich sky background.

blue manicure and pedicure

Red manicure and pedicure in the same style

Scarlet coating will bring seductive notes to the image. This is a red manicure and pedicure for the summer:

  1. For the design of nails, a juicy tonality or a muted color scheme close to burgundy is selected.
  2. It is allowed to create monochrome nail art or beat it with original decor. In the latter case, retro motifs are welcome, expressed in a uniform coating of the plate with small rhinestones applied at a certain distance from each other.
  3. With the help of red, it is allowed to embody a fiery design, depicting a “smile” in the form of flames.
  4. The trendy fruit theme is embodied by drawing several scarlet cherries on a snow-white background. The remaining fingers are covered with red varnish.

red manicure and pedicure for summerred manicure and pedicure in the same style

White manicure and pedicure in the same style

The light coating brings fresh notes to the image and emphasizes a beautiful tan. This is a white manicure and pedicure with design:

  1. A win-win option is to turn to a pearl powder that gives shine to the nails. White varnish is organically combined with transparent rhinestones, laid out in the area of ​​​​the hole or in the form of a strip.
  2. On a light background, the leopard print, made in natural shades, stands out advantageously.
  3. It is allowed to resort to the addition of multi-colored potal, creating a spectacular abstract design.
  4. On a snow-white background, delicate curls drawn with thin black lines stand out advantageously.

white manicure and pedicure in the same style

Green manicure and pedicure

A certain coating is associated with freshness. This is a green bright manicure and pedicure for the summer:

  1. The monochrome design, made in neon shades, looks self-sufficient. The tone ranges from muted olive to dark emerald. Intermediate shades are light green, tropical green tones.
  2. Out of competition are vegetable prints made in the contour version or by filling the leaves with green paint.
  3. The trendy tropical ornament is represented by images of large palm leaves applied to plates of a large area.
  4. It is allowed to combine floral and floral prints. Fresh greens are complemented by the image of small flowers or large petals.

green manicure and pedicure

Purple manicure and pedicure

The trendy color palette is presented in a rich variation. This is a purple summer manicure and pedicure design:

  1. It is allowed to cover the plate with a rich monochrome, presented in a glossy or matte version.
  2. Luxurious notes will give the application on top of the main coating of silver sparkles.
  3. It is allowed to accentuate one finger, covering it with a light lilac varnish. A floral ornament or an image of butterfly wings is applied on top of it.
  4. It is allowed to single out one plate with the help of a snow-white coating, on which large violet petals are depicted.

purple manicure and pedicure

Coral manicure and pedicure design

A bright shade will help embody creative nail art. This is a combination of manicure and pedicure for the summer with the help of coral color:

  1. The catchy shade is in harmony with the white tone. Colors are applied to alternate on adjacent fingers.
  2. A warm coral hue is advantageously beaten up by applying golden sparkles or potali. An alternative solution is to lay out a longitudinal strip of small rhinestones that visually lengthen the fingers.
  3. On a coral background, it is allowed to draw the wings of a butterfly with dark contours. If desired, the pattern is decorated with transparent rhinestones.

coral manicure and pedicure design

Black manicure and pedicure

A dark coating will bring depth and mystery to the image. This is the same manicure and pedicure for the summer, made in black:

  1. Monochrome looks interesting, played out due to a different texture. A plain glossy decor is applied on a matte background.
  2. It is allowed to cover the fingers with transparent varnish, on top of which a dense openwork black pattern is applied.
  3. The interpretation of the jacket with a nude base and a dark “smile” looks interesting.
  4. The black background is suitable for accenting with the original decor. This is a crumpled golden foil that imitates a large stone laid out on one of the plates.

the same manicure and pedicure for the summerblack manicure and pedicureblack manicure and pedicure 2022

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