Bright french — ideas and trends for short, long nails of square, sharp and almond shape


Bright jacket - for stylish and daring fashionistas

A popular design for nails of any length and shape is French manicure. Many are accustomed to the fact that the design is done in pastel, delicate shades. A bright jacket will help break stereotypes. A catchy option is perfect for the warm season.

Ideas for a bright jacket

Bold, colorful options, which are represented by a bright French manicure, are suitable for summer outfits:

  • nail art is created in red, bright yellow, mint, carrot or blue. It is characterized by different inscriptions on the thumb;
  • fashionistas are inspired by neon tones, asking for abstract and geometric variations. When creating a design, a significant proportion is given to improvisation. If catchy colors do not appeal, then you should pay attention to drawings and decor;
  • Do not think that white will be boring. The shade was created for picky and neat girls. Rhinestones, shimmer add brightness;
  • the reverse version, in which the holes are painted in a bright neon color, is an expressive design. This manicure is great for those who prefer nude and transparent nail art. A bright accent at the base of the nail looks stylish and neat;
  • bright neon jacket and all its varieties are fashionable varieties of nail art. For the sake of variety, it is worth making a rainbow design that represents a rainbow. Manicure is spectacular due to the harmonious combination of all seven colors. The eye-catching design will perfectly fit into summer looks, suitable for special occasions;
  • the best base is a neutral or pink base. It is allowed to decorate a manicure with rhinestones, use the “different hands” technique. The red tones go well with the leopard print. Red is allowed to highlight the hole and the “smile”, and apply a purple coating in the middle;
  • fashionable idea — applying a variety of abstract patterns, textures and patterns. For the sake of a unique design, it is worth applying a picturesque drawing to the tip of the nail. It is worth correlating the patterns with the season, for example, in summer, draw waves, swallows and decorate with micro-shine;
  • a great solution is a design with a watermelon on the tip of the nail. For warm weather, floral motifs and fruit drawings are suitable. The animalist also goes well with a jacket, for example, flamingos, ladybugs, images of dragonflies, butterflies and other beautiful insects;
  • The gradient is ideal for those who like the inconspicuous growth of gel polish on their nails. A spectacular transition of colors is created from the middle of the nail. Ombre should be complemented with foil, sparkles. To create a fashionable manicure, you should choose the perfect color duet;
  • A “smile” can be made non-standard, for example, of different widths or with a slope. This design is preferred by young people. If you want to achieve moderation, then you should make an unusual “smile” on only a few nails, and make classics on the rest.

bright french ideasbright french manicurebright french manicure

Bright jacket for short nails

When creating a jacket for short nails, bright colors will be an excellent solution:

  • on shortened plates it is allowed to make a “smile” of a bright shade. An important point — it should be thin and neat, so that the nail turns out to be visually longer, and the design is more delicate;
  • it is even allowed to use additional decor, but with care so that the end result does not turn out to be too intrusive. A great idea is to decorate with single rhinestones located on each finger.

bright jacket for short nailsfrench on short nails bright colorsbright french nail design

Bright jacket for long nails

A bright French manicure for long nails will help to embody any design you like:

  • the only rule is that colors should be in harmony with each other;
  • the “smile” line should be highlighted with neon shades, a mirror rub or glitter;
  • a bright jacket on long nails is suitable for both festive and everyday outings. A combination of various shades is allowed, which are applied alternately, creating multiple “smile” lines.

bright jacket for long nailsbright french manicure for long nailsbright colored french

Bright jacket on almond-shaped nails

A bright jacket on almond-shaped nails looks elegant and gentle:

  • to emphasize the tenderness of the form is allowed by simply highlighting the tip of the nail by drawing a traditional rounded line;
  • an interesting accent will be the decoration of a pair of fingers with prints of foil rich in tone;
  • refinement will give a gradient transition of a catchy shade into a delicate pastel.

bright french on almond-shaped nailsbright french on almond-shaped nailsbright french ideas

Bright french on square nails

A great everyday option is a bright jacket on square-shaped nails:

  • geometry will help emphasize the clarity of the square. Several marigolds are decorated with figures that are separate or intersect with each other;
  • those who lack brightness should highlight the tips of the nails with a rich red color. It is fashionable to use such tones: strawberry, fuchsia, red-golden-orange combinations;
  • practicality and sophistication are simultaneously embodied by a soft square, connected with traced holes, made in a similar shade with tips.

bright french on square nailsbright french on square nailsbright french manicure

Bright jacket for sharp nails

The embodiment of seductiveness is a sharp bright jacket:

  • on pointed nails, a beveled variety of manicure harmoniously looks;
  • another successful variation is a beautiful bright French manicure, made with a triangular “smile”, which organically falls on a pointed tip;
  • longitudinally drawn lines running in the middle will help to give the plates even greater length.

bright french on sharp nailsspicy bright french

Bright jacket for a ballerina

With sophistication and beauty, a bright French manicure is associated, made on a shape known as a “ballerina”:

  • a simple solution — highlighting the tip with rich shades that emphasize the shape;
  • the reverse jacket is not only a noticeable manicure, but also creating the perfect balance of brightness and tenderness. It is worth experimenting with a matte top;
  • scarlet tones go well with a white base.

bright jacket for a ballerinabright french manicure

Bright French manicure on oval nails

Romantic-minded persons will appreciate the bright jacket on oval nails:

  • a harmonious combination — a pastel base and a “smile”, made with a rich and at the same time delicate coating, for example, heavenly, light-bright pink;
  • you should not avoid unusual options, for example, make a transparent jacket and complement it with a white base, rubbing and stamping;
  • a French jacket with bright colors looks flawless on an oval shape. Large roses, a scattering of small daisies, beautiful peonies are drawn.

bright french manicure on oval nails

Bright double jacket

A stylish trend is a bright French nail design, made in a double version:

  • when creating nail art, they often combine both a “smile” and a hole. At the same time, the zones are decorated with fashionable catchy tones, and the base is made white or pastel;
  • with the double option, it is allowed to carry out any experiments, for example, choose three primary bright colors and alternate them, decorating the hole and the “smile”. As a result, it will be possible to create a manicure with a special charm and mood, but without decor.

bright double french

Bright oblique French

The original version, which is represented by a jacket with bright tips, is an oblique version:

  • the line looks interesting because it is beveled to one edge;
  • «smile» is performed in one catchy tone or several;
  • with such a design, it is safely allowed to combine different decor, for example, rhinestones, glitter, beads and other decorations.

bright oblique french

Bright acid French

Neon tones are at the peak of popularity and are used to decorate a bright colored jacket:

  • With the help of acid coatings, it is possible to transform nails of any shape and length. To make the manicure noticeable, it is recommended to decorate the “smile” zone with neon varnish of green, lime or yellow-orange hue;
  • to make a bright jacket even more expressive, stylists advise using a white substrate, and apply a thin layer of neon varnish;
  • if you like a more relaxed design, a nude, gray or transparent base will come in handy.

bright acid french

Multi-colored bright jacket

A popular solution, which presents a bright summer jacket, is to create a design in a multi-colored version:

  • the more unusual the combination of shades, the more interesting the manicure is. You should bet on brightness and choose a couple of saturated shades. Then it will be possible to achieve a spectacular and fashionable nail art. A bright multi-colored jacket looks beautiful on both short and pointed long nails;
  • “Smile” is allowed to be issued in two bright shades, divided in half. Another trend is to choose one bright color for each nail. This technique helps to take a fresh look at the classics;
  • to make nail art look noticeable and attractive, the base should be made transparent or matte. The multi-colored version does not need additional decorations.

colorful bright french

Bright jacket with sparkles

If you want to bring luxury and brilliance to the image, a beautiful bright jacket made using sparkles will be a godsend:

  • a popular technique is stretching with sparkles, most of which are concentrated in the tip area. Details gradually decrease towards the hole;
  • the decoration will be a regular strip lined with sparkles or carefully depicted openwork patterns;
  • it is allowed to fill one or a pair of nails with sparkles that fill the entire surface.

bright jacket with sequinsbeautiful bright french

Bright matte jacket

French manicure looks win-win, bright colors on which are applied using a matte finish:

  • saturated tones acquire a certain mutedness due to the application of matte varnish, so they look noble;
  • foil prints applied to several fingers, coating a pair of marigolds with a mirror rub will help to bring variety;
  • on a matte background, rhinestones or drawings filled with sparkles look advantageous.

bright matte jacketfrench manicure bright colors

Bright jacket with rhinestones

For an evening out, a bright jacket with a design containing rhinestones is ideal:

  • the main thing is not to use too many decorations on one plate, otherwise, instead of a spectacular manicure, you will get a vulgar, rough one. The ideal solution is to decorate one nail with rhinestones, laying out the pebbles with a pattern;
  • it is allowed to lay out a pebble in the middle of a flower drawn with catchy colors;
  • a brilliant embodiment of geometry — a strip filled with small rhinestones.

bright jacket with rhinestonesbright jacket with design

Bright neon jacket

If you want to attract everyone’s attention, a summer bright manicure-jacket, made using neon coatings, will be a godsend:

  • in order not to overload the design, it is recommended to use a delicate pastel coating or a traditional white varnish as a base. Neon makes out a “smile” that stands out against the general background;
  • one nail can be made accent, completely covered with neon varnish. On the remaining fingers, a tip is drawn with a similar coating;
  • to dilute the brightness of neon, the design of the “smile” in two colors will help, one is taken in a catchy variation, and the second in a muted one, for example, in black.

bright neon jacketsummer bright french manicure

Bright jacket with a butterfly

Invariably popular in the summer season is a bright jacket with a pattern depicting a butterfly:

  • in order not to overload the manicure, it is recommended to place the drawing on one or a pair of nails;
  • there is an image of a half wing, a whole butterfly, or several insects drawn on one plate;
  • the inlay with rhinestones, which are used to decorate the wings, looks amazing;
  • on two adjacent fingers it is allowed to place one wing each, which eventually fold into a single composition.

bright jacket with a butterfly

Bright jacket with gold

A luxurious variety of nail art is an unusual bright jacket made using golden details:

  • it is allowed to lay out openwork patterns on a transparent background with gold sparkles, and create a “smile” in traditional white;
  • the option looks interesting, with the tips completely filled with gold;
  • it is allowed to separate the tip from the base with the help of a golden strip of foil;
  • originality will be given by golden kamifubuki, taken in the form of circles and filling a longitudinally laid out strip. The «smile» on other fingers is also allowed to be filled with such elements;
  • successful interpretation — golden foil prints located on several plates. The tips are drawn with traditional snow-white, orange or sunny yellow varnish.

bright jacket with gold

Bright jacket with palm trees

With the onset of the beach season, a bright jacket on the sea, containing images of palm trees, becomes relevant:

  • it is advisable to use a harmonious combination of colors, for example, make the “smile” yellow, and depict the palm tree in orange and black;
  • a blue-yellow ombre, associated with waves and sand, will serve as a reflection of the marine theme. Palm trees are drawn on a rich gradient background with black varnish;
  • it is recommended not to use the image of palm trees on all fingers, otherwise the nail art will come out sticky. Stylists advise limiting yourself to a pattern made on one or two fingers.

bright jacket with palm treesbright jacket on the sea


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