Autumn nails - 110 photo ideas of a stylish, bright manicure

For each season, nail masters come up with different combinations, elegant techniques and skillfully combine all the colors of the color palette. Autumn beautiful nails, represented by a variety of design options, are capable of giving positive emotions in the cold season. A beautiful manicure can be done on plates of any length and shape.

Creative Autumn Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer the attention of fashionistas all kinds of designs:

  • the cobweb design looks good, another popular nail art is “brush strokes”;
  • the original solution would be a manicure with the effect of finely applied dashes — “quail eggs”. The pattern looks unobtrusive, but at the same time gives originality and expresses individual style;
  • in order for the nail design to be successful and flawless, some attributes should be used. Popular decor elements include sparkling particles and sparkles;
  • it is allowed to create options for an autumn trendy manicure, guided by minimalistic and concise details. This is considered foil and decorative pebbles;
  • in a beautiful manicure, it is definitely recommended to combine several fashionable styles. Masters offer to combine rhinestones and sparkles, drawings and different techniques. Fashionable nail design is not complete without prints that will make the nails stunning and gorgeous. The main trend is the drawing of thematic prints;
  • if you need a playful manicure, you should pay attention to the drawings of the fox;
  • in autumn it is allowed to perform a romantic design, which is achieved by images of a couple in love;
  • for those who prefer minimalism, sophisticated prints in the form of bird flowers and other mini-drawings are suitable;
  • one of the main secrets is the right autumn colors for manicure. Nail art is created from warm shades that are used to embody the theme that is characteristic of this time of year.

autumn manicure ideasautumn colors for manicureautumn manicure options

Autumn manicure and pedicure in the same style

Connoisseurs of the classics often prefer to be guided by the principles of harmony and consistency of the smallest details when creating a bow. An autumn pedicure, made in the same style with a manicure, will help you feel flawless:

  • to realize such an idea will help the use of an identical color scheme, which is used to decorate the nails on the hands and feet;
  • a successful technique — drawings that overlap with each other, for example, yellow and orange leaves that are drawn on the nail plates of the big toe and on the nails of the hands, which can be used in any quantity;
  • Autumn laconic nails look great, which contain elements of a jacket or moon nail art, performed in a traditional white and pastel palette or in warm colors typical of this time of year.

autumn manicure and pedicure in one styleautumn pedicurebeautiful autumn nails

Autumn manicure design for short nails

Shortened nail plates are considered timeless classics:

  • autumn design for short nails is invariably in trend, as it is convenient and practical. Manicure is performed with geometry. It can be neat lines or specific clear elements. However, they should not overload the plate;
  • creating autumn short nails, you should not use small details. The drawings should show clear patterns, thin lines and simple silhouettes;
  • “art” should be used as design. Masters recommend and make thoughtful paintings embodying landscapes that look vivid and aesthetically beautiful;
  • for those who love drawings, sliders and stickers are suitable. The main theme of autumn is leaves.

manicure for short nails autumn designautumn design for short nailseasy autumn manicure

Autumn chic manicure for long nails

Huge choices are offered by masters when they have a significant area of ​​\u200b\u200bplates:

  • alone or in combination, a stamping design is suitable, for which animal prints, brand symbols, ironic inscriptions are used. On long nails, it is allowed to use all the possibilities of stamping to the maximum.
  • Another popular manicure in autumn colors is a milky base or top with holes. The reception has migrated due to summer trends, so it looks feminine and elegant;
  • another heritage of summer is the quail top, which is combined with substrates of any color;
  • autumn long nails that are covered with sparkles look advantageous;
  • a great solution is to create a cobweb. Since the pattern consists of thin lines, it will be possible to draw a design quickly and easily.

autumn manicure for long nailsmanicure in autumn colorsautumn nail design

Autumn manicure on square nails

A practical and win-win option is the “square” shape:

  • a beautiful autumn manicure on a soft square will be a golden jacket, orange, yellow, coral monochrome, nude nail art. The last option will become a classic for going to the office. The design is suitable for any style and image;
  • on the square shape of the nails, the red color looks good, which harmoniously fits into the autumn palette. The shade is allowed to be used to embody one-color nail art or create versions with drawings depicting leaves, clusters of mountain ash.

autumn manicure on square nailsautumn manicure on a soft squaremanicure in autumn colors

Autumn almond manicure

The almond shape looks elegant and sophisticated:

  • due to the elegant almond-shaped nails, the fingers visually look more fragile and thin. To decorate the plates, in the fall it is worth doing a manicure with geometric motifs and abstraction. The inscriptions also look good;
  • of the techniques it is worth trying noble marble, a gradient with warm tones, bright monochrome;
  • a monochromatic autumn almond nail design made of reflective coatings will be considered creative. This option is indispensable for complementing images intended for going to a party.

autumn manicure almondsnail design almond autumnautumn nail design

Autumn graceful manicure on oval nails

The embodiment of femininity and elegance will be the «oval»:

  • to emphasize the beauty of the form, it is recommended to make a jacket in which the tips stand out with a thematic bright color scheme;
  • autumn light manicure, made in a single-color design, will also look win-win;
  • laying out strips of rhinestones, applying foil in the form of chaotic stains will help bring brightness.

autumn manicure for oval nailsautumn manicure on an oval shapemanicure design gentle elegant autumn

Autumn stylish nail design for the «ballerina»

Choosing nail art for the original “ballerina” shape is a difficult but doable task:

  • you need to make an autumn fashionable manicure so that it does not look vulgar, so the masters advise giving preference to noble dark matte varnishes;
  • if you really want to complement the design with bright details, then you should use a simple geometric pattern, but only on one of the nails of each hand.

autumn ballerina nail designfashionable autumn manicureeasy autumn manicure

Autumn french manicure

Excellent in any technique and perfect for every French look:

  • with French nail art it is allowed to go to work, to the office or to a party, a solemn event. For autumn, the jacket should be slightly adjusted. The main focus is on the ring finger;
  • to add depth and mystery to the image, it is worth doing a black autumn jacket on the nails, matte and combined. It is allowed to make drawings or patterns on certain nails;
  • french is in demand in such versions as with geometry, black, blue, red tips, on a matte substrate, with a milk base and holes;
  • The “smile” is made not only classical, but also rectangular. Another experiment concerns color. An ideal combination for autumn is a yellow “smile” and a golden background.

autumn manicure frenchautumn french nailsbeautiful autumn nails

Autumn bright manicure

A bright interpretation enjoys reasonable popularity among fashionistas:

  • one option is the «brush strokes» technique. The new trend is made in black and white, which is very stylish;
  • autumn simple manicure looks great with multi-colored “brush strokes”. In this case, the masters combine gold, blue, red and brown tones. The technique looks creative and stylish;
  • it is allowed to use catchy tones for applying all kinds of drawings: leaves, animals, abstraction;
  • A great way to combine hues is to create a gradient transition that uses the traditional palette associated with this season.

bright autumn manicuresimple autumn manicureautumn manicure for long nails

Autumn gentle manicure

For women who prefer muted tones, nude will be a godsend:

  • shades are used at the same time warm and calm. Beige and light yellow are perfect, which can be combined when creating a jacket;
  • to get a gentle manicure, you should use more pastel shades, for example, light pink and peach colors. They create a matte monochromatic autumn nude manicure;
  • if the manicure is complemented, then with calm drawings on one or two nails.

gentle autumn manicurenude autumn manicureautumn colors for manicure

Autumn manicure with rowan

Thematic prints will embody bold seasonal fantasies. A bright and eye-catching option is autumn nails with mountain ash:

  • berries should be drawn on the ring finger, after using a white coating. The rest of the nails should be covered with a plain green varnish;
  • depicting rowan is allowed on fingers of any shape and length. Even a beginner can cope with such a task;
  • a creative solution is a voluminous mountain ash, laid out on plates with the help of red beads.

manicure with mountain ash autumnautumn nails with rowanautumn nail designs

autumn leaves on nails

A common and popular idea is seasonal plant motifs:

  • to give the autumn manicure with leaves and drops more expressiveness, you should use ready-made sliders that look bright and spectacular;
  • fashionable drawings include twigs in black in a minimalist style, where a matte effect and negative space technique are used. As a bright accent, a bright leaf is applied to one of the fingers;
  • of the leaves, the most popular are maple and oak plants. However, when drawing, you should not be tied to a specific form, fantasy is welcome.

autumn leaves on nailsautumn manicure with leaves and dropsbright autumn manicure

Autumn manicure with a fox

Painting nails with the image of a fox will help to realize a stunning design:

  • a beautiful manicure in autumn colors is done with a brush or using ready-made slider stickers, which are presented in different variations. A red muzzle and tail can decorate both one and two fingers. The pattern is fixed with a matte top;
  • nail art will be successful if the image is on the ring or index fingers. The image of a fox differs in size, idea, but is mainly made of orange, white and black colors.

autumn manicure with a foxmanicure in autumn colorsautumn manicure on square nails

Autumn seasonal manicure with an umbrella

Many fashionistas prefer one of the themed nail art options that looks stylish and beautiful. Nail design is extremely popular, the autumn version of which contains an image of an umbrella:

  • an umbrella should be drawn on a transparent coating on one finger;
  • it is allowed to cover the rest of the nails with a plain varnish or add another image that is suitable in meaning and theme. For example, the combination of an umbrella and an autumn leaf, which are made in the same color scheme, looks spectacular and bright.

autumn manicure with umbrellaautumn nail designautumn manicure ideas

Autumn catchy pumpkin manicure

For a themed holiday and expression of individuality in everyday life, motifs associated with Halloween and containing images of a pumpkin are perfect:

  • one vegetable is allowed to be drawn on two fingers — half on each. A transparent or snow-white coating is perfect as a background;
  • autumn drawings on nails (image of a pumpkin) can be combined with a hot cup of coffee or other holiday attributes.

autumn pumpkin manicureautumn nail designsmanicure in autumn colors

Autumn watercolor on nails

Romantically inclined persons will appreciate the watercolor version:

  • drawing images requires some effort, but the result looks as realistic as possible;
  • to create a drawing, a delicate pastel is used, which does not overload the image and gives sophistication;
  • the opposite trend is the autumn landscape on the nails, done in watercolor in bright and saturated colors.

autumn watercolor on nailsautumn landscape on nailsfashionable autumn manicure

Autumn manicure with a hedgehog

If a fox is a traditional classic drawing, then lovers of experiments should move away from the canons and “play” with images of hedgehogs. Incredibly beautiful autumn nails are created using images of these animals:

  • a cute little animal can sit, stand, be with an apple or other objects;
  • the main rule is that each image is clear and recognizable. Therefore, in the absence of drawing skills and sliders, it is better to turn to a professional master;
  • the image of a hedgehog is allowed to be drawn on one or all fingers. The base will be white or clear varnish. Hedgehogs are allowed to draw through one finger.

autumn manicure with a hedgehog

Autumn abstraction on nails

The original nail art is created using abstract motifs:

  • manicure, gentle, elegant autumn design should stand out with a color palette. To create a variant in the style of «abstraction» it is worth using warm saturated shades. Ideal emerald, mustard, purple, chocolate, cream colors;
  • it is allowed to make an accent using blue or green, red and yellow shades in tandem with gold and bronze decor.

autumn abstraction on nailsmanicure design gentle elegant autumnsimple autumn manicure

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