Autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails - stylish bright ideas and new designs

The almond shape is popular in nail design and is associated with sophistication and elegance. Autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails is offered in different design options, differs in colors, decorative elements.

Ideas for autumn manicure on an almond shape

The onset of the off-season is not a reason to abandon beautiful nail art. Stylists suggest using an autumn design, represented by a variety of trends, when creating an almond manicure:

  1. Restrained nail art is performed on a neutral basis, where there is a minimum of light decorative elements. The best option for the office would be “almond” in warm colors, the use of cream, coffee color coatings is typical;
  2. A combination of glossy and matte finish is suitable, it is allowed to play in the transition from one color to another;
  3. Looks good autumn moon manicure on almond-shaped nails. The main part is painted in an unobtrusive tone. It is allowed to add brightness by laying out single rhinestones in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole;
  4. The creation of geometric patterns will be relevant, figures executed in silver against a cold shade background or in gold using warm tones look harmonious;
  5. Painted design, which is carried out on one or more separate fingers, is in fashion. Abstract motifs are popular;
  6. “Broken glass” will bring brightness to the image, bewitching with the magical shimmer of fragments of a silver or gold hue.

autumn almond manicure ideasmanicure almond design autumnalmond manicure ideas for autumn

Manicure for autumn for long nails «almond»

Owners of luxurious elongated nail plates have an advantage because they can fully show their imagination when creating a design. Autumn manicure for long almond-shaped nails is offered in the following variations:

  • it is allowed to make a beautiful painting that helps to embody a gentle image, the creation of soft transitions from one face to another is welcome;
  • French in combination with lace painting will become relevant;
  • the aquarium design looks great, the autumn manicure on almond-shaped long nails amazes with the depth of images and the effect of a three-dimensional image;
  • acrylic voluminous flowers that create beautiful shapes are in trend;
  • in addition to traditional rhinestones, it is allowed to use broths for decoration.

autumn manicure for long nails almondsautumn manicure for long nails almond shapeautumn manicure on almond nails

Autumn manicure for short almond-shaped nails

Neat shortened plates are recommended to be concise and not overloaded. Autumn manicure for short almonds is represented by such trends:

  • for a short length, nail art in a minimalist style will be characteristic, while it is allowed to choose a juicy and rich shade of varnish;
  • a monochromatic autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails, if desired, is complemented by sparkles;
  • to embody minimalism, a geometry variant is often used;
  • french allows addition in the form of drawings.

autumn manicure for short almond-shaped nailsautumn manicure for short almondsautumn manicure on the shape of almonds

Autumn manicure on sharp almonds

The pointed shape of the nails gives the image a touch of seductiveness. Autumn manicure for sharp almonds is offered in the following design:

  • actual decoration with sparkles, which are combined with techniques such as rubbing, foil or drawings;
  • kamifubuki are applied on one or two fingers and have different shapes: star, hearts, diamonds and lace patterns;
  • interesting ornaments are embodied with the help of stamping, stencil or brush;
  • on a sharp shape, a gradient will look great, creating a smooth transition from light to dark saturated color.

autumn manicure on sharp almondsautumn manicure on sharp almondsautumn manicure on almond nails

Autumn French manicure for almond-shaped nails

The refined form is considered the most suitable for delicate French design. Autumn manicure-french on the almond shape is represented by such ideas:

  • both the classic white jacket and the option, which is complemented by sparkles, rhinestones and patterns, are in fashion;
  • it is allowed to use a combination of multi-colored rhinestones in a certain pattern;
  • among the drawings, discreet options are often chosen, these are subtle floral patterns, lace or floral themes;
  • a shiny jacket looks amazing, while it is allowed to use glitter of different shades on the tip;
  • small sequins fascinate with beauty, which are complemented by several large details;
  • the creation of geometry will be relevant, it is allowed to draw any shapes, even to perform a “smile” in an accurate form created from straight lines.

autumn manicure french on almond-shaped nailsautumn manicure french on almond shapebright almond manicure design for autumn

Autumn plain manicure-almond

A simple coating of plates with varnish of the same color will give the image an appropriate mood, make nail art romantic or bright. A monophonic manicure for autumn on an almond shape is offered in the following solutions:

  • the orange shade fits perfectly into the theme of the season, is associated with fallen leaves, even if the coating is applied not in the form of a pattern, but in a solid version;
  • burgundy color is ideal for autumn; for brightness, a combination with sparkles, kamifubuka and pebbles is allowed;
  • brown autumn manicure on the “almond” shape is represented by a variety of shades, from milk chocolate to rich dark;
  • Do not ignore the nude palette, which will be a great addition to the minimalist design.

autumn monochrome manicure almonds

Autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails with a pattern

Applying all kinds of patterns will bring zest to nail art:

  • abstract options are popular: a chaotic arrangement of lines, strokes, ornate patterns. The combination of details creates a beautiful autumn almond manicure;
  • drawing can be made concise. For example, negative space means a simple pattern on any background, made in a transparent version;
  • barely noticeable lines create a marble pattern on the plates. For such a design, a gray, black or pink shade will be suitable;
  • almond manicure ideas for autumn can be implemented using stamping or slider design.

autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails with a patternautumn manicure almondseveryday manicure almonds for autumn

Autumn manicure with leaves on almond-shaped nails

Fall is the perfect time to design with sophisticated leaves and twigs.

  • leaves look stylish, which are decorated with sparkles, giving a beautiful shimmer;
  • often preference falls on twigs in white or black, which are applied to a red background;
  • manicure for autumn on almonds is complemented by such motifs as maple leaves, raindrops, landscapes consisting of trees covered with bright leaves.

autumn manicure on almondsautumn manicure with leaves on almond-shaped nails

Gentle autumn manicure-almonds

Light coatings remain relevant even in the cold season. This is confirmed by the autumn nude manicure for almond-shaped nails:

  • ombre is popular, where gradient coloring from light yellow to beige is used. There is a switch option from pale coffee to pale pink;
  • in nude, both the traditional glossy and velvet base, complemented by rhinestones, are performed;
  • fans of delicate and discreet design should pay attention to the cobweb. This is a combination of thin lines that looks sophisticated and feminine and is applied to a nude background;
  • notes of brightness will give the use of shiny loose glitter.

gentle autumn manicure almondsautumn nude manicure for almond-shaped nailsmanicure almond design autumn

Autumn manicure-minimalism on almonds

Women who spend a lot of time in the office prefer a discreet and concise style. The everyday almond manicure for autumn, containing minimalistic details, fully complies with such requirements:

  • as geometry in minimalism, thin lines drawn in different directions, complemented by circles or triangles, are used;
  • thin twigs with leaves applied with soft coatings will be relevant;
  • it is allowed to apply an inscription, which is located in the middle of the plate;
  • it is allowed to create thin lines of foil located on a discreet background.

autumn manicure minimalism on almondseveryday manicure almonds for autumnautumn almond manicure ideas

Bright autumn manicure on an almond shape

The use of coatings of rich colors and catchy decorative elements will come in handy in the cool season, when you want to bring bright colors:

  • the use of sparkles is welcome, which cover both individual nails and are laid out in the form of a strip in the middle;
  • for brightness at the root part, it is allowed to lay out several rhinestones;
  • bright almond manicure design for autumn involves the use of varnishes that have yellow, orange, purple, red. Nail art is created in one color or using abstract, floral, geometric ornaments.

bright autumn manicure on an almond shapebright almond manicure design for autumnautumn manicure for long nails almonds

Autumn manicure with foil on an almond shape

A popular decorative element often used to create nail art is foil:

  • autumn manicure on the almond shape contains stylish abstractions and voluminous drawings. Foil will be a great addition to painting, graphic motifs or slider stickers;
  • foil is used even in the minimalist version, where it complements strokes or straight lines;
  • laconic foil strips look stylish, the design is suitable for an office or evening look.

autumn manicure with foil on almond shapeautumn manicure on almond shapeautumn manicure for long nails almond shape

Autumn manicure with sequins on an almond shape

The brilliant decor won the hearts of many fashionistas. Autumn glitter manicure for almond-shaped nails is represented by the following trends:

  • a simple way — covering one plate with sparkles, which is accentuated;
  • sparkles are used to complement drawings, for example, to make orange or red leaves even more bright;
  • stretching is done with sparkles, longitudinal or transverse stripes are laid out, geometric shapes are filled.

autumn manicure with sparkles on almond-shaped nailsautumn manicure with sparkles on almond shape

Dark autumn manicure on an almond shape

The depth and mystery of the image will be given by coatings of dark shades:

  • manicure for autumn on almond nails is performed in black, dark blue, brown. As a decoration, glitter is used in different parts of the nail, twigs, geometry, a combination with beige varnish;
  • at the base or in the middle of the nail, it is allowed to lay out a strip of rhinestones;
  • in dark shades, a gradient will be relevant, where a transition is created from a dark color to a lighter one;
  • against a dark background, foil looks advantageous in any design, both in the form of clear stripes and chaotic abstraction.

dark autumn manicure on almond shapeautumn manicure on almond nailsautumn manicure almonds

Autumn matte manicure on almonds

A matte finish is associated with sophistication and nobility. Autumn manicure for almond nails is offered in the following design variations:

  • matte background serves as an excellent basis for the arrangement of twigs and leaves, which are applied in a glossy contrasting version;
  • the pattern looks organic, sustained in a single matte tone, but decorated with sparkles or medium-sized rhinestones;
  • to dilute the dullness will help applying a shiny rub on one or two fingers. Another popular technique is the application of chaotic stains of golden or silver foil.

autumn matte manicure on almondsautumn manicure on almond nailseveryday manicure almonds for autumn

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