Autumn manicure almond 2020 — a fashionable cover for long and short nails, in the style of minimalism, French and short nails with a pattern,


Autumn manicure almond 2020 - 74 ideas for the most beautiful nails

The almond-shaped form of nails is reasonably recognized as one of the most feminine and harmonious. Therefore, the autumn manicure almond 2020 is incredibly relevant. It is presented with a variety of ideas that can be applied to any length of nails, creating a truly unsurpassed nail art.

Autumn manicure almonds — new items 2020

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all sorts of ideas that represent the autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails 2020:

  • when choosing a coating, you can turn to rich, attention-grabbing tones associated with autumn. A striking example would be rich orange and brilliant gold;
  • autumn manicure almond 2020 will look unique in coral color, such a performance will bring freshness and piquancy;
  • minimalism is in trend, it is expressed in the application of discreet and medium-sized details, or even in covering the plates with varnish of the same color;
  • The opposite of the previous, but at the same time, an incredibly relevant trend is the image of all kinds of drawings. Fashion options include umbrellas, fox, autumn leaves;
  • a universal solution will be a nude design or matte nail art created using coatings of neutral tones;
  • The “cat’s eye” technique, ombre, for the creation of which more than two shades are taken, and the application of shimmering sparkles will help to fully express their individuality.

autumn manicure almond new items 2020autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails 2020autumn manicure almonds

Autumn manicure for short almond-shaped nails

An autumn manicure for a short almond will look elegant and aesthetically pleasing:

  • since the nail plate has a small area, it is recommended not to overload it with an abundance of decorative elements. Images of fragile thin twigs, contours of geometric shapes made up of thin intersecting lines will be appropriate;
  • if you want to bring shine to the nail art, you can apply a coating of one of the nails with sparkles;
  • rhinestones are also welcome, but in small quantities, in the form of a single pebble on one of the nails or an elegantly lined line.

autumn manicure for short almond-shaped nailsautumn manicure for short almonds

Autumn manicure for long almond-shaped nails

Almost any fantasy can be realized when an autumn manicure is created for a long almond:

  • the design can be made soft and feminine if you apply a sophisticated pastel palette. A gentle background can be supplemented with an image of a heart;
  • seductiveness and some aggression can be brought into the image, if we take coatings of red and dark tones. They can be combined using the ombre technique or used alternately;
  • a large area of ​​the plate provides the ability to draw any prints and images. In this case, the drawings can look schematic or as clear and naturalistic as possible. This applies to both floral ornaments, such as autumn foliage, and animal motifs, for example, the trendy image of a fox this season.

autumn manicure for long nails almond shapeautumn manicure for long almonds

Autumn manicure almond minimalism

The autumn almond manicure, made in the style of minimalism and not overloaded with unnecessary details, will look gentle and elegant:

  • the monochrome version will be the perfect embodiment of a minimalist style. At the same time, nail art does not have to look boring at all, it can be made juicy and saturated due to a well-chosen shade of varnish;
  • autumn almond manicure 2020 can be done using geometry, which is embodied by the help of thin graceful lines that form certain shapes. An alternative would be to apply dots;
  • thin strips of foil, located parallel to each other or intersecting with each other, will also help to embody minimalism.

autumn manicure almond minimalismautumn manicure almonds

Autumn monochrome manicure almond 2020

The simplest version of the execution will be an autumn monophonic almond manicure:

  • although it is extremely easy to make such a design, it can look completely different due to the choice of color. Depending on individual wishes, nails can be made discreet, made in feminine pastel colors, or very catchy, attracting everyone’s attention;
  • autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails without a pattern can be created using coatings that have a different texture. For example, certain nails can be covered with ordinary varnish, and the rest with velvety powder, which has a similar tone;
  • monochrome options also include incredibly fashionable this season golden coatings that have sparkles in their structure.

autumn monochrome manicure almond 2020autumn monochrome manicure almonds

Autumn manicure almond French 2020

An impeccable variety of nail art is reasonably recognized as an autumn jacket on almond-shaped nails:

  • the classic continues to remain invariably relevant, for the embodiment of which white varnish and all kinds of pastel coatings are taken, combined with each other. On the almond-shaped form, this variation of execution looks incredibly organic;
  • autumn french manicure almond 2020 allows the use of a variety of details, for example, geometry, autumn leaves and other thematic ornaments are depicted on one or more fingers;
  • the graceful tip of the nail can be deliberately emphasized by choosing a specific color scheme for this, for example, black or blue. Openwork gold or silver patterns will act as a harmonious addition.

autumn manicure almond french 2020autumn jacket on almond-shaped nailsautumn almond nail design

Bright autumn manicure on an almond shape

If you want to highlight and attract attention, you can create an autumn nail design for almonds 2020 in a bright design:

  • for autumn, such tones as orange, mustard, yellow are relevant. They can be used individually or combined with each other. It is allowed to make a bright accent on one of the nails, for example, a strip painted in a leopard print;
  • the ideas of autumn manicure on the almond shape are common, when several bright shades are combined at once. They are alternately located on different plates, covering them completely or only the tips. In the latter case, a bright jacket is embodied;
  • brightness will be given by silver or golden elements that can be used for inscriptions, images of various patterns.

bright autumn manicure on an almond shapeautumn almond nail design 2020

Autumn nude manicure for almond-shaped nails

When creating a stylish autumn manicure, the almond shape serves as an ideal base for applying nude coatings:

  • you can simply cover all the nails with a plain varnish or use a gentle combination of shades similar in tone, for example, alternating beige and light pink;
  • so that the nude manicure does not look boring, you can place a pearl powder on top of the main coating. It looks incredibly sophisticated;
  • you can dilute the discreet nude with drawings, for example, it can be laconic geometry or a flower arrangement that does not violate the overall harmony.

autumn nude manicure for almond-shaped nailsautumn manicure almond shape

Autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails with a pattern

The autumn almond-shaped nail design, complemented by drawings, will help to express your individuality as much as possible:

  • a variety of autumn themes are welcome, images of bright leaves, umbrellas against the background of raindrops, chanterelles are relevant this season;
  • the image of standard and familiar patterns, such as geometric shapes and all kinds of animal prints, is allowed;
  • you can make a design in the style of pop art, when the drawings embody retro motifs and look very catchy. For example, you can put on plates, images of women’s faces, glasses, lips.

autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails with a patternautumn almond nail designautumn manicure on almond nails

Fashionable bright gold almond autumn manicure 2020

Autumn almond nails, made in gold color, look very catchy and beautiful:

  • the easiest way to implement such a design is to apply a golden rubbing on all the plates. If you want to bring restraint to the image, then several nails can be covered with neutral, for example, beige varnish;
  • the application of golden sparkles is also popular, which can be evenly placed on the entire plate or create an ombre effect using stretching.

trendy bright gold almond autumn manicure 2020

Autumn red manicure on an almond shape

If you want to stand out from the crowd, red autumn almond-shaped nails will help:

  • nail art looks catchy even in monochrome;
  • sparkles or large stones applied to a certain nail can give even greater brightness;
  • if you want to use your favorite red color, but at the same time look more restrained, you can stop at a slightly muted burgundy finish in a matte version.

autumn red manicure on almond shapered autumn nails almond shape

Autumn matte manicure for almond-shaped nails

Incredibly spectacular and at the same time a noble variety of nail art is an autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails, made using a matte finish:

  • matte base serves as a great backdrop for applying all sorts of shiny elements. It can be a scattering of sparkles, foil laid out in the form of strips or used in the popular “unicorn tear” technique;
  • another way to create a unique contrast is to alternate with a mirror rub on one plate or highlight one of the fingers with a shiny coating. Since the coatings are radically opposite in their structure, an unsurpassed contrast effect can be obtained.

autumn matte manicure for almond-shaped nailsautumn manicure for almond nails

Autumn manicure with foil on an almond shape

The trend continues to be autumn manicure for almond nails, made using foil:

  • in recent seasons, the chaotic application of this element has become widespread, when the foil forms blurry spot patterns. In this case, it is important to correctly combine the structure and shade of the main background and the decorative foil element. A stunning effect is created on a matte base, on which the foil is most noticeable and stands out favorably;
  • using pieces of foil, you can create a design like a jacket, when individual small shiny elements are laid out in bulk at the tip of the plate;
  • a clear application of foil in the form of stripes also continues to be relevant.

autumn manicure with foil on almond shapeautumn manicure on almond nails

Fashionable coral almonds — autumn manicure 2020

To bring rich colors to gloomy cold days and give a good mood, it is worth making coral autumn almond nails:

  • nail art in this design will look rich and gentle at the same time. To enhance this or that effect, you can use different subtones of coral. Their alternation on different plates is also allowed;
  • coral design can be successfully combined with all kinds of decor: rhinestones, geometry, various patterns;
  • The warm coral hue pairs beautifully with another fashionable fall trend – golden plating.

trendy coral almond autumn manicure 2020

Autumn manicure with leaves on almond-shaped nails

One of the most relevant solutions is reasonably recognized as an autumn design for almonds, decorated with leaves:

  • the pattern may have a different location: in the middle of the plate or closer to the tip. In the latter case, it will become a kind of original variation of the jacket;
  • for the image of leaves, a yellow-orange-golden color scheme is traditionally taken, which personifies autumn motifs and makes nail art truly unique;
  • images of leaves can be advantageously combined with other decor, for example, with rhinestones. You can draw a rowan leaf, and put berries with red pebbles.

autumn manicure with leaves on almond-shaped nailsautumn design on almonds

Autumn ombre manicure on almond-shaped nails

If there is a desire to bring variety to the image and create a complex color composition, you can make an autumn ombre manicure:

  • often tones associated with autumn are taken, which pass into each other. In the trend, such options as burgundy, black, red-orange-yellow combination;
  • the ombre technique can be used on the entire surface of the plate or in a certain part of it, for example, inside the pattern;
  • the gradient can be combined with certain motifs, for example, with the image of a mountain ash.

autumn ombre manicure on almond-shaped nailsautumn ombre manicure

Autumn manicure «cat’s eye»

To use the cat’s eye technique, which is extremely popular in recent seasons, it would be advisable to use a variety of trendy manicure colors:

  • the brown-burgundy color scheme that goes in combination will look amazing;
  • in the trend and yellow-orange-golden options, and a dark palette;
  • «Cat’s eye» may not decorate all nails, but only certain of them. On the rest, you can depict foliage, mountain ash and other autumn motifs.

autumn cat eye manicuretrendy nail colors

Autumn glitter manicure

A brilliant fashionable autumn manicure can bring joyful notes to the gloomy season:

  • already familiar and traditional is the use of sparkles to decorate a jacket. They cover the edge of the plate and gradually decrease towards the central part;
  • The easiest way to create glittery nail art is to completely cover one or more nails with glitter. If you want to show your imagination, you can use a complex combination of patterns lined with rhinestones and sparkles.

autumn glitter manicurefashionable autumn manicure


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