Fall Manicure 2021 - 72 Bright, Stylish Nail Design Ideas

Autumn manicure 2021 is a riot of colors, both delicate and pastel, and iridescent, bright. In the drawings and ornaments on the nails, the colors of autumn are repeated, red, yellow, brown, crimson, burgundy, blue, green and coffee marigolds are popular. Do not forget that white and black varnish, both matte and glossy, will always be in fashion.

Autumn manicure fashion trends 2021

What fall manicure ideas are in high demand among true fashionistas?

  1. Definitely monotonous, as a tribute to the prevailing retro, and not necessarily only in the canonical red color, blue, green, brown, white and black and all their shades will be in use, interestingly burgundy and lilac, purple and coffee, beige and cream tones.
  2. Manicure in the style of minimalism, with Japanese painting, graphics and stylish geometry, with single small and delicate drawings on one or two fingers in an accent version.

autumn manicure fashion trends 2021

  1. Autumn stylish manicure 2021 is not only a chic monotony, it is also a lot of all kinds of patterns, refined, elegant and large. Cobweb patterns, hand-painted and stamping prints, aquarium equipment are in fashion, modeling and knitting are suitable for elegant design.
  2. Do not think that autumn nails are only leaves, umbrellas and drops, it is a huge number of interesting drawings and patterns, a mixture of abstraction and geometry, a cage and a strip, pop art painting and images of birds, animals, both natural and cartoon.

autumn manicure ideas

Autumn manicure for long nails

Delicate and bright autumn manicure for long nails can be kept in a stylish monotone, while you can give a special charm to the design by painting each nail in a different color. The output will be an interesting multi-colored, but monophonic design, in step with the times. If you want to add decor, experienced craftsmen advise you to make unique plot compositions of the autumn theme with drawing people, diverse figures, leaves of various trees, adding birds, rowan berries and viburnum. Additionally, you can use rhinestone blotches, foil, glitter and rubbing.

autumn manicure for long nails

On long nails, there is room for the master’s fantasies to roam, so the autumn manicure of 2021 can turn out to be mysterious, interesting, fantasy, even in a plain version. After all, you can make one tone in an aquarium with foil, or use glitter, cat’s eye varnish. Then your fingers will be filled with radiance and become a special highlight, and an excellent finishing touch to any chosen image, both street style and urban chic, elegant and businesslike. The favorite colors of autumn are red, yellow, mustard, brown, coffee, milky white and pearl.

bright autumn manicure for long nails

Autumn manicure design for short nails

The ideas of autumn manicure for short nails proposed by the masters this season will appeal to many women and girls, because not only monochromatic solutions, but also designs with exquisite and delicate patterns have got into the trends. Such ideas do not burden the nail plate and do not overload visual perception. Obey the rule — everything is good in moderation. In fashion:

  • non-trivial French and moon manicure with an extraordinary drawing of the moon, patterned, abstract, geometric, triangular, envelope;

autumn manicure design for short nails

  • stylish graphics and geometry in gray, brown and coffee tones in an accent version on one or two fingers;
  • mysterious drawings, consisting of a mixture of abstraction, floristry and vegetation, can be used against the background of an unusual jacket in combination with negative space;
  • autumn manicure 2021 for short nails in dark colors with an accent play of contrasts, when drawings are applied in light colors, flowers, droplets, leaves, umbrellas and other autumn themes.

autumn manicure ideas for short nails

Autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails

Two trends in one set — this is an autumn almond manicure, made in a minimalist manner, when a laconic graphic ornament is applied to the nude base, consisting not only of figures, but also letters, whole words and inscriptions from phrases. Still in demand will be a pattern consisting of spreading drops, stretched splashes, stretching glitter in lines and dots, a combination of two colors, light and dark with accents on several nails. A cat’s eye with non-trivial sparkling lines, with curves and curls is in fashion.

autumn manicure for almond nails

On the almond shape of the nail plate, the autumn manicure of 2021 will look great in the colors of autumn, in yellow, coffee, orange and mustard tones. You can add gold or silver, thin lines and stripes with predatory prints. This will emphasize elegance and add a certain charm to the overall conceived ensemble. This design is suitable not only for weekdays, but also for holidays. A stylish solution — nails in marsh tones with diverse modern patterns that combine abstraction, inscriptions and even fingerprints.

autumn manicure almonds

Solid autumn manicure

Fashionable autumn manicure 2021 is a canonical classic, proven for centuries, something that will always be in trend, which is difficult to refuse at any time of the year. Chic monotony can be presented not only in the eternal red color, but also in the whole rainbow and even pastel palette, because this autumn is very democratic in the choice of tonality. At the forefront is burgundy, purple, blue, green and brown. All shades of red, yellow, orange and blue.

plain autumn manicure

White and black tones are beyond competition, although it is better to choose some combinations for a radical black color in the form of alternating gloss and matte, or to make a glossy smile on a matte base. Lovers of shiny nails can make a stylish autumn manicure with a mirror and pearl rub. To use mother-of-pearl varnishes, apply gloss or use glitter, both on short and long nails, there are no strict restrictions in modern monotony.

fashionable autumn manicure 2021

Gentle autumn manicure

Delicate elegant autumn manicure design is a nude base and trendy patterns, it can be in the spirit of Japanese painting, with laconic flowers and plants, but stylish graphics also look great on a light and transparent background. In pale pink, cream and powdery versions, you can add volumetric decor from modeling to your fingers, but unobtrusive, but modest and restrained. Make a thin twig with miniature leaves, or bunches of mountain ash, add droplets and small rhinestones, then the output will be an amazing festive design.

gentle autumn manicure

To make the solutions gentle, it is better to use a pastel palette, but you can also add a touch, especially pearl and pale pink, or with a milky undertone, for a warm range. If you like cold tones more, then blue, white, silver color is perfect for the base, and it is better to make a marble or dotted pattern, a quail egg print is allowed. Foil and small rhinestones, as well as thin golden stripes, will add nobility and a certain charm to your fingers.

gentle elegant autumn manicure design

Autumn French manicure

No one will be surprised by the autumn French manicure with a traditional white monochromatic oval smile, both on almond and square nails. This is an eternal classic and canon of beauty that will never go out of style. However, this autumn pleased us with interesting novelties, especially for those who prefer French. This season, a smile can be of any shape and color, plain and multi-colored, graphic, geometric, floral, floral and abstract, even located along the oval of the nail plate.

autumn manicure french

A special chic is a French manicure in yellow, brown, orange and coffee tones with overflows. With additional rhinestone decor and drawing in the accent version of diverse thematic drawings on one or more fingers. You can use stamping stamps, stickers, but hand-painted will look elegant. Maple, oak and birch leaves, whole graceful twigs, branches and paws of tropical and coniferous plants, flowers, raindrops and umbrellas — all this against the background of a jacket will decorate your fingers and add a touch of coquetry and playfulness to the intended image.

autumn french manicure

Bright autumn manicure

Traditional autumn colors for manicure are brown, coffee, milky, red and orange. However, this autumn dictates its own laws to us, it is very democratic in choice, so a magnificent dark blue design with interesting patterns will be a chic solution for fashionistas who prefer this noble color. Burgundy does not lag behind blue, as does purple, and if you make light gradient transitions, then red-black, burgundy-red, blue-yellow, blue-blue and white-red combination will fit perfectly into autumn everyday life.

bright autumn manicure

Do you want to add brightness to the planned image of street style? Get a manicure in orange, scarlet, yellow-red and carrot tones. As a highlight, add interesting and funny drawings of muzzles and a print of the paws of animals, a fox, a bunny, draw birds on a branch. Make a plot composition in the style of pop art with a pattern on each nail. Experienced craftsmen can offer you modern nail art in carrot and orange tones with a pattern on one finger, where cobwebs, rhinestones, gold-drawn leaves, and airbrushed dots are used.

autumn colors for manicure

Matte autumn manicure

Matte autumn manicure — minimalism in action, when Japanese painting is done on a delicate basis. Non-trivial solutions are on the rise, combining several primary colors with each other, a multi-colored jacket with a laconic pattern. Graphics will also be in high demand among true fashionistas who know a lot about matte design. Stylish — blue with black, gossamer and rhinestones.

matte autumn manicure

The time of vermouth and umbrellas will successfully emphasize matte nail art in brown tones with maple leaves and dots imitating raindrops. This solution is suitable not only for business style, but also for festive attire, going out and diverse parties. Lovers of matte manicure will be pleased with the multi-colored design and the combination of matte and glossy surfaces, both in plain colors and with various patterns.

autumn manicure minimalism

Autumn manicure with foil

If there is a desire to make a fashionable autumn manicure, then let the master use diverse foil as a decor. With its help, you can make any non-trivial drawing, enrich the thematic pattern, add shine, golden sparkle, and with the aquarium technique, achieve the effect of baking the ornament. Foil can be added along the oval, made into a jacket, laid out the main motive from it, successfully combined with negative space, and lay out the bending lines with small rhinestones.

autumn manicure with foilfashionable autumn manicure

Autumn manicure gradient

Multi-colored autumn manicure is a lot of gradient combinations, both delicate and bright, both in soft and sharp contrast. The brown-coffee combination is considered the standard of this autumn, however, pink and yellow, blue and blue, blue, orange and black, white and pink tone are also perfectly combined with each other. On the ombre, you can add a discreet pattern, sticker, stamping, or make a rhinestone blotch.

autumn manicure gradientcolorful autumn manicure

Autumn manicure with rhinestones

A chic autumn manicure is a combination of retro, rhinestones, and minimalism, when with minimal decor you get the maximum stunning, spectacular design. Marble veins and a few pebbles — the output is an exquisite solution even for going out. Knit French, accent rhinestone coating on one nail and graceful highlighting of the moon — your festive manicure is ready. Prefer oriental splendor — pay attention to the design with drawings lined with stases.

autumn manicure with rhinestoneschic autumn manicure

Autumn manicure design 2021

Fall manicure trends include:

  • novelties of autumn manicure with a multi-colored monochromatic coating, in a single accent — stylish geometry, a cage, a strip, with golden or silver streaks, sparkles and rhinestones;

autumn manicure design 2021

  • french and moon jacket, manicure in dark, black, blue, rich green tones, both matte and glossy with a delicate floral pattern;
  • design for short and long nails with inscriptions, stickers, stamping and negative space.

autumn manicure trends

Autumn manicure with drops

Excellent options for autumn manicure are all kinds of droplets and airbrushing that imitates raindrops. You can safely add diverse thematic drawings to them. Leaves, umbrellas, plot compositions in an urban manner, even pop art. Experienced craftsmen include foil, rhinestone blotches against the background of droplets and golden or silver sheen to additional decor.

autumn manicure with dropsautumn manicure options

Autumn manicure with rowan

Autumn manicure with an ornament will look great on both dark and light bases, especially in a combination of rainbow and pastel. Clusters of rowan go great with red, blue, milky white, yellow, light pink and plum tones. If desired, this pattern can also be made on a lilac, light brown and blue base, which will give the fingers a touch of mystery.

autumn manicure with rowanautumn manicure with ornament

Autumn manicure with leaves

Without violating traditions, or we choose autumn manicure with leaves in trends. Maple, oak, birch, willow, alder leaves, whole branches and fragments consisting of branches and leaves are in fashion. You can draw one large leaf or several small ones. On one or two fingers, or scatter one fragment of the pattern over all fingers. Tropical leaves and coniferous paws are in special demand this season.

autumn manicure with leavesautumn manicure with leaves

Autumn manicure halloween

What’s trendy for Halloween? Autumn manicure with pumpkin, cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, drops of blood, especially spreading ones, bats and witches on broomsticks. You can make whole plot compositions on this topic. Experienced masters advise making nails catchy and bright in orange and black colors, with the addition of red and burgundy. However, even here you can use minimalism by making a white jacket and pumpkin on a light base.

autumn halloween manicureautumn manicure with pumpkin

Autumn manicure with an umbrella

What autumn manicure with a pattern will fit perfectly into the mood of the season? Design with umbrellas, and in addition to it, you can add raindrops, leaves and even human figures against the background of buildings. A great idea with a touch of French charm — an umbrella, the Eiffel Tower and a newspaper with glasses on the table — a great plot composition. The main background is selected based on personal preferences.

autumn manicure with a patternautumn manicure with umbrella

Autumn manicure with a fox

The leading masters of nail art include autumn-style manicure with a fox, both natural and stylized, depicted in a graphic style, among the novelties of the season. Additional decor includes rhinestone blotches, multi-colored nails, leaves, spreading the pattern on the fingers, for example, draw a fox face on the middle finger, and ears and a tail on neighboring nails.

autumn manicure with a foxautumn style manicure

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