A good dad will never tell his child “I can’t” or “I can’t do this,” even if for this he has to defeat a dragon, bake a cake, do his daughter’s hair or get a star from the sky. Say what you like, but fatherhood changes even the most brutal men, and we know 15 of them!

There are such actions of fathers that can easily be called feats. Yes, because they are not boasted, they are not trumpeted about them at every step — they are simply made from great and unconditional love, and they deserve to be proud of them.

1. Every girl dreams of being a princess and having her own protector. This little girl is incredibly lucky!


2. Buying your first nail polish is incredibly exciting and important. But who said that dad can’t handle it?

buying varnish

3. What can you do to make your daughter’s smile always reach her ears?

smile from ear to ear

4. One hundred hours of gamepad play is akin to a death sentence, but not when dad’s hands are growing out of the right place!

gamepad repair

5. Well, who else will come to the rescue when a young artist urgently needs a model or canvas to paint on?

painting canvas

6. With the help of friends, even the last stage of a fatal illness is not a reason to miss your daughter’s wedding!

dad at the wedding

7. Dad put a gastronomic tube on his stomach to cheer up his son. It’s touching and inspiring at the same time!

dad with a pipe

8. When the daughter found out that daddy earns money by working at height, she made him wings. Well, to keep him safe!

dad with wings

9. Tea ceremony in the company of your favorite princess? Just don’t say that you know how you can spend time with your daughter even more interesting!

tea ceremony

10. What is football like when your baby wants to urgently give you a manicure and pedicure?

manicure and pedicure

11. Father drew a bird on a birthmark so that his daughter would no longer be embarrassed of him!


12. Didn’t you know that girls’ dads are the most beautiful???

red lacquer

13. When a wife goes out to meet her friends, this is a great excuse to go on a date!

on a date

14. A couple more strokes and daddy will win the beauty contest!

Beauty contest

15. Even if mom is not at home for a long time, with such a dad, the daughter will never be hungry!

breastfeeding without mother

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