It is good when there is a reliable person nearby with whom you can share sorrows and joys. No wonder they say that sadness shared with a friend is halved, while joy, on the contrary, multiplies. It’s great if you can share the pain with your mother, sister or girlfriend. But what about things? Here the conversation is completely different!

On the one hand, no one wants to be known as a greedy person, and even if a person is “his own”, I want to share everything with him. However, moderate your impulses. Sometimes excessive generosity can bring not good, but harm. There are items that are better not to give to others, even relatives and friends.

1. Manicure scissors


It seems to be a harmless thing, but a lot of viruses, bacteria and fungi are collected on the nails, which are visible only under a microscope. Therefore, simple nail clippers or scissors can be an infection tool. Thus, you can «earn» the human papillomavirus (HPV) or a fungal disease.

2. Earrings


In the ears, the capillaries come very close to the surface of the skin, so you can become infected with diseases that are transmitted through the blood. If you still dared to put on your girlfriend’s earrings, wipe them first with an alcohol solution.

3. Lipstick


There are also capillaries under the thin skin of the lips. They carry through the body everything that they capture along the way, including microorganisms. Unfortunately, the herpes virus is also very easily transmitted through lipstick, whether decorative or hygienic. A person may not even suspect that he is a carrier of a harmful virus.

4. Hair brushes


Do not share your brush or hairbrush with anyone. So easily you can «catch» lice, staphylococcus or even scabies. If you still took someone else’s brush, wipe it with alcohol. But it is better not to make any compromises in this matter.

5. Roll-on deodorant


Everything is pretty obvious here: various infections can be transmitted through such deodorants, because bacteria easily penetrate small wounds left after shaving. Ordinary deodorants only mask bad breath, so it’s best to choose antiperspirant deodorants and not share them even with your family members.

6. Soap


Yes, disappointing, but the microbes are perfectly adapted to live on the surface of the soap. Many of them are quite harmless, but not all. The fact is that solid bar soap usually lies in a damp soap dish, which creates ideal conditions for the reproduction of viruses, bacteria and fungal microorganisms. So it is more hygienic to use liquid soap.

7. Headphones


For many, it will come as a surprise, but pathogenic bacteria, including staphylococcus and streptococcus, can be brought into the ear through other people’s headphones. It is especially dangerous to use them when doing sports in the gym, for example, when training on a treadmill or strength exercises: high temperature and humidity provoke the rapid reproduction of microorganisms. If you do borrow this accessory, wipe it down with disinfectant first.

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