The result of a bad day is usually our bad mood, and we rashly drive evil on others. Meanwhile, perhaps their day was worse than ours. A little sympathy? Of course. But it is worth recognizing that the realization that someone had a much worse day warms and increases the fighting spirit.

Yes, yes, everything is known in comparison and failures too. Many people think that life is like a zebra, with white and black stripes alternating. It would seem that the colors are very unambiguous, but black, as it turns out, also has shades and they are expressed in the degree of trouble. For example, our today’s heroes have completely screwed up and can safely claim the title of kings of hemorrhoids and pale princesses.

1. When you jump into the sea of ​​troubles in the truest sense of the word, and it’s -20 outside! Freeze to the iron horse. How will we defrost? There are options?

Jumped into the sea

2. If your feet can’t keep up with the treadmill.

On the track

3. When everyone in the house was left without a delicious dinner, except for the cat.


4. It seems that the traumatologist today will not sit without work. Full house under the office!

Full house

5. When your girlfriend takes your expensive laptop and goes to the ocean with it.


6. Free advertising for heavy-duty underpants. Why are you silent? Name the firm.

Underpants advertisement

7. When the driver mixed up the gas and brake pedals, squeezing the first to the floor to the maximum.


8. The poor fellow from the accident is not alone. At the same time, a girlfriend in misfortune does not look scared or upset, unlike him. Alive, dry and thank God!


9. When something went wrong while opening the bucket. Haven’t started painting yet!


10. And this is how the first and last day of work at a new place looks like.

First and last

11. When the car suddenly became magical and soared into the sky.

Auto took off

12. When you lie down, you sunbathe and realize that it starts to rain. What the hell?


13. Revenge of the cement truck. And there was nothing to beep and overtake me at a traffic light.

cement truck

14. When the cake has to be eaten from the floor. Invite guests to the kitchen

Cake on the floor

15. Why is it now strictly forbidden to enter the salon of my car with any drinks.


16. When an ordinary puddle becomes a trap. Thank you utilities!


17. Why is it better to stay away from the edge of the road after rain? The earth is round, see you again!

After the rain

18. When, having committed a minor offense, you fall into the hands of an intricate policeman.

Police officer

19. The extent of this tragedy is understandable only to women.


20. When you look at the photo and there are more questions than answers.

looking at the photo

21. The size of the edible part of an avocado disappoints to tears.


22. When there is a gun, but as it were. Trust that the lion is full.

a lion

23. Someone leaves their mark on history, and someone on the bench!


24. When the quality of the screwdriver leaves much to be desired.


25. Why should you be extremely careful when choosing a new hairdresser? Asymmetric caret!


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