They joke on the Web that it is during quarantine that men will finally find out what the real hair color of their second halves is. Actually, when all beauty salons are closed, we all learn what “natural beauty” is and how beautiful it is. And this fate will not pass even the stars!

As you guessed, in our selection there are photos of celebrities as we used to see them on the red carpet under the spotlight — with perfect hairstyles, impeccable makeup and luxurious outfits. But quarantine put social life on hold, and today they look a little different…

1. It seems that Will Smith has gone crazy because he can’t get to his hairdresser in any way, and in addition he decided that shaving would also be superfluous!


2. But the singer Dua Lipa does not care about regrown roots and greasy hair at all!

dua lipa

3. Quarantine coincided with the most wonderful life period in the life of Katy Perry — she is expecting her first child!

Katy Perry

4. Did you know that Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson not only successfully recovered from COVID-19, but also donated blood to develop a vaccine against this terrible virus?

hanks and wilson

5. Today, actress Helen Mirren is barely recognizable!


6. And here is Dj Khaled in the photo “before and during quarantine”, like two different people!

DJ Khaled

7. Whatever you say, Shakira really suits a cozy home look!


8. But looking at El Fanning during isolation, no one will say that we have a star in front of us!

el fanning

9. Jessica Alba seems to like the days when you can not do makeup, but just fool around!


10. Emma Roberts doesn’t mind fans seeing her at home either…

Emma Roberts

11. While all filming is suspended, Antonio Banderas decided to master a new art — cooking pasta!


12. But the actress Kristen Bell is one of those who have never been afraid of self-irony and have not been embarrassed about being “real”!


13. We didn’t understand? Has anything changed in Billie Eilish’s life?


14. It seems that even quarantine does not prevent actress Gwyneth Paltrow from feeling beautiful and happy!


15. By the way, recently it became known that actor Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger are expecting a baby.


I wonder if this photo wasn’t taken after he got the happy news?

16. We hope that after the end of the quarantine, Drew Barrymore will immediately sign up for a hairdresser and a manicure!


17. Did you also think that the second experience of motherhood made Jenna Dewan even more beautiful?


18. But Ryan Reynolds to the question “How is his self-isolation with his family going?” answered shortly and clearly — «Mostly I drink!»


19. The quarantine period was a real test for Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts

It turns out that she decided to divorce her husband Daniel Moder!

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20. We hope you believe us that these two photos are of the same person — Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez

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