most fashionable hair color 2014

To express the inner self, one’s own life beliefs, an individual sense of style, to radically change the image — all this is possible with the help of hair color. Agree, a stylish hair color that fits perfectly is a very important detail in the image. When choosing a hair color, you should always pay attention to the physiological characteristics of a girl: eye color, skin color, face shape, and even clothing preferences. This article will help you choose the right hair color, in which we will get acquainted with the fashion for hair color in 2014.

Stylish hair color 2014

So, what is the trendiest hair color of this year? In 2014, as in the previous year, stylists prefer natural beauty, which is based on healthy hair. Brunettes and brown-haired women this year should choose a chocolate palette of shades, as well as walnut and chestnut. The black color of the crow’s wing, without a soft shade — mauvais ton, according to stylists, should not be given preference to it. Too dark hair color makes a woman older, rude appearance, vulgarizes even the most delicate facial features.

Blondes, like brunettes, should also pay attention to the palette of natural tones: light blond and wheaten, avoid yellowness and vulgar whiteness — this hair color looks cheap and completely unnatural, because the most fashionable colors of this season are natural tones. Owners of too dark skin should not choose a light blond. The palette of hair colors today is diverse and rich, designed taking into account individual characteristics, any girl will be able to choose the right and fashionable hair color in 2014, in such a choice, first of all, one should start from the color of the skin, eyebrows and eyes.

Red-haired beauties should also pay attention to the natural tones of the red color, do not give preference to too bright and defiant shades.

Fashion for hair color in 2014 also left room for more daring decisions. On avant-garde model haircuts, bright red, blue and greenish-black colors, as well as ash blond are easily applicable. On short haircuts, with clear geometric silhouettes, these colors will look appropriate and harmonious.

Ombre has become relevant today in the world of coloring — the effect of burnt hair and stencil technique. These new items are the most trendy in the 2014 season.

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