summer pedicure

Summer is a time of bright colors, new fashionable ideas and experiments. During this period, when open shoes are relevant, women pay more attention to the condition of their legs. And few people are limited to ordinary foot care, when there is an opportunity to create a beautiful and original manicure that will attract attention and emphasize the elegance of the legs.

Beautiful summer pedicure at home

To achieve the perfect look of the feet and nails, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. It is quite possible to learn the technique of performing a pedicure at home. Consider how to do a pedicure yourself:

  1. Pour warm water into a bowl, add a little liquid soap or shampoo, a tablespoon each of vegetable oil and baking soda, as well as 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt. Such a solution will help soften the skin of the feet, easy discharge of the stratum corneum and impurities. Keep your feet in it for about 10-15 minutes.
  2. Blot your feet with a terry towel, then treat them with a pumice stone, and also use a brush to clean your nails.
  3. Before processing the nails, it is advisable to apply and rub into the base of the nails a special softening agent for cuticles. After that, with the help of an orange stick, the cuticle should be pushed back. If necessary, you can carefully cut the edges of the cuticle with nail scissors.
  4. Nails should be cut in a straight line, without touching the corners or cutting too short. After that, holding the nail file at an angle down, you should process each nail, rounding its edges. This will not only give the nails a beautiful shape, but also prevent ingrown.
  5. The nails can then be buffed with a polishing pad, which is especially recommended for those who have too thick or uneven nails. Next, apply a light moisturizer or lotion to your feet.
  6. Before applying the varnish, it is necessary to treat each nail with a nail polish remover (for degreasing) and put separators between the fingers so that the varnish does not smear. We should not forget about the base for varnish, which will prevent yellowing of the nails and prolong the «life» of the pedicure.
  7. When applying the selected varnish, you should not paint the edges of the nails with it, so as not to stain the skin around. To correct defects on the edges, you can use an orange stick (dip the sharp edge into the varnish and correct the imperfections). To add gloss to the nails, a layer of transparent varnish or fixative applied after colored varnish can be applied.

Summer Pedicure Design Ideas

Consider several options for a beautiful pedicure for the summer:

  1. If you are not a supporter of a bright summer pedicure and prefer conservatism and naturalness, the most optimal would be to cover your nails with pink, cream or nude varnish. These tones are able to hide the imperfections of the nails and emphasize their grooming and accuracy.
  2. For those who prefer bright colors and fashionable shades, it is recommended to pay attention to such lacquer tones as orange, scarlet, green, turquoise, blue, blue. These shades are the most relevant this season. Colors can be combined, for example, using the gradient nail coloring technology. By the way, today the combination of colors of varnish on the hands and nails is considered completely optional.
  3. For a festive pedicure, silver and golden colors are ideal, which look most impressive with tanned skin.
  4. Lovers of drawings on nails should pay attention to the fact that this summer the trend is floral motifs, geometric shapes, abstraction, polka dots, veil.
  5. Pedicure originality can be added using decorative elements: rhinestones, sparkles, pebbles, metal jewelry, etc. These products are attached with a special adhesive.

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