yellow dress shoes

The yellow dress in the girl’s wardrobe indicates that its mistress is not afraid to experiment, boldly chooses a bright style, and her character is cheerful and provocative. At least with the help of such an element of clothing, you can cheer up not only yourself, but also those around you. However, in order not to look tasteless, you need to know which shoes go with a yellow dress.

We select the color of the shoes for the yellow dress

A yellow dress is one of the few pieces of clothing that you can freely experiment with in combinations with different clothes and shoes. In addition, fashionable bright trends of this season call for it. But, following the advice of stylists, it is necessary to take into account the style and situation for which you select a wardrobe.

Fashion designers advise business women not to deviate from classic black and white colors. According to experts, this way business women will be able to maintain the severity and seriousness of the image. In this case, beige and metal-colored shoes can be a substitute. Here, stylists allow two colors in shoes, the main one being beige.

As for other situations for which girls choose a yellow dress, designers give complete freedom to the imagination of fashionistas. The main rule is not to overdo it with the number of colors. It is better to adhere to the unspoken norm and not allow more than three colors in the image.

Among the bright combinations, fashion designers give the most preference to a yellow dress with blue shoes. These two colors have always harmonized well with each other. Therefore, many models of yellow dresses in new collections come with blue shoes. You can replace blue with blue, or saturated green.

It is also popular to wear a set of a yellow dress and red shoes. But in this case, you simply cannot do without one or two more red accents. Even if it is only lipstick or red manicure.

In addition to these colors, designers do not prohibit choosing shoes in prints. But it is better if the shoes for the yellow dress in this version are not too catchy.

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