Sharp nails design 2013

The condition of women’s hands and nails can tell a lot about their owner. The shape of the nails is different. Let’s talk about sharp nails that are very popular in 2013.

Probably many women want to have beautiful sharp nails. But, unfortunately, this form is not for everyone. Sharpening nails is not worth obese women whose fingers are full and short. Do not think that the sharp nail design will give the handles a special femininity — it is not! Best of all, the sharp shape of the nails suits the owners of small palms and thin fingers. In this case, the nails will visually stretch, and the handles will become even more elegant.

Pointy Nail Design 2013

French manicure is a favorite among many fashionistas. Therefore, in 2013, manicure gurus recommend sharp nails with a French design. If you are absolutely sure that such a choice will decorate your pens, feel free to fantasize with the design.

By the way, sharp nails do not have to be very long. You can make a neat short form. In this case, paint the end of the nail with a classic white color, and decorate one nail with a small flower. This design will look very neat and tasteful.

If, nevertheless, you are a fan of long sharp nails, then keep in mind that in 2013 it is not recommended to pile all kinds of decorations on your nails in large quantities. It is enough to decorate them with small rhinestones. It will look gentle and not defiant at all.

Quite popular in 2013 is a translucent sharp nail design. This option is distinguished by lightness and elegance.

Sharp nails in 2013 are not recommended to be completely covered with patterns — this distracts from the shape itself and looks too bright.

Flower sculpting is very popular in nail design. Since the sharp shape of the nails is rather extravagant in itself, it is better to do stucco molding on one or two nails — no more.

Zebra sharp nails 2013

The zebra pattern is popular this season not only among fashion designers, but also among manicure masters. For all its brightness, this pattern looks very stylish and intelligent. Only the end of the nail should be covered with a zebra pattern, then the elegant shape will be favorably emphasized. Do not get carried away and complement the pattern with various decorations. Believe me, your manicure will definitely be appreciated.

Design of fashionable sharp nails for 2013

In the new season, the following design elements are at the peak of popularity:

  1. Flowers. One of the most common patterns for edgy nail designs in 2013 is flowers. They can decorate one nail or several — to your taste. The beauty of the drawing depends on the ability of the master to draw.
  2. Abstraction. Designers offer abstraction to creative and bright personalities.
  3. Black color. To achieve a classic look of nails, you can cover the end of the nail with black varnish or gel.
  4. Petrikov painting, Gzhel, Khokhloma. In 2013, the design of sharp nails in the form of Gzhel and Khokhloma is very relevant. These nails will look very interesting.
  5. Aquarium design. For decoration, you can use various items — flowers, sparkles, rhinestones and more.

Dear women, remember that your hands and nails are your business card. Try to groom and cherish them, and regularly delight them with different designs. But do not forget that the image of nails cannot live separately from your overall image. Manicure should be designed in the style that you love or follow the most. If you alternate styles, try to stick to the not very defiant shape of sharp nails, and use neutral colors in their design in 2013. At the same time, your nails will be well-groomed, but will not attract undue attention of others.

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