Separation from a loved one

Young girls often think about how to survive separation from a guy, seeing him off to the army. Yes, it is difficult, but it is much more difficult for those who are forced by life to be in constant separation from their loved one. In such a situation are the wives of truckers, sailors and all those whose work involves frequent and long business trips. What to do, how to survive a long separation from your loved one? We will try to find answers to these questions in the course of the article.

How to cope with separation from a loved one?

Everyone who has been in this situation knows that the most difficult thing is to survive the first few days after breaking up. You immediately feel an unusual emptiness in the apartment, longing rolls in, and you don’t know where to put yourself. In order not to let yourself slide into a dull existence before the arrival of a loved one, you need to pull yourself together and urgently do something. For example, remembering your hobby or acquiring one — you can find many interesting activities. Moreover, the more interesting the hobby, the better, you will spend more than one evening with it, and your husband’s business trip is not the last. In addition to hobbies, you can occupy yourself with something that will captivate you 100% — take care of yourself, and let it be a long-term program aimed at giving you a radiant look for the arrival of your loved one. Find a diet, join a fitness club, start going to the pool or belly dancing. Let your day be busy and there is no time left for sad thoughts.

And of course, if possible, communicate with your loved one, because you don’t think that it’s easy for a man to be separated from you, do you? Men may not experience separation, like women, just as emotionally, but they cannot do without mental anguish. Therefore, write, call, send him a photo of yourself and your children, let him know what you think of him. And do not dare to be offended by the fact that he does not write or call you very often in response. The point is not in his callousness, but in the fact that he simply has no time to do it.

And besides, remember that this parting is temporary and the beloved will return soon. And you need to think about a meeting after separation, about how to organize it.

How to meet a loved one after separation?

Meeting after separation is a responsible matter, and therefore it must be approached with all seriousness. Let’s start with your appearance. Of course, your man will be happy just to see you after so many days of separation, but he will be more pleased if he is met by a well-groomed and beautiful woman. So do not be lazy and do not be shy before the arrival of your loved one to spend time on yourself — do a manicure and pedicure, hairdo, and don’t forget about the outfit. You can buy a new set of underwear, and perfume it with your favorite fragrance.

The next thing to take care of is the house. Decorate it, think about a delicious dinner with your loved one’s favorite dishes, and the bedroom should also be ready to receive your man. Usually, after a long separation, a couple can’t get enough of each other for a long time, so it’s nice if there are drinks and something tasty in the bedroom.

The very first minutes after the meeting are also very important. Many men are very afraid that during their absence a woman has stopped loving and waiting for them. Life apartTherefore, when meeting, you need to immediately dispel such his doubts. Kisses, hugs, words about how you missed him, how you were waiting for him. Let your tenderness give him the confidence that everything is still the same, that you love him.

And finally, do not be afraid of separation, it is not forever. Perhaps at first it will be very difficult for you to experience such parting-meetings, but if this person is dear to you, you will get used to such a rhythm of life, and separation will not burden you so much, and be afraid that separation will change your love, kill it, too no need. Yes, a small parting affects feelings, but like fire on a flame, strong ones only flare up. True, the wind will put out a weak light, but then is it worth regretting it?

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