Red pants 2013

Red color has recently been considered a classic, like black and white. However, red still requires more attention and careful selection in the wardrobe. Red pants in 2013 will be especially popular. Therefore, you need to know which models of red trousers will be in fashion in the new season.

Fashionable red pants

Women’s red trousers can be called a rather bold outfit and at the same time a thing for all occasions. Many fashionistas may not have a versatile pair of jeans in their wardrobe, but there is a place for stylish red trousers.

The most fashionable model of red trousers in 2013 will be skinny hoodies. This style has been popular for more than a season and beats all fashion records. This option is very convenient in combination with the rest of the clothes. Both a massive top and tight tops, T-shirts and turtlenecks are suitable here. Also in the choice of shoes — you can wear heels or sneakers.

Classic strict red trousers with arrows also do not go out of fashion. However, in this case, red must also be present in the rest of the wardrobe. Under such women’s red trousers, it is better to choose clothes in a business style.

Jeans are considered the most practical model of red trousers in 2013. But in the new season it is better to buy red banana jeans. It is better to combine them with sports sweatshirts and sneakers. And you can complement the image with a messenger bag.

In 2013, designers recommend boldly experimenting, harmonizing other colors with red. But if you are still afraid that you will not look stylish, then include something red in your look in addition to trousers. For example, manicures and pedicures, glasses in a large red frame, a women’s neckerchief, lipstick. Contrasting colors are also great. And you can make your image individual by choosing the entire wardrobe in red. The girl in red always had an intoxicating effect on men and attracted attention.

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