Office wear for women

Many girls carefully follow fashion, read glossy magazines, attend shows and at the same time completely lose sight of the most important part of their wardrobe — business clothes. Meanwhile, stylish women’s clothing for the office is not only a way of self-expression and self-affirmation in one’s own eyes, but also a tool for success — a properly dressed specialist (regardless of gender) will be noticed faster than a little mouse in an old, not ironed, ill-fitting suit.

Your appearance is your calling card. But there is no point in dressing up in unimaginable ultra-fashionable things “haute couture” — at best, they will only look askance at you and remind you of the need to comply with the corporate dress code. At worst, your business reputation will be seriously damaged. That is why it is so important to learn how to look good without going beyond the dress code accepted in your office.

In fairness, it should be noted that companies with an informal or loose dress code do exist. But most managers still prefer to see their employees dressed in business style, even if this is not declared in the company’s charter.

Women’s business attire for the office — formal business style

Most of the rank and file employees dress in a formal business style. This subtype of business style implies that office clothes for women must comply with the following rules:

  • calm tones (usually dark);
  • skirt (dress) length — to the knee +/- 5cm;
  • long or medium sleeve;
  • plain fabric or inconspicuous print;
  • clothing should not be very tight;
  • matte tights are required (density varies depending on the season);
  • shoe heel height — not less than 3 cm;
  • makeup should be natural, invisible;
  • you can not wear loose hair — only collected or smoothly styled;
  • manicure should be done naturally, discreetly;
  • you can not wear bright noticeable aromas;
  • decorations should be restrained, strict, there should not be many of them (no more than 5 elements);
  • the suit should consist of a jacket + skirt/trousers/dress.

This is the most dry and boring subspecies of fashionable women’s clothing for the office. If you want not to get lost in the gray crowd of office plankton, pay more attention to the little things — the shape of the heel, the texture of the fabric and its quality, the shape of the watch — all this can be used to give your image a personality.

Managerial business style

This subtype of business style implies much less restrictions.

Office clothes for girls can be:

  • color (but wisely, because the image as a whole should remain businesslike);
  • patterns and prints are possible;
  • the presence of a jacket is desirable, but you can replace it with a vest;
  • costume optional;
  • in the heat you can wear shirts or blouses with short sleeves.

The length of the skirt / dress is the same as in the formal business style. The requirements for makeup, manicure, perfume remain the same (although the manager can afford brighter colors of manicure and, for example, lipstick, depending on the position and the specific situation).

informal business style

The most relaxed option for business attire. Shoes without a heel or with an open heel / toe are allowed, it is possible to use bright colors in makeup and manicure, sometimes loose hair is appropriate. It is also possible to use expensive fabrics, fabrics with patterns or bright colors.

At the same time, the style should remain within the boundaries of the classical style, be quite simple and restrained. It is undesirable to wear deliberately sexy clothes or sportswear.

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