Every woman, even the one who has to work hard, should never forget that, first of all, she is still a woman, and should remain so in any situation. In this, beautiful clothes, makeup, manicure and hairstyle come to our aid. In this article we will talk about spring-summer 2013 office dresses, consider options for beautiful office dresses and analyze the most current colors and styles of office dresses.

Dresses for office 2013

Today we will talk about how fashionable dresses 2013 for the office should look like. It is a mistake to think that strict office dresses are boring and dull attire. After all, the styles of such dresses are distinguished by a wide variety of cut options, colors and designs.

This season, the fashion for office dresses dictates elegant and simple models to us. The trend will be beige, brown, blue, black and gray shades. But if you want to impress everyone with your beautiful and at the same time business dress — choose red. In this guise, every woman will have not only a strict look, but will also look very fashionable and luxurious.

An important emphasis in most models of dresses for the office is placed on the waist of a woman, because it is always better to choose outfits that perfectly emphasize our figure and hide its flaws. If the cut of your dress does not allow you to highlight the waist, you can emphasize it with a belt or belt.

This season, the following options for classic office dresses are relevant: a wrap dress and a sheath dress with various color variations. The length of the sleeve can vary: from shortened — three quarters, to its complete absence.

Summer office dresses with voluminous sleeves and pockets, as well as dresses that look like a men’s shirt with patch chest pockets, will look no less elegant.

A real find for fashionistas can be a black little dress with minimal trim and leather sleeves. Black and white midi dresses, dresses with prints (for example, houndstooth) or peplum will look unusual and original.

Office dresses for overweight women are fully consistent with fashion trends, but when choosing them, you should give preference to strict fitted models without unnecessary voluminous details.

Let’s not forget about the length of the dress. After all, the minimum allowable length of a business dress should be 5-15 cm above the knee.

As you can see, the styles of fashionable office dresses in 2013 give us real scope for imagination — there really is plenty to choose from.

How to choose a stylish dress for the office?

Women’s dress is the most important item in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Choosing a good, beautiful and elegant dress can be very difficult, as many factors have to be taken into account. And that’s what we’ll talk about next.

A win-win version of an office dress is a sheath dress. The classic length of such a dress will allow you to visually lengthen your legs and “add” height. And to emphasize your already beautiful waist, a wide or thin belt or corset belt will help. A good addition to this dress is a cardigan or fitted blazer. Thanks to the modesty of this dress, you can safely complement your look with various accessories: bracelets, necklaces, jewelry. In addition, it is very easy to pick up a good headdress, handbag or clutch.

If you have no flaws in the figure, and growth allows — then feel free to put on a midi dress. Let’s not forget that midi dresses with leather inserts are in fashion now. Without flashy details, such a dress is quite suitable as an office outfit — provided that you choose the right accessories, which you need to choose very carefully.

And finally — bass. This type of dress suits absolutely everyone, as pieces of fabric sewn in the waist area work wonders. A properly selected frill of such a dress will hide plump or narrow hips, and visually reduce the waist, while correcting other flaws in your figure. Do not forget only that for such a dress the need for accessories is minimized. Since the peplum is an ornament in itself, it is worth limiting yourself to only shoes and a well-chosen handbag.

Choose the right dresses and be always in trend!

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