Manicure and pedicure for summer 2022 - stylish ideas for bright nail designs

In the hot season, the selection of harmonious nail art becomes relevant. Manicure and pedicure for the summer of 2022 are offered in a discreet classic interpretation or in a bright, memorable design. In the latter case, they resort to catchy decor, rich tonality, and current seasonal themes.

New manicure and pedicure for summer 2022

Appeal to the original trends will make nail art unique. Manicure and pedicure ideas are offered in designs:

  1. A combination of pink and lavender coatings is welcome. An example is the application of large petals on a light bed background.
  2. A rich purple coating is allowed to be combined with a muted lilac. The brightness of the latter is given with the help of rhombuses lined with small rhinestones.
  3. It looks interesting to accentuate several nails with silver beads distributed over the entire surface of the plate. The decor is diluted with larger elements in the form of pearls. The remaining fingers are covered with light gray or graphite varnish.
  4. The combination of prints on one plate is welcome. The nautical blue-and-white stripe is complemented by contour images of the helm and anchor, drawn in black.

new manicure and pedicure for summer 2022manicure and pedicure ideasCombination of manicure and pedicure

Pedicure and manicure in the same style 2022

Choosing a single style will simplify the task of creating nail art. The same manicure and pedicure is offered in solutions:

  1. A win-win option is to resort to a snow-white or pale pink rub.
  2. It is allowed to accentuate one finger with stones in a lavender-violet tone.
  3. The classic pastel-white jacket can be diluted with original drawings. An example is the image of a crown drawn with thin contour lines.
  4. A simple option is to resort to monochrome, which benefits from the saturation of the varnish. A good solution is to cover the fingers with a shade of fuchsia.
  5. Catchy decoration with rhinestones is played up by combining stones that differ in size. Rhinestones are laid out in the form of a three-dimensional triangle or flower.

pedicure and manicure in the same style 2022same manicure and pedicurebeautiful manicure and pedicure in one style

Manicure and pedicure at sea 2022

For relaxation in the hot season, thematic nail art is selected. This is the beach manicure and pedicure of 2022:

  1. The blue and white tonality is offered in a traditional striped pattern, marble design, in the form of openwork floral elements.
  2. The addition of thematic drawings in the form of an anchor and a helm, applied in black, golden or silver lines, is welcome.
  3. It is allowed to combine with a sandy design, embodied with the help of velvety powder. The big toe is complemented by a depressed image of the foot.
  4. Tenderness will bring zoning of the plate with the help of areas painted in blue and pink.

manicure and pedicure at sea 2022beach manicure and pedicure 2022trendy colors of manicure and pedicure in the summer of 2022

Wedding manicure and pedicure for the bride 2022

For the celebration, a design with gentle romantic notes is selected. This is a wedding manicure and pedicure:

  1. The nobility will bring the coating of nails with snow-white matte varnish. The neutral background is played up by laying out figures from transparent rhinestones.
  2. It is allowed to make moon nail art, leaving the base of the plate unpainted, making the tip in the form of a jacket with a snow-white “smile”.
  3. It is allowed to make three-dimensional geometry, during the creation of which certain sections of the plate remain unpainted transparent. Other figures are made in white with the legend of volume.
  4. A lace beautiful manicure and pedicure in the same style remains out of competition, where a light background is complemented by golden or silver curls.
  5. Accent nails on the hand and leg will be decorated with the image of three-dimensional orchid petals.

wedding manicure and pedicure for the bride 2022wedding manicure and pedicuregentle manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure «geometry»

The addition of figures gives nail art elegance. This is a beautiful manicure and pedicure with geometric elements:

  1. The zoning of the plate will give brightness by dividing it into small figures. Details are painted over with rich contrasting shades.
  2. The combination of geometric and ethnic print looks interesting. The design will organically fit into the images in the boho style.
  3. The embodiment of the marine theme will be the striped white and blue geometry. The pattern covers individual fingers. The rest of the nails are filled with plain yellow varnish.

geometry manicure and pedicurebeautiful manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure «gradient»

To express originality will help the addition of nails with an ombre effect. The result is a bright manicure and pedicure in the same style:

  1. The combination of muted and saturated shades will help to balance the design. An example is the combination of dark purple and coral.
  2. The combination of tones of pastel colors looks organic. The gradient, embodied in blue, white, rose, lilac, looks advantageous.
  3. A popular seasonal pattern is allowed to be applied over the creamy milk ombre. This is an image of a watermelon or citrus in a section.

manicure and pedicure gradient

Manicure and pedicure with rubbing

A shiny finish will present the nail art in a winning color. This is a manicure and pedicure for the summer of 2022, performed using a rub:

  1. The combination of coatings that differ in texture is welcome. Several fingers are filled with ordinary glossy varnish, others are coated with a metallic rub.
  2. A shiny coating can be used as a background on which decorative elements are laid out.
  3. The base made with the help of a pearl powder, filling the “smile” with white color, decorating individual fingers and nail holes with multi-colored stones looks organic.
  4. A simple but effective solution is a monochromatic manicure and pedicure in the same style. Fingers are evenly covered with snow-white, golden, pearl, silver rubbing.

manicure and pedicure with rubbing

French manicure and pedicure

The classic that has won the recognition of fashionistas does not lose its relevance. This is a french manicure, pedicure.:

  1. A transparent or nude coating is traditionally taken as a background. The tips are filled with snow-white, metallic varnish.
  2. The design of the “smile” made with the help of golden potal looks interesting. Details are not clear, but blurred chaotic outline.
  3. The combination with the moon nail art lined with small rhinestones or large kamifubuki brings luxury to the image. Similar details can be used to distinguish between a «smile» and a base.

french manicure and pedicurefrench manicure pedicure

Multicolored manicure and pedicure 2022

Nail art looks original, played out by combining shades. This is a multi-colored manicure and pedicure:

  1. A simple trick is to alternately cover the fingers with varnishes that differ in tone. It is allowed to combine sunny yellow, delicate pink, rich sky color.
  2. A combination of harmoniously combined shades is welcome. The combination of lilac, peach tones looks good. Separate fingers are allowed to be highlighted by filling with silver sparkles.
  3. It is allowed to do manicures and pedicures of different colors, resorting to zoning of individual areas. This is a selection with the help of different shades in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole, “smiles”, drawing geometric shapes.

colorful manicure and pedicure 2022manicure and pedicure in different colors

Neon manicure and pedicure

Turning to rich hues helps to express individuality. This is a bright manicure and pedicure, made in a neon version:

  1. Monochrome looks self-sufficient, presented in aquamarine, lemon, light green, raspberry tones.
  2. Acid coating will emphasize the elongated plates and the originality of the shape of a soft or clear square, «ballerina».
  3. To dilute the brightness, filling the accent plate with a transparent varnish or glitter with a minimum amount of sparkles will help.

neon manicure and pedicurebright manicure and pedicure

Pedicure and manicure with rhinestones

The addition of stones is a win-win way to accent individual plates or details. Manicure, pedicure and rhinestones are confirmation:

  1. A popular technique is decorating the base of the nail in the form of a reverse jacket or traditional moon nail art. In the first case, rhinestones and pearls are laid out in the form of a semicircle, in the second, the hole is made in a rounded or triangular design.
  2. Luxurious notes will bring a separate selection of stones of a certain nail. The plates are filled with transparent or bright multi-colored rhinestones.

pedicure and manicure with rhinestones

Matte pedicure and manicure

Noble notes of nail art will give a muted coating. This is a monochromatic manicure and pedicure, created in a matte finish:

  1. Snow-white nail art is advantageously combined with tanned skin. It is allowed to accentuate individual plates by filling them with silver sparkles or kamifubuki.
  2. Tropical design will organically fit into the beach theme. On a matte pastel blue background, the contour outlines of palm trees are drawn.
  3. The combination of a discreet coating and a shiny rub covering one or two fingers will attract attention.

matte pedicure and manicure

Lavender manicure and pedicure

Delicate color palette has become a seasonal trend. Fashion trends for manicure and pedicure in the summer of 2022 are presented in a lavender version:

  1. It is allowed to cover the nails with varnish in a pale light or saturated tone. The addition of a finishing layer of rubbing, which adds shine, is welcome. An alternative solution is to apply silver sparkles over the lavender polish.
  2. It is allowed to highlight fingers and toes by creating a snow-white background, on which small lavender flowers are drawn.

lavender manicure and pedicure

Mint manicure and pedicure

Pastel tonality gives tenderness to nail art. This is a manicure and pedicure in one color in a mint tone;

  1. With the style of «Tiffany» is associated with a combination with white. The coating is used to accentuate several fingers, on which an openwork lace pattern is applied.
  2. An alternative solution is to alternate mint polish and silver sparkles. It is allowed to combine coatings on one plate by highlighting the area of ​​the hole or «smile».
  3. Large orchid petals lined with stucco ornamentation will serve as an accent snow-white decor.

mint manicure and pedicure

Milk manicure and pedicure

Light tone gives nail art romance. This is a gentle manicure and pedicure, made in a milky tone:

  1. A universal solution is to embody a monochrome design by covering the nails with a light varnish.
  2. If you want to bring an image, catchy notes resort to filling the hole or “smile” with silver sparkles.
  3. Alternation with varnish with a warm peach undertone looks harmonious.

milk manicure and pedicure

Turquoise manicure and pedicure 2022

A certain tonality will help to embody a spectacular marine nail art. This is a turquoise manicure and pedicure:

  1. To bring fresh notes to the monochrome design will help the coating with a finishing layer of rubbing.
  2. It is allowed to apply white winding lines on turquoise nails, embodying the scallops of the waves.
  3. It will give tenderness a barely noticeable ombre, created by combining with mint varnish.

turquoise manicure and pedicure 2022

Coral manicure and pedicure

A rich tonality coating will be a godsend for the embodiment of a memorable nail art. Fashionable colors of manicure and pedicure in the summer of 2022 are offered in a coral shade:

  1. To soften the brightness will help appeal to matte varnish. The noble coating is advantageously combined with golden sparkles that fill the area of ​​the hole.
  2. It is welcome to emphasize several fingers by creating a snow-white base, on which original pop art drawings are depicted. It is allowed to decorate fingers with a pattern in the form of lipstick, lip print. Images are made in a coral shade.

coral manicure and pedicure

Green pedicure and manicure in the same style

In the hot season, shades associated with freshness will be a godsend. A combination of manicure and pedicure in green is welcome:

  1. The choice of lacquer comes in shades ranging from pale olive to rich emerald undertones.
  2. Ombre is welcome, in which green turns into white.
  3. It is allowed to cover a glossy or matte background with plain light green or olive sparkles.
  4. It is allowed to apply saturated emerald vegetable prints on a muted pale background.

green pedicure and manicure in one style

Hot pink manicure and pedicure

Coatings associated with romance do not lose their relevance in the hot season. This is a pink manicure and pedicure:

  1. Ombre looks organic, in which pale pastel varnish turns into rich raspberry.
  2. It is welcome to cover the nails with a pearl rub in a soft pink undertone.
  3. It is allowed to emphasize one of the fingers by depicting rose petals on a snow-white background. It is allowed to give the pattern volume by referring to the modeling technique. The opposite trend is to take as a basis a pastel pink or bright crimson background, against which to depict snow-white orchid petals.
  4. A catchy coating is suitable for creating a thematic design. The trendy fruit theme is embodied by drawing a watermelon in a section.
  5. There is an accentuation of the big toe and ring hand with the help of a three-dimensional image of raspberry clusters.

hot pink manicure and pedicurepink manicure and pedicure

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