laws of attraction

Female attractiveness is an extremely mysterious phenomenon and sometimes defies rational explanation. Sometimes beauties with a perfect figure are not very popular with men, and a gray-looking mouse can charm anyone and finds happiness without any problems.

Obviously, the attractiveness of women is not limited to appearance, although it certainly plays a role, but not quite in the sense in which we are used to perceive it.

External attractiveness

If you think that only a girl with good external data can be attractive, then this is not a problem, moreover, it is quite natural, given the cult of appearance imposed on modern society. The problem is if you don’t consider yourself attractive.

It is important to realize that the main enemy of beauty is complexes. After all, it is they who make us wear baggy clothes, stoop, try to be “like everyone else” and blend in with the crowd. There are no ideal people, even the first beauties have complaints about their appearance, but they either do not advertise their shortcomings, or accept them and turn them into a highlight. Attractiveness is hard to imagine without self-love, which will allow you to see dignity in addition to shortcomings.

The laws of attractiveness cannot be imagined without mentioning grooming. In any life situation, you need to find time to put yourself in order, and sometimes even pamper yourself. Mandatory is daily facial care, clean, healthy hair, neat manicure and other little things. On the one hand, these are common truths, but, on the other hand, every day we see many women who neglect this.

A sense of style is another component of attractiveness. And we are not talking about novelties from the world’s catwalks, but about clothes that are tastefully selected and emphasize the dignity of your figure.

Sex appeal

Women’s sexuality deserves special attention. In no case do not confuse it with swagger in dress and behavior. If sexuality attracts men like a magnet, then swagger is more repulsive, or tells others that you are easy prey. Sexual attractiveness is inherent in those women who understand their nature and their body well, accept it with all its advantages and disadvantages. These are relaxed, self-confident ladies, they know how to enjoy life and are not at all shy about it.

Sexuality can manifest itself even in the most mundane things: a feminine walk, a head held high, a confident look — this is already sexy. Of course, you can emphasize it with the help of clothes and make-up, but also observe the measure in this, because you can cross the thin line with vulgarity.

Secrets of attractiveness

To summarize, let’s be clear about what makes women attractive, what you need to remember in order to experience the increase in attractiveness for yourself.

  1. Self confidence. Even if you have flaws that you are frankly ashamed of, then instead of worrying about this, finally start working on them. Do not forget that your experiences negatively affect behavior, making you constrained and clamped. If you are sure that everything is fine with you, others will also believe in it.
  2. Neatness, neatness in clothes and shoes.
  3. Style. All things should be tastefully chosen, moreover, you should feel confident in them. Don’t wear huge heels if you can’t walk in them, they will distort your gait and look funny at best. You will look much more attractive with a more stable heel, but with a firm step. Also, when choosing an outfit, remember the appropriateness.
  4. secrets of attractiveness

  5. Charm. It is difficult to clearly define what it manifests itself in. But a good attitude towards people, sincerity and openness will always make a favorable impression. Work on yourself and your inner world — education and correct speech will say much more about you than an expensive suit.
  6. Finally, don’t forget that you are a woman. Yes, this means that you should not use foul language, abuse alcohol, get into fights and generally behave in a way that is not appropriate for a cute creature created for love. Believe me, femininity and tenderness make a woman much more attractive.

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