Knitted fingerless gloves


Knitted fingerless gloves

Knitted fingerless gloves, or, as they are also called, mittens, are a fashionable and comfortable accessory that is suitable for both everyday wear and evening outings. They are very fond of both children and adults, as they simultaneously allow fingers to move freely and not freeze hands.

Women’s knitted fingerless gloves: varieties

Mitts were known as early as the 16th century, but became especially popular only in the 19th century. They were mostly worn by workers. But soon fashionistas «took over» this accessory, decorated it with lace, beads, embroidery. Nowadays, knitted or crocheted fingerless gloves are a universal addition to any outfit.

Types of mitts:

  • very open or maximally covering the hand and fingers;
  • with decorative elements, buttons, rivets;
  • warm or light;
  • with the function of mittens, etc.

How to combine knitted fingerless gloves?

Knitted long fingerless gloves made of wool or other warm materials can be worn with a fur coat or coat with ¾ sleeves. Openwork gloves will look good with light dresses, with jeans, in a wedding dress.

If this accessory is designed to protect against the cold, then it can be combined with a scarf or hat, if it plays a decorative role, then with jewelry, for example, you can wear a bracelet over the mitts or pick up beads in the color of the gloves.

Many women like knitted mitts, because even in winter you can show off your manicure or just beautiful long fingers, because you can not take them off when driving or going to the store, they will not interfere with getting the right thing out of your bag. And of course, in openwork mitts you can feel stylish and bright. By the way, it is not difficult to connect them, guided by your own taste and ideas about beauty.


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