Probably everyone has heard about keratin hair restoration and hair straightening, also known as kerothermia. But what hair restoration procedures include kerathermy, perhaps not everyone knows, so it makes sense to talk about this technology of deep hair restoration in more detail.

What is Hair Kerathermia?

This procedure is used for instant hair restoration, while the effect can last up to 4 months. As the name implies, keratin straightening and hair restoration, to achieve this effect, keratin protein is used, which is high in amino acids, which is responsible for our nails and hair. This very keratin is extracted from the wool of sheep. At the same time, the animals live in ecologically clean places, and they themselves are happy to get rid of their fur — they cut them in the spring. So the sheep don’t suffer and our hair benefits. A specially selected keratin molecule, getting on our hair, fills all the voids and remains there under the influence of heat treatment. And the hair after such a procedure looks smooth and shiny. It is also possible to restore the hair structure with keratin, and as a preventive procedure, after the harmful effects that the hair has been exposed to — frequent dyeing, lightening, perm, long stay at sea.

What are the steps involved in keratin hair straightening?

Intensive hair restoration with keratin involves the following steps:

  1. In order for professional (and any other) hair restoration products to work, the hair must be cleaned of residues from styling products, dust and grease. Therefore, the first step on the way to healthy and beautiful hair will definitely be their cleansing. If this step is skipped, then the hair will not be receptive to the subsequent action of keratin, and the desired result is unlikely to be achieved.
  2. Actually, the care itself. A specialist selects a keratin composition that matches your hair type. This composition is applied to the hair along the entire length, excluding 1 cm at the roots. Further, the therapeutic mixture is not washed off the hair, the hair is dried with a hairdryer using a round brush.
  3. Now the hair is straightened with a professional hair straightener. At this stage, keratin protects the hair from damage during high-temperature exposure, and the protein seals the hair scales, making the hair silky and smooth for a long time.

This is the mandatory sequence of actions that includes kerative hair restoration. In different salons, various masks can still be added to these points, as well as styling using professional tools. But the three stages listed are the main ones in kerathermy.

The procedure does not take much time (sometimes we do a manicure longer), from 40 minutes to 2 hours, and the result is simply amazing. True, kerathermy has contraindications, it cannot be done to pregnant women and nursing mothers. All because of formaldehyde (not all manufacturers include it in the preparation), Hair structure restorationit can negatively affect the health of the baby and mother.

Hair care after kerothermia

For three days after the procedure, you can not use clips, hairpins, headbands, and wearing glasses over your hair is also not recommended. It is also impossible to use styling products, as well as wash your hair during the first three days. And you should not dye your hair earlier than 2 weeks after kerathermia, otherwise the result will be far from ideal. Well, in order to maintain the effect for a longer time, it is recommended to wash your hair with keratin shampoo and use the same conditioner. There are no restrictions on styling, you can do it with an iron and a round brush.

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