How to save money for an apartment

The specifics of women’s relationships with money is as follows: we know how to save, but at some point we “break down” and spend more than we managed to save. Shopping trips are categorically contraindicated for us if we are pursuing our goal to buy something expensive, on a larger scale.

Today we will learn how to save money for an apartment.

right on target

When a person knows what he specifically wants, he gets it. Visualization, the materiality of thought — all this works great. Do you dream of your own apartment or house, wondering how to save money for it? Start by looking for a desired place for yourself. Familiarize yourself with the offers on the real estate market, study the prices, look at the options for apartments and houses. You can choose a specific option, for example, an apartment in a house under construction. Or take note of a few proposals, take into account their cost and compliance with your requirements.

Create a collage of your desires. Take a large piece of paper and paste on it photos of the things that you would like to purchase. Think over everything to the smallest detail: the interior in every room of your house, furniture, curtains, floor vases and other little things. Every morning, start by spending 10 minutes at your visualization board. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a new apartment.

Learning to save

Shoes, dresses, handbags, cosmetics — all this, of course, is good and we need it. But if you look at all the abundance of these things that we have, you involuntarily ask yourself: Is it time to stop?

  • First of all, evaluate your «well-being». You have something to wear, you are not in poverty, then maybe it’s worth canceling the next shopping with your friends?
  • make a rough list of what you spend money on every month. Write down everything down to the smallest detail. Take a look at all the items and highlight what you can save on. Maybe it’s enough to go for a manicure once a week, instead of two?
  • forget about stocks. How often do sales assistants offer us to participate in various promotions when they come to the store? Buy two, get the third as a gift, etc. All these tricks, you can’t call them otherwise, were invented with the aim of “extorting” more money from the buyer. Initially, the cost of the «gift» is included in the price of the goods. Take exactly what you need, do not be under illusions;
  • write a list. Always make a shopping list and don’t go to the supermarket without a list. This will discipline you and significantly reduce your waste;
  • Take only as much money with you as you can spend. If you take more, be sure to spend everything;
  • buy wisely. If you can buy a similar product at the lowest price, why not take advantage of this opportunity? If you want to save money, then stop overpaying for advertising, brand, manufacturer, etc.

Helpful Hints

How to save money for a house, car or travel? Here are some tips to use:

  • make an envelope for money. You can make it yourself, or you can use a ready-made one. Stick a picture of the house on it, sign accordingly;
  • How to save up for an apartment

  • open an account. If cash is easy to take and spend on something, then money must first be withdrawn from the account, and you also have to go to the bank;
  • if you were given money, then send it straight into an envelope. If you did not initially expect to receive money as a gift, then imagine that you do not have them;
  • don’t shop «just to look». As a rule, such trips end with the fact that you have formed unnecessary needs. In this situation, supply creates demand;
  • work hard and don’t let yourself be underestimated.

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