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It is believed that the true age of a woman is always given out by her hands. Very often, paying a lot of attention to the face, ladies forget about cosmetic care for the skin of their hands. So it quickly loses elasticity and firmness, becomes excessively dry and rough, wrinkles and age spots appear on it.

In order to prevent premature aging of the skin of the hands, you should carefully take care of it by introducing daily care procedures as a rule. Especially carefully you need to take care of your hands and follow all the rules for care during the winter cold.

What affects the condition of the skin of the hands in winter?

The skin of the hands is delicate and thin, it has a very small amount of fatty glands, so it is more sensitive to external factors and is simply defenseless against the winter wind and frost. Its protective functions are also weakened due to the fact that at low temperatures the vessels narrow sharply, as a result of which the delivery of nutrients worsens.

In addition, in winter, the skin of the hands suffers from exposure to dry heat. Heated and dry from radiators, the air literally draws moisture from the skin of the hands. But especially detrimental to the skin of the hands are frequent sudden changes in temperature, when hands immediately fall from one aggressive environment (cold) into another (dry air).

And, of course, such an aggressive influence of detergents and hard tap water is not canceled in winter.

Hand care tips for winter

  1. To avoid exposure to cold air, wear warm gloves or mittens indoors before going outside.
  2. When doing household chores, be sure to use rubber or cotton gloves (depending on the type of activity). As an alternative, you can use a special protective hand cream that protects against the influence of household chemicals, dust and dirt. The components of this product cover the skin with a thin protective film.
  3. In order not to disturb the water-lipid layer of the skin, which is its protective barrier, you need to wash your hands with water at room temperature, using a mild soap with an acidity value of about 5 (close to the natural pH of the skin). Always dry your hands after any contact with tap water.
  4. Apply hand cream at least twice a day (morning and evening), and ideally after each hand wash. Also, in winter, it is necessary to apply either a special cream against cold and wind, or an ordinary fat-based nourishing cream, 20-30 minutes before going outside. Returning from a frost in the room, apply a moisturizer or gel to the skin of the hands after cleansing them.
  5. Regularly carry out such procedures for the skin of the hands as peeling, massage, baths, masks, wraps. For this purpose, you can purchase special cosmetics produced by the industry, or use homemade recipes.

Folk remedies to help care for the skin of the hands

  1. Scrub. Mix finely ground sea salt with ground coffee in equal proportions, add a little cream or liquid soap. Apply the mixture on your hands and massage for two minutes, then rinse. The scrub should be applied 1-2 times a week.
  2. contrast baths. For a hot bath (about 60 ° C), prepare an infusion of any medicinal plants. how to prepare your hands for the winter cold 2Cold bath will be boiled water at room temperature. Alternately lower the hands for a minute either into a hot or a cold bath for a minute 15 times, ending with a cold one. You can use such baths twice a week, this will be an excellent hardening procedure for hands.
  3. Oil-honey mask. Mix honey and slightly heated olive oil in equal proportions, apply the mixture on your hands for 20 minutes. Next, wash off the mask using mild soap and use a nourishing cream.
  4. Potato honey mask. Mix a grated potato with a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture for 10 — 15 minutes, rinse with water, use a cream.
  5. Oil wraps. Apply any cosmetic fatty oil to your hands, put on cotton gloves on top, leave overnight.

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